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A Radically Different World View Is Possible
National/International conference on the gift economy
The Gift Economy Inside and Outside of Patriarchal Capitalism

NOVEMBER 12-13-14, 2004

Clark County Library
1401 East Flamingo Road,
Las Vegas, Nevada

$50 registration. Your registration is important to us.
Scholarships are available. Please ask.

For more info and to register, go to:

Women and men from across the US are coming to hear international 
women speakers discuss a different point of view, one that will 
offset the negative and exploitative mentality of our times, while 
encouraging non violent activism to change the global Patriarchal 
Capitalist system.  Proposing to unite the women's movement, the 
movement of indigenous peoples for social change, the movement 
against domestic violence, the movement for alternative 
spiritualities and many others with the anti nuclear and peace 
movements, the gift paradigm envisions total and long lasting social 
change stemming from an economic          and cultural model based on 
women's practice.  In these times it is not enough to vote Democrat 
or Republican. Whoever wins the presidential election, a mind shift 
that will stop producing violence, war and abuse must take place in 
this country.  The conference will be held in Las Vegas because of 
the possibility of cheap flights and because of the need to be 
healing and constructive in the midst of chaos.

Genevieve  Vaughan

Organized and sponsored by The Center for the Study of the Gift 
Economy, Austin, Texas. Endorsed by Women's International League for 
Peace and Freedom, Indigenous Women's Network, Indigenous People's 
Council on Biocolonialism, Ms. Magazine, Yes Magazine, Fierce 
Magazine, Sage Woman Magazine, Feminist International Radio Endeavor, 
Women's International News Gathering Service Reformed Church of the 
Goddess International, and Awakened Woman.


Heide Gottner Abendroth (Germany)
Yvette Abrahams (South Africa)
Paula Gunn Allen (USA)
Andrea Alvarado (Costa Rica)
Peggy Antrobus (Barbados)
Jeanette Armstrong (Canada)
Chato Basa (Phillippines/Italy)
Marta Benavides (El Salvador)
Dotti Chamblin (USA)
Kristin Dawkins (USA)
Leslene Della Madre (USA)
Bracken Firecracker (USA)
Tracy Gary (USA)
Debra Harry (USA)
Mechthild Hart (Germany/USA)
Ana Isla (Peru/Canada)
Maria Jimenez (USA)
Kaaring Kailo (Finland)  
Corinne Kumar (India/Tunisia)
Paola Melchiori (Italy)
Angela Miles (Canada)
Sizani Ngubane (South Africa) 
Vicki Noble (USA)
Susan Petrilli (Australia/Italy)
Elisabet Sahtouris (USA)
Vandana Shiva (India)
Rauna Kuokkanen (Finland/Canada)
Mililani Trask (Hawaii)
Genevieve Vaughan (USA/Italy)
Shelly Vendiola (USA)
Claudia Von-Werlhof (Austria)
Frieda Werden (USA/Canada)

A second conference, Matriarchies: Societies of Peace will be held in 
Austin, Texas, September 2005 under the direction of Heide 
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.