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Here is the petition for Alberto Gonzales, please pass it it along, and  
start asking people to sign it and to gather others to sign it.

 US Congress---Petition to stop Gonzales nomination for Attorney General

 how long will the people hold their tongues?  why should any member of  
the Senate step forward if we don't tell them what we want them to do?   
the Republicans have thrown down the guantlet with Gonzales.  some say  
let's save our ammunition for the most important battles.  no, no, a  
million times no!  when oh when will the people stop rolling over?   
when if not now?  empower our representatives with your declared  

$100,000 REWARD for Evidence of Vote FRAUD

building a broad movement for Secession

new website called the Cascadia Project at
Sign petition demanding election investigation
Go to www.petitiononline/uselect/petition.html
The World Cries Out for Air America Radio

2004 DONORS to BUSHCo: 
It's Working:
Two recent market studies indicate that consumers overseas are  
increasingly boycotting products made in the U.S. International sales  
of brand name U.S. products from companies like Microsoft, McDonalds,  
Nike and Coca-Cola, for example, have steadily dropped over the last  
two years. According to the global advertising agency DDB Worldwide,  
this reduction is due to an increase in anti-American sentiment.

War Tax Resistance

Buy Nothing Day is November 26th.

Banana Republicans

Nine North Eastern US states are asserting their independence from the  
country's federal government by implementing the Kyoto protocol on  
global warming.

States of the nation  12|11|2004

Nine North Eastern US states are asserting their independence from
the country's federal government by implementing the Kyoto protocol on 
global warming. The regional initiative is being led by New York state 
Governor George Pataki (pictured), a moderate Republican, who hopes to
announce  the full details by next April.....(snipped)

Vaccine Ingredients - Formaldehyde, Aspartame, Mercury, Etc

Westwood Anti-Occupation Demonstration Pictures - Part 2 of 2

preferential voting - What everyone should know
 Duverger's Law: The first-past-the-post (plurality) election system  
naturally leads to a two-party system. It acts to delay the emergence  
of a new political force, and accelerates the elimination of a  
weakening force, where proportional representation would have the  
opposite effect.'s_law

The plurality system of voting we use in the U.S. causes a "spoiler  
effect" because voters who favor a third-party candidate worry that if  
they vote for their preferred candidate they may actually be helping to  
elect a different candidate they strongly dislike, thus making  
third-party candidates "spoilers." Instead, voters often vote for their  
second or third choice candidate, known as "strategic voting" or  
"choosing the lesser of two evils."

Good voting systems elect the candidate most favored by the most voters  
while allowing voters to vote their true preference and eliminating the  
need to vote strategically.

Voting systems such as plurality do not meet this basic standard. They  
fail one of the most widely accepted and critical tests for voting  
systems, known as monotonicity, which states: with the relative order  
or rating of the other candidates unchanged, voting a candidate higher  
should never cause the candidate to lose, nor should voting a candidate  
lower ever cause the candidate to win.

Preferential voting systems, such as Ranked Pairs, remove the spoiler  
effect completely, and make every vote count no matter who it is cast  
for. If such a system were implemented in the U.S. it would allow  
alternative parties to compete in national elections. Variations of  
such systems are used successfully by democracies throughout the world.  
For more information on this important structural reform check out:

Arafat - 11:11 Death Ritual?
  The official press reports now claim that Y. Arafat died in Paris this  
morning (11:11) at 3:30 am. This sounds like a ritual killing to me,  
and Arafat may have been kept alive until this precise time for this  
purpose. Now, what was the purpose of the ritual in this case, i.e.,  
what major activities are planned by the Illuminists?
  11:11 Master Number
  3:30 - 33 - Masonic Number, 3x11.
  Paris - City of the Goddess - Isis/Venus
  - Jed S.
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