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BBC Reports Al Qaeda and Terrorist Fear Largely Fabricated

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Dear friends,


For those who live in constant fear of terrorists, The Power of Nightmares is a must-watch BBC video documentary. This thoroughly researched film is available for free viewing on the informative news website Information Clearing House. The excellent BBC team takes us on an expedition into the very roots of terror, only to find that a significant part of it has been fabricated by those in power for their own selfish interests. They show how fear is being used to manipulate the public into giving up their civil liberties and turning over ever more power to elite groups with their hidden agendas.


An example presented is the 664 people arrested in the US under anti-terrorism laws since 9/11. Not one of these 664 has been proven to be linked to Al Qaeda.  In addition, many claims of the existence of terrorist sleeper cells are, in BBC's own language, "absurd," when anyone takes the time to look at the facts. Dirty bombs with their supposed terrorizing nuclear radiation effects are shown by experts to be "completely ineffective." The danger from fear-induced panic is far greater than the danger of this "weapon."


The Power of Nightmares exposes the Neo-con's agenda of creating a pervasive atmosphere of fear among the citizenry in order to manipulate them into pouring ever more money and power into the rapidly growing military-industrial complex. 


I have long felt that fear is a key which can give unbridled power to the leaders who would use and abuse it. Besides watching this refreshing documentary, I invite you to take a look at our two-page summary which exposes the deeper agenda of the power elite. Even more important, it gives inspiring ideas on how we can move away from fear and into our own power.


Please help to educate and inspire your friends and colleagues by spreading the word, and by inviting them to watch this eye-opening documentary. You take care and have a good day.


With very best wishes,

Fred Burks for the team



Below is a brief description of The Power of Nightmares taken from the Information Clearing House webpage where the film is available for free viewing:


In the wake of the shock and panic created by the devastating attack on the World Trade Center on 11 September, 2001, the neo-conservatives reconstructed the radical Islamists in the image of their last evil enemy, the Soviet Union - a sinister web of terror run from the centre by Osama Bin Laden in his lair in Afghanistan.

There are dangerous and fanatical individuals and groups around the world who have been inspired by extreme Islamist ideas, and who will use the techniques of mass terror - the attacks on America and Madrid make this only too clear. 

But the nightmare vision of a uniquely powerful hidden organisation waiting to strike our societies is an illusion. 

Wherever one looks for this al-Qaeda organisation, from the mountains of Afghanistan to the "sleeper cells" in America, the British and Americans are chasing a phantom enemy. 

But the reason that no-one questions the illusion is because this nightmare enemy gives so many groups new power and influence in a cynical age - and not just politicians. 

Those with the darkest imaginations have now become the most powerful. 


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