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Hello All Humans!  Time to make signs to awake your zombified citizens.

Also please make stickers, photocopies, emails, costumes, art, music, puppets.  Speak now or never.

Grab your paintbrushes and signboards and create the world you wish.

Easy to make 100s of signs when they are simple:
Share whatever issues are important to you.

Foam core / sign board materials scraps (foam core is water proof) are free at:
sign shops or their dumpsters
art supply surplus stores
exhibition and conference center dumpsters 12-36 hours after a trade show.
garage sales closing down afternoons

Paint is free at      garage sales
dump / recycling center / toxic donation stations

Brushes are cheap or free at:
garage sales and flea markets  Cheap!  Or use sponges as paint brushes.

Give signs to friends. Attach to your bike or car. Set them in public places.

Place them in high traffic areas.

Professionalism is stealth. If you fit in while posting, you won't be noticed.
I find that signs with the most professional appearance stay up longer.
I put signs up all over several cities and counties. 
To my surprise, many lasted weeks or even months. Likely this is because:
I picked vacant lots and cyclone fences near highway onramps / offramps.
Signs were mistaken for those of the contractor / lot owner.
Or becuase the lot owner visited the site and agreed/ liked it, or simply did not care.

Professional attire.
Regardless of what you are doing, if you are unsure of local laws, you are best off being
fast and professional, putting your signs up inbetween waves of passing cars, to minimize the
chance that a concerned party will see your action. Look both ways before you...

If you are doing something on fences or lots which are less vacant, 
you will want to be quick with your application of fasteners.

Bailing wire or thicker can be pre-bent into 4 inch staples which you pre-pierce through the sign 
so that you simply walk along the sidewalk, pause while you fake like you're talking on a cellphone,
or better yet, converse with a friend, adjust your umbrella, while you deftly twist your wire ties together.

No wire ties? Simply wedge the sign between fence and support wire.

Make a hundred signs, cut some wire, and make it up as you go.

For those who wish to go further than signs, to take their actions forward to challenge corrupt gov't:

By the US Constitution you are entitled to redress your government for grievances.
In fact the US constitution encourages us to overthrow our government if it does not 
represent us.  Our founding fathers envisioned a revolution every 20 years or as necessary.
By the Geneva Convention you are required to resist genocide by any means necessary.
Either way you are covered in court.  Dismissal is confident. But court takes time.
Therefore stealth is important.  That and having a pleasant attitude if talking to a cop.

Not all cops understand the first ammendment, or the constitution, or the Geneva Convention.
If you wish you may arrest these cops for impersonating an officer: citizen's arrest.
But that will take some preparation.  Do google search: study the "law of sovereignty".

Best meanwhile not to be seen.

We are fortunate as Americans to have the First Ammendment, for now.

Use it or lose it.
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.