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"Red" States might be hungry for War, but "Blue" State kids are dying for it

Map (large file)

This map, put together by Iraq Coalition Casualty Count, shows the distribution of the 1200+ deaths that have happened in Iraq since the war began.

If you’ll notice, the overwhelming number of those soldier deaths have come from the major metropolitan regions of the so-called “Blue States” (West Coast, Northeast, Midwest), and not, as the media and our government would have you believe, from the so-called “Patriotic Red States”.

Could this be why the “Red” states are so rabid for war, and so passionate in their support of Bush and his war policies? Because they aren’t losing their children, they’re gladly sacrificing ours? Moreover, the terror attacks and terror targets aren’t in their states, they are in ours, in our cities. Yet they scream like Cassandra about the “terrorists” attacking their strip-mall in Olathe, Kansas. Where is the logic in any of it? It’s just the Politics of Fear in action.

We must expose the hypocrisy, and puncture the membranes of the Red States’ drumbeats-to-war. Let them send their children to die first and then tell us they want more war.

Charles Shaw     Publisher/Editor-in-Chief     Newtopia Magazine
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