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 November 3, 2004
Victory Celebration /Next Steps and Direct Actions
San Francisco Actions
9 am - Justin Herman Plaza, SF
12 -Noon - Federal Building, SF
5 pm ANSWER @ Powell and Market
Health Care NOT Warfare!
"Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane." Martin Luther King Jr.
On November 3rd the U.S. will STILL be in a state of Health Care Crisis: 45 million Americans lack health care. Many are just one health care crisis away from poverty. Health costs are soaring, and the homeless, the poor, and workers are suffering the most. Corporations are reaping enormous profits in the medical industry, and our elected representatives present no real plans for systemic change.
Neither Bush nor Kerry support Universal Health Care. Neither has a plan to reign in health care costs. Each promotes himself as a war president, favoring military spending over health care and human services. Each has caved in to corporate interests. NO MATTER WHO WINS ON NOVEMBER 2ND, WE WILL DEMONSTRATE ON NOVEMBER 3RD Democracy means we must participate in voting every day of the year with our feet, our hands, our hearts, and our imaginations! We must protest a war president who favors corporations over individuals-be he Democrat or Republican. Millions of American lives suffer and millions more will as more corporations make more profits by eliminating worker's healthcare coverage. Who comes first, the people or corporations?
JOIN US IN THE STREETS ON NOVEMBER 3RD. We need to take direct
action beyond voting, NO MATTER WHO WINS! It is people power that
makes change, and we say ENOUGH!!!
9 AM Justin Herman Plaza-November 3rd
March through the Tenderloin
12 PM Converge at the Federal Building
We ask the City, the State, and the Federal Government to do more for the people, and less for the corporations. We will be calling for money to be spent on health care, not warfare.
We Demand Immediate Improvements in Health/Welfare Services for the Homeless, Poor, Communities of Color, and A Nationalized Universal Health Care Plan for all!
For More Information Contact: The Bay Area Radical Health
Collective/Code Blue Affinity Group: Also,
Updates at and

November 3, 2004
Victory Celebration /Next Steps and Direct Actions
Marin Actions
Chalk the sidewalks, Vigil with signs promoting alternative media in the AM Vigil about the unfinished agenda in the PM
Meet at College of Marin, in front of Olney Hall at 12 noon for community gathering/support and next steps pow wow! Keep posted for more next week. 
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.