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Voting Tips

Here are a few Election Day tips to help your voting experience go as smoothly as possible: 


Bring a picture ID. Many states have new identification requirements this year, so play it safe by bringing your drivers license or other official ID if at all possible. 

Go to the correct polling place. Many polling places have changed since the last election, and in some states, your provisional ballot will not be counted if you go to the wrong polling place. So check your polling place ahead of time by calling your local election office or reviewing your sample ballot. 

Call 1-866-OUR VOTE if you experience or witness a voting emergency. Lawyers will be standing by to provide free, immediate, on-the-spot assistance. 

Michael Kieschnick 
Working Assets 



Find the progressive guide to what's on your ballot at 

If you live in: 


We have a voter guide for you! Check it out, join your local League bloc, and send this to all your friends! 

Don't see your city/state on here? Tell us who you're voting for!

Pass this on! 



"RCV Guidelines for Voters" 

Here is what voters should know: 

1) Rank three DIFFERENT candidates, 1,2, 3. Mark your favorite candidate first; 

2) Your second and third choices are your BACKUP (i.e. runoff) choices in case your first choice is eliminated; 

3) It is best to use ALL THREE of your rankings; 

4) Ranking the same candidate three times or ranking only one candidate ("bullet voting") does NOT help that candidate. 

That's it! Easy as 1, 2, 3. Please forward to your own email lists (apologies in advance if you receive this more than once, or don't live in San Francisco) 

Steven Hill
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