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Free stuff for your non profit!  Cleaning out my garage!

For a Global Disruption of Empire = A Call for decentralized,
 local actions around the world on J20

Statistics of Americans dead for Bush

North American birds on the decline Nearly a third of native 
bird species - even common ones - are seeing striking losses,   Bush Secrecy and Counter-measures
Sign the petition below to demand congress does more than just 
investigate the `tens of thousands' of election fraud abuse 

Taking Back Your Power: Your Re-Declaration of Independence


ACLU Launches "Refuse to Surrender Your Freedom" Campaign - Take the Pledge! 

Our most fundamental freedoms are in jeopardy. Only a bold, spirited movement of people like you who refuse to surrender your freedoms can protect our civil liberties -- that is why the ACLU has launched our "Refuse to Surrender Your Freedom" campaign. 

On January 20th, George Bush will pledge to uphold the Constitution. Our goal is to recruit 100,000 new ACLU supporters by that day to proclaim "I REFUSE TO SURRENDER MY FREEDOM" by taking this simple pledge: 

"I pledge to join with over 400,000 ACLU members and supporters to help ensure that the President, his administration, and our leaders in Congress fulfill their duty to preserve, protect, and defend our Constitution. 

By reaffirming my commitment to the American values of justice and liberty for all, I am enlisting in a powerful movement to defend our freedoms against assaults on our civil liberties." 

Please stand with us and make it clear to those who seek to take away our freedoms that they are on the wrong side of the law . . . the wrong side of core American values . . . and the wrong side of history. Take the pledge now and stand strong in support of freedom. 

If you haven't already taken the pledge, add your name to those of over 40,000 people who have - it only takes a minute: 

 BushCo: Rat Poison For Kids


In 2001, the Bush led EPA struck a deal with chemical companies to remove two important rat poison regulations designed to protect the safety of children. Specifically, the safety measures had required rat poisons contain an ingredient that makes the candy-like pellets taste bitter to kids and a dye to make it more obvious to adults when a child has ingested the poison.

As a result of no longer requiring those safety additives, the nation is now seeing a record number of children poisoned by the toxic pellets. This year more than 50,000 children were poisoned by rodenticides, which is three times as many as were affected prior to the removal of safety regulations.

According to a recent article in the Los Angeles Times, the EPA met five times behind closed doors with representatives of the chemical industry, which ultimately resulted in the removal of the safety regulations. 

Sign Petition to Reinstate Rat Poison Safety Measures!
(your info will not be shared - privacy policy)

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Fallujah Residents Face Choice: Retina Scan and Take ID Card....Or Die


A caller to the Alex Jones show played a segment from Tom Brokaw's last broadcast on NBC which featured a report from Iraq clearly stating that residents of Fallujah (civilians, NOT insurgents) would be forced to give fingerprints, retina scan and take an ID card or be killed.

Court date to be set for Summons or Warrant for Torture Charges against Bush
Court date to be set for Torture Charges against Bush

Thursday, December 2, 2004
Lawyers against the War applied today to have the torture charges against 
George Bush  set before a judge to determine whether a summons or warrant should 
issue.   A date will be set in BC Provincial Court, Criminal Division, at 
Vancouver on Monday December 6th 2004. 

Torture charges against Bush were laid November 30th 2004 by Gail Davidson, 
co-chair of Lawyers against the War--LAW, under provisions enacted pursuant to 
the U.N. Convention against Torture, ratified by Canada in 1987 and the United 
States in 1994.  The charges concern the well known abuses of prisoners held 
by US Armed Forces in the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and the Guantánamo Bay 
prison in Cuba. 

Because Bush is not a Canadian citizen the consent of the Attorney General of 
Canada is required within 8 days in order for the prosecution to continue. 

LAW has requested that Attorney General of Canada, Irwin Cotler review the 
evidence upon which the charges are based before deciding whether to consent to 
the prosecution.

Canada has a duty under the Convention against Torture to ‘take effective 
measures to prevent torture’.


 LAW is an international group of jurists and others based in Canada with 
members in 14 countries.

  Notice to LAW members
Let us know if you want to help

Michael Mandel, Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, 4700 
Keele Street, Toronto, Ontario, M3J 1P3. Tel: 416 736-5039, Fax:

416-736-5736, Email:

Fallujah Residents Face Choice: Retina Scan and Take ID Card....Or Die

A caller to the Alex Jones show played a segment from Tom Brokaw's last broadcast on NBC which featured a report from Iraq clearly stating that residents of Fallujah (civilians, NOT insurgents) would be forced to give fingerprints, retina scan and take an ID card or be killed.

moving to mexico going away party dec4th
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Date & Time:
Saturday, December 4 2004  more on this date 
8:00 PM
dear everyone i know: 

1- i'm moving to guadalajara, jalisco, mexico at the end of the year 
2- there's a going away party this saturday december 4th, please come 
3- if you know anyone in guadalajara, hook us up! 
4- my room is available for 700 a month (furnished)- if you know anyone 
looking for a place to live, hook us up! 
5- come visit us in guadalajara!! 

Xeno performs at House ov Breaks!
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Date & Time:
Saturday, December 4 2004  more on this date 
8:00 PM

511 Harrison Street @ 1st Street 
San Francisco, CA 94105 view map
Wingin'it Productions presents 
Freakdom "House of Breaks" 
Saturday, December 4, 2004 
511 Harrison @ 1st St. 
Doors @ 8pm-6am 
$10 b4 10pm/ $15 after/ $20 VIP* 

Wingding says: 
"Indulge your sences! Touch, Dance, Play, Stretch and test your limitations. Cry, Scream, Freak the Fuck out! Go beyond your limitations. This is your night, your world. So CREATE YOUR REALITY! 
Come work it out with us at the Freakdom. Delight your sences to erotic beats, delicious green feyries, luchious chill spaces, fabulous fire, crazy clowns, rootsy instalations, fancy fashions, tasty treats, and see how we mix heavy metal, sassy breaks, groovin' vinin' bassy hip hop with live chargin' instruments and vocals. Arrive early to catch the live fire performance, interactive art gallery, and munchables. You will see it all here at the Freakdom as we weave this web between out tribes tighter." 

Vau De Vire Society 
LARON (PsychoFunko) ((In Search of Hana...)) 
ADAM OHANA (Get Freaky/ 
ABAI, AJ, MAYKU (live PA collaborative blast) 
Ooah da tURNtabli$T (L.A.B.A/ Terpsichore) 

*VIP:2 FREE drinks, FREE coat check, priviate VIP room/bar (only 50tix. sold) 


If you are mad as hell about the planned widening of
MLK Dr. in Golden Gate Park, don't just take it lying
down!  Come out and join the Inner Sunset Merchants
and others opposed to this outrageous plan this

Protest GGPark Road Widening
Sun., Dec. 5 | 11am 9th Ave. and Lincoln Way (near Irving St.)

Despite over 600 letters opposing it, the Recreation
and Park Commission voted to widen MLK Drive from 9th
Avenue to the Music Concourse from two lanes to four
lanes for a second entrance to the underground garage
under construction in Golden Gate Park. Neighbors and
merchants in the Inner Sunset area are outraged. We
need everyone possible to attend a rally this Sunday,
December 5th at 11am at 9th Ave and Lincoln. The press
will be there and it is crucial that we have as many
people as possible there to object to making Golden
Gate Park more dangerous and more hostile to

The road widening was opposed by a diverse array of
groups and individuals, including: 
Transportation for a Livable City, 
Senior Action Network, 
Sierra Club, 
SF Greens, 
Inner Sunset Merchants, 
Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee, 
Transportation for a Livable City,
SF Bay Guardian, 
San Francisco Tomorrow, 
and many residents and local business owners near the park. 

 To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to:

Sun Dec 5
Dearest, dearest friends,

It is a blessing to have you so intricately woven into
my Life, whither we go way back to Colorado days or
just a couple weeks ago, I already feel how you have
and will continue to help me grow into the being I am
becoming.  The community(s) I?ve connected with here
in the Bay thus far has been a catalyst for my growth
and outlet for my social butterfly spirit.  So it is
my honor to invite you to play and celebrate my
spirits birth 24 earth rotations around the sun ago on
Sunday in my home.  
I always Love connecting with communal food so bring
your favorite dish or make something completely new
but don?t feel obligated to if you don?t have time. 
I?m mostly eating raw food so that would be nice but
bring whatever suites you.  Also bring a pillow if you
need because we don?t have chairs, I imagine we?ll all
get cozy and snuggly in the healing space.  
I have also purchased $200 worth of Jun which is like
Kombucha both being a fermented Black or Green Tea,
which makes it a live culture, something we don?t get
much of in our diet except yogurt maybe.  It gave me
an elated bubbly feeling kind of like champagne but I
also drank a LOT.  They also come in different
Elixirs, herbs, teas, medical plants, etc. check out  So
it?d be really good for all the funky stuff going
around. Anyway if you?d like to try some I?m
unfortunately needing to ask everyone to buy there own
bottle for the $18 I paid for them, especially since I
don?t have a stable paycheck coming form Club One
anymore, more will be explained on that later. Then
people with bottles can share each others different
Elixirs, oh so bring your own cup for this.
I would be so fabulous to see you and spend some time
together to connect even deeper but I understand if
you can?t make it especially since I slacked on
getting this email out, so here?s the info.

Time: 4pm-??? (If you can only make it before 4 I?d
still Love to see you and I imagine the bulk of
everyone will show around 7 but it will flow however
it does)
My Address: 1029 Oak St. #46 Oakland 94607 Corner of
11th and Oak St. 4 story brick apt. complex next to
big sculpture. Two blocks from Lake Meritt BART,
across from Museum and Laney College. Just give me a
call if you don?t have internet for directions and
I?ll do my best. Also you have to call me when you get
to the front door so I can let you in, if you don?t
have a cell phone to do this just call me on your way
out the door and I?ll leave the door propped open
until you get here.
Reminder: Bring Pillow(s), Yummy Food hopefully Raw, a
cup if drinking Jun, and Lots of Lovin?!!!
Keep In Touch, Brian 415-341-4411

Bottom Line: Privatizing the World
with Jesse Swanhuyser, 
Director, California Coailition for Fair Trade & Human Rights
Monday, Dec 6, 7:30 pm
Unitarian Univeralist Church,
505 E. Charleston, Palo Alto
$5-$10,  suggested donation (no one turned away)
More Info: 

Thursday, December, 9th 
AK Press Holiday Blow Out Sale! 
3 PM—10 PM 

Radical book sale! This is your chance. Buy all those holiday gifts for your loved comrades and family. Everything in the AK Press warehouse, books, t-shirts, CDs, DVDs, videos, calendars, zines, pamphlets…' etc…', will be 25% off. There will also be remainders, overstock and damages available between $1-$5. Don't miss this chance to stock up on all of this years most exciting radical reads from your friendly neighborhood collective. Refreshments will be served. 

AK Press Warehouse 
674-A 23rd St. Oakland, CA 94612 
Between MLK and San Pablo—Near 19th St. BART and West Grand Exit of 80/980 
For more information contact AK Press: 510.208.1700 

"2nd Sight Benefit" @ Xenodrome - save the date!
Friday, December 10 2004  more on this date 
8:00 PM

1320 Potrero Avenue (between 25th & Cesar Chavez) 
San Francisco, CA 94110 view map

More Info:
415-285-9366 ,

9th Annual Naughty Santa’s Black Market 

69 boutiques with Edge, Irony, and Attitude! 

Sunday, December 12, 2004 
4pm to Midnight 
4-6p children-friendly 

$6 at the door 

SomArts Gallery 
934 Brannan and 8th Streets, 
San Francisco 

(415) 695 - 9100 

69 Offbeat Bay Area artisans selling hand made holiday gifts for the budget-conscious shopper. 

Interactive fabric arts show, “Circus” by Cloud Factory Design Collective. 

Holiday spoof drag band: Smashup Derby (featuring Adrian Roberts of Blue Period), RUN DMC puppetshow, DJ Pusspuss, Stilt Walkers Fashion Show, Twisted Toy Making, and more! 

Naughty Santa’s is shining a little light for today’s shoppers. They have re-worked the traditional crafts fair. This revival brings edge, irony and attitude. Choose from many one-of-a-kind gifts under $20. Or support local artists and pamper yourself with fashion, art or jewelry priced as high as your rent-check. 

“This is not your grandmother’s crafts fair!!” 

“It’s like a vast art gallery of eclectic fine arts” 

“A feast of visual and tactile delights” 

“Shopping, Partying and Entertainment!!” 

Naughty Santa’s has established a 2 hour ‘family’ period (after naptime before dinner/bedtime) that is stroller and young adult friendly. We have asked the artists to respect that younger people might be viewing their art. There still may be some explaining to do. It may be the easiest way for families to experience art together. 


Yumfactory: Comic books and toys from artist/inventor Attaboy! 

Sophistafunk: Funky hats with hair from Santa Barrios 

The Wrong Element: Politically in-correct tee-shirts 

Jewelry and Custom Clothing from Cloud Factory Design Collective 

Posters and Tee-Shirts from street artist Ben Collison 

Bangles and Baubles from performer Dee Dee Russell 

Side Show Sweetie Dolls from Jenny Bird 

Naughty Santa's is a chance to get together and party. We are a community of artists with attitude and irony as our common themes. This is a chance to show off your art and make everybody merrier, sharing Kwanza type cheer, fueling Hanukah bliss and make some good money. 

Contact us via hotline for the deets…' 


Silke Tudor always framed it best 

“I dress in elf garb for the Naughty Santas' Black Market, just on the off chance other elves might be similarly lured. Under the auspices of Hernan and Brynne Cortez, SomArts has been transformed into less a winter wonderland than a surrealist toy shop located somewhere beyond the looking glass. In the main hall, artists peddle their wares -- hand-painted fairy wings, animated jewelry, hats adorned by antennae and fun fur, plush-toy vaginas, insuperable games, and fantastic apparel -- while self-appointed "toychitects" forage through mounds of decimated playthings, combining their parts into strangely beautiful Frankentoys using just a hot-glue gun and a few shots of peppermint schnapps. While this is an ideal setting for him, Crackhead Elf is nowhere to be seen. I wander into the theater, where Kennedy is fronting the Yuletards, a group of very off-color Christmas carolers, and I am immediately caught on the business end of a candy cane. 

"We've lost our elf," says the spritely Santa-girl on the other end of my favorite peppermint confection. "Will you help us?" I glance around at the bleary-eyed Santas in her company and think better of it. It's a well-known fact among holiday miscreants that the Naughty Santas have a long-running feud with the Porn Clown Posse, and I don't want to be stuck in the middle. Sure enough, in a matter of minutes, there is a great disturbance. Lascivious clowns wearing adult undergarments and strap-on dildos descend on the Santas, shouting invectives about subnormal Santa intelligence while wielding whips and bottles of cheap clown booze. The Santas fight back. There's a smackdown in the kiddie pool. Baby bottles and grapes go flying. Greasepaint and fake white beards are everywhere. It's revolting and depressing, and, just when I think I can't take it anymore, something happens. The Santas offer the Porn Clowns a peace offering -- a black velvet clown portrait -- and the age-old rivals agree to a truce, promising from here forward to turn their aggressions to the more constructive task of slaughtering Easter Bunnies. It's a Christmas miracle. It warms the cockles of my heart (in much the way that certain appendages are warmed, whenever a Porn Clown pees in his diaper, just because he can). As peace descends over the Black Market, a troupe of living tulips gathers onstage for the Cloud Factory Design Collective's otherworldly fashion show. 

DEC 19
 Hey dude
below is an invite to a hike our gang does every year. Its the night after Cell Yoga Tai Chi, Yikes!
  Its always a blast though and it would be great to have you. Take care and see you soon-
>    Greetings Earthling Gang-
>    As the shortest day of the year aproaches so does a tradition
>that has become a Bay Area favorite.
>  Get to the Point!  Each year our ever expanding herd makes a
>migration to a true power spot, the tip of Tomales Point. Incredible
>vistas, Tule Elk heards, laughter and good company are guaranteed.
>We always make countless discoveries along the way- hawks, owls, Elk
>antlers, Hermit Crabs or maybe you try a new kind of cheese...
>Whether you like to sit on soft turf and gaze at shafts of sunlight
>hitting the ocean offshore, prance among the lupines or just cant
>help but frolic in the pristine, crystaline tidepools- this trip has
>something for everyone.
>   The hike starts at 10am Dec 19 (mark your calenders) in the
>Tomales Pt. upper parking lot. Most of us don't get back until after
>sunset Carpooling and networking are strongly encouraged. Some may
>prefer to meet first in the city before heading out.
>  Directions: From 101 N take Sir Francis Drake toward Inverness and
>continue toward Pt Reyes. Take a R on Pierce Pt Road past Tomales
>Bay State Park and continue to the end of the road.
>   Bring: Surprises, Friends, Warm Clothes, Raingear, Lunch (often
>potluck, picnic style), WATER Frisbees, instruments, binoculars, hot
>air ballons.... and if you like, libations and a lighter.
>  If its a raging storm lets check in with each other... otherwise
>its on. Hope to see you there and please  reply with any ideas.
>Please pass along to others not on the list who like getting to the
>   Thanks friends and hope to see you there.
>   Enjoy the season!  Peace
>   Josiah

DEC 26 Kiev, Ukraine, Repeat of Runoff elections, hopefully this time without US rigging vote.

Opel New Yers Eve Party
Friday, December 31 2004  - Saturday, January 1 2005 
11:00 PM

Paradise Lounge 
1501 Folsom St. 
San Francisco, CA 94103 view map

More Info:

OtherWorld - Friends & Family   NYE Market @ Grand, Okaland beware cigarettes
Fri Dec 31'st 5 rooms of music 510-287-5917

For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.