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Send an instant fax to Monsanto

If you're talking about :


Agent Orange,

Bovine Growth Hormone,

water privatization,

Biopiracy, untested/unlabeled genetically engineered organisms,

or persecuting small family farmers,

You're talking about the Monsanto Corporation.

Join OCA's campaign to mobilize one million consumers to end Monsanto's 
global corporate terrorism.Send an instant fax to Monsanto, demanding the 

1. Stop intimidating small family farmers.

2. Stop force-feeding untested and unlabeled genetically engineered foods on 

Monsanto's Government Ties

A Monsanto official told the New York Times that the corporation should not 
have to take responsibility for the safety of its food products. "Monsanto 
should not have to vouchsafe the safety of biotech food," said Phil Angell, 
Monsanto's director of corporate communications. "Our interest is in selling as much 
of it as possible. Assuring its safety is the FDA's job." It would be nice to 
think the FDA can be trusted with these matters, but think again. Monsanto 
has succeeded in insuring that government regulatory agencies let Monsanto do as 
it wishes. Take a look:

Prior to being the Supreme Court Judge who put GW Bush in office,Clarence 
Thomas was Monsanto's lawyer.

The U.S. Secretary of Agriculture (Anne Veneman) was on the Board of 
Directors of Monsanto's Calgene Corporation.

The Secretary of Defense (Donald Rumsfeld) was on the Board of Directors of 
Monsanto's Searle pharmaceuticals.

The U.S. Secretary of Health, Tommy Thompson, received $50,000 in donations 
from Monsanto during his winning campaign for Wisconsin's governor.

The two congressmen receiving the most donations from Monsanto during the 
last election were Larry Combest (Chairman of the House Agricultural Committee) 
and Attorney General John Ashcroft. (Source: Dairy Education Board)

In order for the FDA to determine if Monsanto's growth hormones were safe or 
not, Monsanto was required to submit a scientific report on that topic. 
Margaret Miller, one of Monsanto's researchers put the report together. Shortly 
before the report submission, Miller left Monsanto and was hired by the FDA. Her 
first job for the FDA was to determine whether or not to approve the report she 
wrote for Monsanto. In short, Monsanto approved its own report. Assisting 
Miller was another former Monsanto researcher, Susan Sechen. Deciding whether or 
not rBGH-derived milk should be labeled fell under the jurisdiction of another 
FDA official, Michael Taylor, who previously worked as a lawyer for Monsanto.

Organic and Natural Product Companies Associated with Monsanto

Brand Name(s): Arrowhead Mills, Bearitos, Breadshop, Celestial Seasonings, 
Earth's Best Baby Food, Garden of Eatin, Health Valley, Imagine Foods, Terra 
Chips, Westbrae, Millina's, Mountain Sun, Shari Ann's, Walnut Acres Owned By: 
Hain Food Group Principle Stockholders: Bank of America, Entergy Nuclear, 
ExxonMobil, H.J. Heinz, Lockheed Martin, Merck, Monsanto, Pfizer, Philip Morris, 
Walmart, Waste Management Inc. Significantly Owned By: Citigroup

Brand Name(s): Cascadian Farms, Muir Glen Owned By: Small Planet Foods 
Principle Stockholders: General Mills Significantly Owned By: Alcoa, Chevron, 
Disney, Dupont, ExxonMobil, General Electric, McDonalds, Monsanto, Nike, Pepsico, 
Pfizer, Philip Morris, Starbucks, Target, Texas Instruments

Stop using billions of dollars of U.S. taypayers' money to subsidize 
genetically engineered crops--cotton, soybeans, corn, and canola.

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Organic and Natural Product Companies Associated with Monsanto
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