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In theaters Nationwide May 28 2004
Abrupt Climate Change, Kevin Costner, Earrth, You.

Oral Chelation of Heavy Metals: Mercury, Lead, and Aluminum

Society of Janus BDSM calendar: SF BAY 

  Contact Improvisation: Gravity Goes Through The Membrane
    A mixed-level contact improvisation class in which stability dances 
with mobility in spherical space. We will work developmentallyto build 
juicy internal connections that then take us into dancing, connecting 
with space and with each other. Skills work will provide the foundation. 

Establishing our safety gear allows us to work intelligently and 
creatively with our own limits. Then, imagination, collaboration, and 
grace provide the dance.

What is contact improvisation? Contact improvisation is a unique dance 
form in which practitioners spontaneously create movement material with 
one or more partners coming into and out of physical contact. It began 
in 1972 as a performed motion experiment called Magnesium.
 more info on Contact Improv
 Brenton Cheng is a teacher, director, 
and performer of improvised and choreographed work, having appeared with 
Contraband, RAPT, Zaccho Dance Theater, Kim Epifano, Angus Balbernie, 
and Flyaway Productions. He teaches contact improvisation classes 
locally and gives workshops each year in various regions of France and 
Russia. The disciplined practice of improvisation is at the heart of his 
work, and he draws other inspirations 
from release technique, the martial arts, contemporary dance, bodywork, 
and Laban/Bartenieff movement studies.
 Wednesday May 26 6:30 to 9:30 pm  Please arrive on time! 
 672 South Van Ness @ 17th $15 to $25 none turned away!!!   JUST SHOW UP!!!!!

NEXT WEEK:    June 2nd - LISA MEKIS - Development of our Relational Skills 
         with a focus on gender and sexual relationships
This evening will be part salon, and part laboratory facilitated by Lisa  Mekis.
 In our world of serial monogamy and polyamory it is part of our 
work to develop relational skills that can navigate the territory of 
intimacy, love, and sex.  What is appropriate to communicate at the 
beginning of a relationship, and how do we go about bringing a 
relationship to closure? Through salon style conversation and a council 
style gender circle we will approach the topics of ethics, expectations, 
desires, successes, and mistakes, and ultimately bring greater awareness 
and understanding to the subject.   All are welcome.

    Mark these Master Teachers on your Calander

        June 9th - KATE MAEMBE - The Songs of the BANTU Tribe of Africa

        Stay tuned for more info....
                       *** IN JUNE ***

   June 30th - ALLI STARR - Activism superstar and world bridger Alli 
      Starr teaches "Pro-justice/Anti-oppression Workshop for Change 

   July and August - MARK GROWDEN - Underground Pop-Star and pro-found 
Artist, will teach two workshops in voice, music, and 

       "We are realizing a community which is learning to share a 
common language of techniques; performance, ritual, & real body based 

       An experiential science is forming from these workshops. A movement of 
writers, educators and performers unhindered by the cliques of 
consciousness which a small context breeds. These workshops classes 
and open circus space are ongoing through 2005."               

The Progressive Voice for Peace
Forum and Concert to Benefit KPFA Radio
and Bring Progressive Influence to the Democratic Party

For Immediate Release: May 20, 2004

What:  Forum and concert for peace to benefit KPFA Radio and Progressive
Voice of California
When:  Wednesday, May 26th, 7:00 to 10:00 p.m.
Where:  First Congregational Church, 2345 Channing Way (at Dana), Berkeley,

This event is the first in a series called Championing the Progressive
Voice. It opens with a forum on bringing peace to politics and government on
local, national, and international levels, and closes with a concert to
celebrate the power of our collective voices for peace.

Speakers include Medea Benjamin of Global Exchange and Code Pink; Van Jones,
founder of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights; Rabbi Michael Lerner,
editor of Tikkun magazine and author of several books, and Solange
Echevarria, cohost of KPFA’s Flashpoints Espanol. Larry Bensky, lauded
political and literary journalist and host of KPFA’s Sunday Salon, as well
as senior editor at, will moderate the discussion.

The concert, which starts shortly after the forum’s conclusion, features
local activist-musician Michael Franti of Michael Franti and Spearhead, plus
other special guests.

In an era of increasing corporatization of media, independent media plays a
crucial role in making the voices of citizens heard. Berkeley’s KPFA Radio,
the first and longest-running community-supported radio station in the U.S.,
has a long history of airing diverse viewpoints and supporting freedom of
the press. As the station experienced a $40,000 shortfall at its spring fund
drive, that history may be in danger.

And this is happening at a crucial time, as the Democratic Party struggles
to create a presidential platform that is significantly different from the
current administration’s, particularly regarding the Iraq occupation.
Several progessive organizations that are cosponsoring this event intend to
take the call for peace to the Democratic National Convention in July.

All are welcome at this event to support independent media and make their
voices heard in a dialogue on peace.

The benefit is cohosted by KPFA Radio, Global Exchange, Code Pink, and The
Ella Baker Center for Human Rights.

Suggested donation: $10 to $25 (no one turned away for lack of funds)

For Event Information: Call 510-420-0772, or email

27th to Essaouira 
located on 14 valencia ave (between Mccoppin and Market).
Native Intelligence
Leemone Young
Plus a special guest!
Thursday May 27th 9pm-2am

 May 29th and 30th - Memorial Day Weekend.  Two days of indulgence in....
....healing - scrumptous gourmet raw food prepared by amazing chefs - personal transformation - bodywork - music - crafts - relating - connecting - dance - ritual - ceremony - writing - spoken word..... and more....  
This weekend experience is for yummy people who are interested living their
life as though they were works of art and being in community with others on the same path.  
For two days we get to play together , celebrate one another, and continue to grow our beautiful
community where we ongoingly support one another and share our mutual passions
and gifts. go to RAWLOVE.ORG for more information and to sign up much love JillianLove
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                   May 28th thru May 30th 
 a three day campout in the mountains of Northern California 
           brought to you by English Ben and friends 

 Benjamin Llewelyn Hyder (10/9/76 to 4/2/03) was an integral part 
 of the dance music scene in the Bay Area for many years. He was 
 often the last one dancing, and gave an abundance of energy to 
 the community. His death last year left a hole in many of our 
 lives. This party is to celebrate his life and remember a person 
 we loved. The money for the expenses of this free party came from 
 Ben, who asked us before he died to throw him a rockin' party. 

 Music brought to you by some of Ben's favorite friends and DJ's- 

 The Fractal Cowboys 
 Donna Matrix 
 DJ Muse 
 El Juan 
 Dave Bayer 
 Quantum 23 

 Special Performance by Sephiroth 
 Fire Dancing by Shekinah 

 Please bring your drum! 
 Drum circle on Saturday afternoon. 

 Lighting by Radiant Atmospheres 
 25,000 watt sound system by Gateway and Know:Audio 

*This a free party* 

 for directions please call the voicemail: 415-705-0600 
The second installation of "Sunday School" is less than 1 week away, Sunday may 30th at Studio Z (11th St.@ Folsom) 9p-3a.  Monday is a bed-time for you 9-5'ers!  The show made "pick of the week" on flavorpill ( )...check it.
On May 30th the Vau de Vire Society  welcomes a very special guest flying-in solely for your entertainment...Angelo Moore, the leader of the famed FISHBONE.  Angelo's alter-ego is Dr.Madd Vibe, a story-telling, spoken-word hipster who delivers jazzy sax and theremin riffs throughout his set. 
The SF ambassadors to Rock & Roll are the gun and doll show,  their stage antics and energetic show will "rock you".
loop!station loops layers of beautifully-haunting melodic vocals with a cello, creating a full orchestral sound rivaled by none...enjoy their passion.
Back-again is the jaw-dropping, Kid Beyond...we need not say more.
Raw B  has been a vital part of the Bay Area's Hip Hop scene since '93.  He, along with Wisdom and J-Boogie, are the founders and producers of Beatsauce SF, San Francisco's premier hip hop mix show (90.3 KUSF).  Raw B offers the most smooth, solid-mix we know.
Stink 69  is a non-pretentious showcase of operatic and theatrical-chaos...hold on to your panties kids! 
Sunday School
"cross-pollinating San Francisco by showcasing a variety of genres in an interactive party...come play with us"
Bi-polar productions will be transforming Studio Z every third sunday of the month, and random  special events, to present Sunday School...a monthly variety showcase of local and national artists (bands, vocalists, performing artists, dj's, debaucherous dance groups, fine artists, spoken word, freaky/stylie circus performers, etc.). Sunday School events are dedicated to melding together a cross-section of energy-driven genres with the Vau de Vire Society acting as Hosts each month. The Vau de Vire Society is an avante-cabaret community made up of more than 30 dancers, actors, acrobats, musicians, aerial artists, contortionists and sexy side-show acts.  Throughout every Sunday School event, Vau de Vire will perform originally-choreographed stage shorts, accompanying the guest musicians of the evening. 

Float down Cache creek 30 May 04?  (berkeley)  
Hi, I'll be getting up there about 10:30 AM, stopping at the Hwy 41 bridge 
 to blow up my inflatable kayak. Call if you're interested.   Barry (510) 527-7031

 The Oneness Celebration - June 8, 2004 
The global meditation, scheduled to 12 am Central European Time on June 8, 2004,
 A Meditation to Focus on the Enlightenment of 
 Humanity by the Year 2012 

 The fine folks who brought you Eggchair and Pyromid proudly present: 
 a FUNdraiser for the 
 BlackRock BierGarten 
 Burning Man?s newest themecamp 

 start your holiday weekend right! 
 Friday, July 2nd. 2004 
 2007 16th St. (at Utah) 
 Lower Potrero Hill, S.F. 
 Dust off your lederhosen and feathered hat, grab your bratwurst and stein! 
 We're throwin' a FUNKtoberfest in July! Come support a brand new 
 theme camp, The BlackRock BierGarten. 
 ...Drink, Dance, and get FUNKY! 

 - Sean (Shante) Sullivan 
 - Nocturnal 
 - PowerLounger (Funk Camp) 
 - Plus special guests 
 & FUNKtoberfest surprises... 

 Enjoy BBQ Bratwurst 
 in the outdoor patio! 

 $5 raffle - chance to WIN 
 Burning Man 2004 Ticket!!

Though many of you are deeply interested and involved in the fight to
protect water from privatization, the majority of the population remains
unaware of this ongoing struggle and its consequences worldwide.  The
release of a new one-hour documentary called "Thirst" provides an
exciting new outreach forum and awareness-building tool.

This excellent new film elucidates the inherent drama of communities
fighting for control of their water and against corporate-driven
globalization. Thirst examines communities in Bolivia, India and
Stockton, California, facing contentious issues surrounding the
privatization of water, and skillfully places the debate in the context
of the 2003 World Water Forum in Kyoto, Japan. This film is a piercing
look at the conflict between public stewardship and private profit,
where activists claim that water is a human right and corporations
declare it a commodity.

"THIRST" will have its national broadcast premiere on Tuesday, July 13
on PBS's acclaimed "P.O.V." documentary series. (Check local listings.)
San Francisco: June 18-24 at the Roxie Theater, 3117 16th St. (415)
Featured speakers each night will address specific issues around water,
including labor, environmental justice and the recent Stockton struggle.
 Stay tuned for more details! Contact Juliette at to
help promote these screenings.

For more information see


Activate and Celebrate!

Sat.- Sun. June 12th-13th
Saturday 11:00AM to 8:00PM
Sunday 11:00AM to 7:30PM

Sat. 8PM - 12 midnight

Sonoma County Fairgrounds
in Santa Rosa
Info Line (707) 861-2035

St. Mary's Cathedral Conference Center, San Francisco
Join national leaders in a day-long, hands-on exploration of local solutions to global issues of environmental destruction, social injustice and economic inequality.  Featuring powerful videos, display booths, Ubuntu cultural village, local Action Teams, Sustainability SourceBook, moreŠ  Volunteers needed.
St. Mary's Cathedral Conference Center, San Francisco
Conference, 9:00 am - 6:30 pm. Evening performance, 8:00 pm -10:00 pm.
Produced by the Sustainable World Coalition  415/785-1888,

July 9,10,11 11am-7pm each day

 An Alchemical Celebration of Drum, Dance, and Song 
 Thursday, August 12th - Sunday, August 15th, 2004 in the Santa Cruz, CA Mountains. 

For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.