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More Lead in Children Who Drink Fluoridated Water

Author: Sally Stride
Published on: June 1, 2004
A government study shows cavity-fighting water fluoridation may cause 
children to absorb unhealthy and cavity-producing amounts of lead 
into their bodies, according to an abstract presented at the 2003 
National Oral Health Conference and printed in the Journal of Public 
Health Dentistry(1). Previous published research also links 
fluoridation chemicals to higher blood lead levels.

After reviewing national blood-lead-level data of children aged 1
16 years and comparing it to the 1992 fluoridation census, U.S. 
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) scientists found significantly more 
lead in the blood of children who live in fluoridated areas, whether 
natural or not, than those who live in non-fluoridated areas.

"…the water fluoridation/blood lead level association was part
of a 
significant interaction with age of dwelling," the authors report.

Along with many damaging health effects, ironically, blood-lead is 
linked to more tooth decay(2). So it's no surprise that dental health 
crises occur in many fluoridated cities and states(2a) and that 
dentists recently gave fluoridation honors to the most toothless and 
cavity-prone Americans(2b)ignoring non-fluoridated communities with 
better dental health.

In previous studies, Masters and Coplan found that silicofluorides, 
fluoridation chemicals, cause children to absorb more lead, when lead 
is already in the environment.(3)

All the chemicals certified for fluoridation by the National 
Sanitation Foundation (NSF), contain trace amounts of lead. (4)

"`Even within the zero to 10 range, there is still a relation
exposure to lead and children's IQ scores,' said Richard
PhD, senior research associate in Cornell University's Division of 
Nutritional Sciences in New York," reports American Medical News.

"Dr. Canfield led a five-year-study that found intellectual 
impairments in children whose blood lead levels were below the
threshold. The study followed 172 children in … (fluoridated) 
Rochester, N.Y.," reports the American Medical News.

"Lead poisoning can affect nearly every system in the body. Because 
lead poisoning often occurs with no obvious symptoms, it frequently 
goes unrecognized. Lead poisoning can cause learning disabilities, 
behavioral problems, and, at very high levels, seizures, coma, and 
even death," according to the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

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