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	God is dead.  	   - Nietzsche 1882
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From: Robert Cohen

The Biggest Secret of 2004?
I will be damned by many of my readers for the timing
of today's column, just as I was cursed by so many
people by posting the Thursday Ronald Reagan "ice
cream proclamation" column. As we say in New Jersey,
tough noogies.

This story is amazing but true and must be told.
It represents a microcosm of what we Americans have
evolved into. The world hates us for our arrogance and
perversions. I love America. I hate what it has become.
I do not plan on voting in the November presidential
election. Both candidates are vile and corrupt, owned
by Monsanto and other corporate interests. Both men
also belong to the same secret society. I just relate
the facts while applying my brand of Isaac Asimov's
"psychohistory" (from The Foundation Trilogy) to the
present and future.

La Cosa Nostra (AKA the Mob or the Mafia) holds the
highest regard for those criminals who succeed in
committing the most heinous of crimes. The Sicilian
code of honor called "Omerta" forbids members of the
underworld from discussing secrets with outsiders.

Many graduates of Yale University have a similar
Mafia-like code. Not one living member of a certain
fraternity has ever openly revealed what I am about
to tell you in today's column.

Yale University has a secret society called Skull and
Bones. For 172 years, members of this unique and
perverted group have been stealing the skulls of
past presidents, world's statesmen, celebrities,
actors, etc., and displaying same in a collection
of the bizarre. Great honor is gained by members who
add a specimen to the Skull and Bone's holdings.

The body parts are stored in a windowless, granite tomb
that has a security system equal to Fort Knox. It cannot
be broken into. One clandestine "trophy" is the skull of
Geronimo, great medicine man of the Apache nation. That
grave was robbed by George W. Bush's grandfather, Prescott
Bush. I've alerted Mark Chino, President of the Apache
Nation (505-464-4494). Perhaps he will be offended or get
angry enough to try and re-claim Geronimo's stolen remains.

Yale's own commentary regarding Skull and Bones is
laughable. Try to gain access to either of these pictured
tombs which look like bank vaults. Bank vaults can be
broken into. These top-secret storage vaults are
impenetrable. See:

< >

Based upon past performance, and the willing cooperation of
people in high places, one finds it difficult to believe that
Skull and Bones will not attempt to gather another "piece" to
their vast collection of "collectables." In continuing their
grave-robbing tradition, I am not at all pleased to report
that although a part of Ronald Reagan was buried yesterday,
another part of Mr. Reagan may not have been.

There is a secret that is shared by George Bush and
John Kerry, both members of the most elite and nauseating
club in America. Both Bush and Kerry attended Yale
University where they were members of the Order of Skull
and Bones. Membership in this unusual fraternity lasts a
lifetime, and all members take a vow of silence regarding
the innermost secrets of this society. Skull and Bones
members hold rites that are offensive to decent people.
I would not be proud to admit to a member of the world
community that my next president slept in a coffin in
college or practiced the rites of Satanic worship. This
is what Skull and Bones members do, and more. It gets worse,
dear readers.

The Order of the Skull and Bones is open to only 15
members of Yale's graduating senior class, and one
of its biggest secrets is the bizarre collection
of skulls stolen from the not-so final resting places
of famous people. In order to become a member of this
society, one must first reveal a history of his or her
sexual conquests and indiscretions in an open forum before
all other members.

It is curious that at least ten members of this elite
club have either served in the George Bush White House
or have received key Bush appointments. Examples include
Bill Donaldson, the head of the Security and Exchange
Commission, and Edward McNally, the general counsel to
the Office of Homeland Security.

So what is today's secret? Based upon past history,
and the possession of similar "trophies," almost all of
the 40th president may very well rest on a California
hilltop, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. A part of our
dearly departed president might also be forever revered
by members of Yale's cult and displayed in a glass case
in that university vault.

This November, you will be voting for one of two members
of the Order of Skull and Bones. I will not. I have no
fondness for either candidate. This is not a case of boys
will be boys. This is a perversion of the perverted. Yale
be damned. Both Bush and Kerry are also members of another
sinister cult. See:

BUSH: < >
KERRY: < >

Exhume Reagan's body to prove a point? It will never happen.
The secret will forever be safe with Skull and Bones...unless,
of course, you should send this email to a friend, and your
friend sends it to another friend, etc., etc., etc.

Robert Cohen

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