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Best and worst 9/11 sites

Mark Robinowitz posts:

most credible 9/11 truth sites:

9/11 families for the truth - 9/11 widow Ellen Mariani\'s RICO lawsuit against  Bush
- an important effort for \"regime change\" that needs your
financial support - family members have tough \"unanswered 
questions\" for Bush, the official Commission, Giuliani and others

Most important research sites - the Complete Timeline of 9/11, an amazing, 
impeccable resource taken entirely from the mainstream media - Michael Ruppert\'s forthcoming book \"The Truth  and
Lies of 9/11: America\'s Descent into Fascism at the End of the  Age of
Oil\" - original reporting on 9/11 complicity, peak oil, drug  money
corruption and much more

9/11 activism - grassroots outreach in support of the families - bumperstickers, buttons, and other outreach  tools
from the Peace Resource Project - monitoring the official \"investigation\" - 9/11 Truth Alliance - over four million in circulation, the outreach  tool
of the 9/11 truth movement, bypassing the gatekeepers from the  corporate
media and the foundation funded \"liberal alternative\" media - vigils every Saturday at the WTC site, organizes  public
events, publisher of \"A Citizens\' Guide to the 9/11 Coverup\"

other research sites - Center for Research on Globalization (in Canada), 
publishes \"Global Outlook,\" the magazine of the 9/11 truth movement - election coups, 9/11 (the American Reichstag
Fire), fascism, World War IV and the peak of petroleum production - 
\"Bush\'s crime, not a failure\" - good material on \"false flag\" operations 
(intelligence services that commit crimes to blame on others) - Crimes Against Humanity - 9/11, covert operations,  and
alternative visions - one of the more amazing sites on the web - the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7, a 47  story
steel skyscraper that fell straight down at 5:20 pm on 9/11  even though
it wasn\'t hit by a plane or the collapsing towers. The  video of this
collapse is the 21st century equivalent of the Zapruder  film (the film
that showed that President Kennedy was not killed by  Lee Harvey Oswald)

Bogus 9/11 Sites -- Muddying the Waters with easily disproved phony claims
 see for details



911hoax (a nice rebuttal is  (promoted by the same
internet personas, seem to be the same operation)

  911uncovered  (a recycling of \"lets roll\")
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