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Civilized society is perpetually menaced with 
disintegration through
this primary hostility of men towards one 
? Sigmund Freud

George W. Bush, Anti-Christ

An empire of denial,3604,1228578,00.html

The responsible warrior
It is a mistake to think of the loss of control 
and heinous behavior
of low ranking military personnel at Abu Ghraib 
and elsewhere as
exceptions. Such behavior is the direct and 
virtually inevitable
result of the breakdown of command, beginning 
with top officials.
In this terrible moment we are seeing the results 
of a war prosecuted
by a leadership that appears to be singularly 
lacking in the capacity
for doubt, self-questioning, or the 
acknowledgement of mistakes. We
have been plunged into a moral chaos that can 
only end when saner
minds, "man rationale" in T.E. Lawrence's words, 
can once more assume
authority in this nation.

Iraq and the Conservative Crackup

Turkey Rebuffs US-Proposed Mideast Role - reg

Venezuela: Fear for Sale

Bush job creation record still abysmal

Statement of Common Cause President Chellie 
Pingree on New Yorker PBS

Of Patriots and Fools

Both Presidential Candidates Faltering

The Jobs for Food Program

25 killed in explosion as Iraqi puppet is named 
by US puppet
At least 25 people were today killed in an 
explosion in Baghdad, only
minutes after the Iraqi Governing Council had 
announced the country's
new interim government. The blast tore through 
the headquarters of
the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, close to the 
Iraqi capital's
heavily-guarded green zone.,2763,1228912,00.html

Cheney greased big contract
email evidence A Pentagon email said that United 
States Vice-
pResident Dick Cheney's office "co-ordinated" a 
Iraq 'reconstruction' contract awarded to his 
former employer
Halliburton, Time magazine has reported.

We've run out of bullets

Police Access to Federal Files Questioned
Civil-liberties groups are voicing concerns over 
a first-in-the-
nation system giving local police in New York and 
Vermont instant
access to federal files on terrorism. Critics of 
the pilot program
caution that it poses an "enormous risk" of 
arrest and detention of
people without cause.,1280,-4153863,00.html

Appeals court right to rebuke Ashcroft
'far exceeds the scope of his authority under 
federal law.'

Police apologize to anti-war activist wrongly 
arrested for arson
An anti-war activist wrongly arrested for arson 
attacks on more than
100 SUVs has received an apology and the promise 
of $20,000 from the
West Covina Police Department which will cover 
his legal fees.

Electorate is wising up to the Iraq blunder

U.S. Marine Killed in Western Iraq
A U.S. Marine assigned to 1st Marine 
Expeditionary Force has been
killed in action in western Iraq, the military 
said Tuesday.

Celebrating Life in Rafah

Profile of Sheikh Ghazi Ajil al-Yawar, who was 
appointed as Iraq's
interim president.
 He was reported as saying that Paul Bremer, the 
head of the US-led
occupation authority, had offered him "several 
posts," including
ambassador to Washington, if he would pass up the 

The UN ' s Endgame ?

3rd of detainees who died were assaulted
More than a third of the prisoners who died in 
U.S. custody in Iraq
and Afghanistan were shot, strangled or beaten by 
U.S. personnel
before they died, according to death certificates 
and a high-ranking
U.S. military official.

Political Hate Is A Two-Way Street

Paul Krugman: Robin Hood reversed

Dutroux lawyer argues his client acted on behalf 
of a crime network

U.S. 'dropped the ball' in Najaf

New Iraqi Government Announced

Isolated abroad, hated at home: House of Saud 
faces uncertain future

For the good of U.S., as well as Iraq, President 
Bush should bow out

Dropping the sovereignty baton

Wm Rivers Pitt: The big game

CIA's Book on Torture Written 20 Years Ago

Hold Bush accountable

U.S. spy trial opens in Serbia

Sex, Spies and Mini-Mikes Bug Canadian Military

RAW man turns out to be US spy

Portugal pedophile case: Some charges dropped

Crucial talks coming up on Iraq An Administration 
`bankrupt of vision
and bereft of principle'

Win-Win Spin-Spin

Newsday examines 9/11 findings

The great Saudi escape

The subtle nature of mind control

The United States of Boeing

It's business as usual

An empire of denial All the president's horses' 
asses Justice for the
Bush cabal,3604,1228578,00.html

Get Bush twins to enlist

A Tale of Two Who Jumped the Ship at State

Jose Padilla, American Terrorist

A Choice of Words

President Bush: Flip-Flopper-In-Chief

Requiem for a doctrine cynically applied

Generation Debt - The New Economics of Being 

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