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GM crops alter structure and function of liver, new research shows

"The article below is a valuable article. It shows eating GM crops alters
structure and function of the liver." - Prof Joe Cummins

Ultrastructural Morphometrical and Immunocytochemical Analyses of Hepatocyte
Nuclei from Mice Fed on Genetically Modified Soybean
Cell Structure and Function
Vol. 27 (2002) , No. 4 pp.173-18

Manuela Malatesta1), Chiara Caporaloni1)2), Stefano Gavaudan2), Marco B.L.
Rocchi3), Sonja Serafini4), Cinzia Tiberi1) and Giancarlo Gazzanelli1)

1) Istituto di Istologia e Analisi di Laboratorio, via Zeppi s.n.,
University of Urbino

2) Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell'Umbria e delle Marche

3) Istituto di Biomatematica, LocalitÓ Crocicchia, University of Urbino

4) Istituto di Chimica Biologica "G. Fornaini", via Saffi 2, University of

ABSTRACT. No direct evidence that genetically modified (GM) food may
represent a possible danger for health has been reported so far; however,
the scientific literature in this field is still quite poor. Therefore, we
carried out an ultrastructural morphometrical and immunocytochemical study
on hepatocytes from mice fed on GM soybean, in order to investigate eventual
modifications of nuclear components of these cells involved in multiple
metabolic pathways related to food processing. Our observations demonstrate
significant modifications of some nuclear features in GM-fed mice. In
particular, GM fed-mice show irregularly shaped nuclei, which generally
represents an index of high metabolic rate, and a higher number of nuclear
pores, suggestive of intense molecular trafficking. Moreover, the roundish
nucleoli of control animals change in more irregular nucleoli with numerous
small fibrillar centres and abundant dense fibrillar component in GM-fed
mice, modifications typical of increased metabolic rate. Accordingly,
nucleoplasmic (snRNPs and SC-35) and nucleolar (fibrillarin) splicing
factors are more abundant in hepatocyte nuclei of GM-fed than in control
mice. In conclusion, our data suggest that GM soybean intake can influence
hepatocyte nuclear features in young and adult mice; however, the mechanisms
responsible for such alterations remain unknown.
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