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We're looking for parade participants, drummers and other musicians for the parade!  And contact us if you're interested in tabling.  Please pass it on...  


Annual Protest at the Summer Encampment
at the Bohemian Grove
This is where the boys  
(Bush Sr., Rumsfeld, Kissinger, Bechtel, Cheney, and so many more),
who bring us war for profit, frolic and network!

Join Not In Our Name Sonoma County on
Sunday, July 18th, 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.

While the white, male members of the Bohemian Club 
get drunk inside the Grove, let's celebrate 
our community with:

Sherry Glaser, 
creator and star of "Oh, My Goddess"

David Rovics, singer/songwriter of 
"Who Would Jesus Bomb"

Dave Lippman as Shrub, the Singing CIA Agent

The Prince Myshkins, queer music revolutionaries

Moss Henry, singer/songwriter of "Rich Man's World"

Hope Fauna reading an Aurora Levins Morales
poem written for the protest

Aardvark, cool jazz

The protest begins at the Monte Rio Beach parking lot.  The parade/march will proceed to the entrance to the Grove.  Dusty will perform the Resurrection of Care ritual.  The protest will proceed to the Monte Rio amphitheater for the performances listed above where there will be tabling and general muckraking by peace and social justice groups.  
Picnicking is encouraged. It's FREE - come join us.

Say "No!" to the incestuous relationship between 
corporations and the government.

Say "No!" to the wars they foment for their own profit.

Money and help gratefully accepted.
For information, contact or 707-569-9922.
Contact us to table or to endorse the event.
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.