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Please join us in a crazy, yet profound, journey into a radical new 

Imagine this... you wake up tomorrow morning and find out that the Dow 
Jones has just plunged 2,000 points. Trading has been halted. Over the 
next few weeks:

	* Major stock markets around the world crash
	* Banks close
	* Supermarket shelves are half-empty
	* Power is intermittent, gasoline hard to find, email sporadic

Violent gangs and bandits roam the streets. People move to the country 
- if they can. Governments try to maintain order, yet it appears that 
the old globalized order is gone, if not forever, then for a long, long 

Six months later, you hear that Adbusters is working on a post-crash 
issue. We are sending out word that we can see a positive trend in what 
happened: innovative survival strategies are emerging, along with 
thriving local economic systems; borders are being redrawn on 
bioregional lines. We have a chance to create the new world that we've 
always dreamed about.

Can you take a mental trip into this strange future? Can you imagine 
what life would be like? Where did you end up? How did you survive? 
What are you doing now? Send us a lament, a vision, a poem, something 
mystical. What are the best post-crash jokes going around? What have 
you seen or heard in your neighborhood?

Or send us a how-to tip. How do you cook, clean your teeth, keep your 
computer running? How do you kill a chicken?

No more than 250 words please: be creative and be authentic. The next 
issue will be a compilation of the best stories sent in, and each 
published contribution will receive three brand new Adbusters 2005 

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ART & ACTIVISM: Logoizing Abu Ghraib

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