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Bravo: Irresponsible New Series Will Cost Animals Their Lives


According to a July 22 NBC Universal news release, the Bravo television network will soon debut a new series, Showdog Moms & Dads. The release states that the program will focus on dog shows and â śthe passionate owners who sacrifice so much for the benefit of their pooch.â  

On July 30, PETA shared membersâ ™ concerns and outrage over this plan with Bravo Senior Vice President of Programming and Production Frances Berwick. PETA reminded Ms. Berwick that our nationâ ™s shelters are forced to kill between 3 and 4 million dogs and cats annuallyâ ”an estimated 25 percent of whom are purebredâ ”for lack of good homes and asked her to reconsider airing the series, which will inevitably promote the breeding of dogs. We also respectfully suggested that those who irresponsibly bring more animals into this overpopulated worldâ ”and often subsequently mutilate them for â ścosmeticâ   purposesâ ”are not making any sort of â śsacrifice.â   

We have yet to receive a response from Ms. Berwick. Please contact her andâ ”in a kind and courteous mannerâ ”ask that she exercise her power to put the brakes on this potentially disastrous plan. Please also suggest that if she is not willing to cancel the series, she should consider showing how many other, equally deserving animals die in shelters in the time it takes for a breederâ ™s litter to be born. Advise Ms. Berwick that only that perspective would truly provide viewers with the â śsneak peak â | behind the scenesâ   at dog shows and â śprogramming with a unique point of viewâ   that the network promises:

Frances Berwick, Senior Vice President
Programming & Production
30 Rockefeller Plz., Rm. 1485E
New York, NY 10112
646-202-4038 (fax)

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