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Fiery blessings,

PhoeBe, now   (PhoeBus, then)

ps-- Visualizing us all, safe, healthy, taking powerful stands, ecstatic, free.

A musical gift came on first waking Lamas ritual morn, weaving '03 camp spells with '04 recovered memories from underworld.  Chant for personal and planetal healing, AND for safe riding/driving:

Ride Pleasure,
Ride Feeling,
Drive Freedom,
Drive Healing.

One note per syllable.  If you can conjure up a minor scale*, first note of scale (DO)  is 1:

      3                              3  4
1_     1,    1_    1,   1_           ,  1_     1.
                       7                               7

Ride and Drive are held 2 beats (1_ ).  Other syllables one beat each.

*DO Re Mi Fa etc, with Mi and Ti (3 and 7) lowered a half step = minor musicology.  

(To affinity group: gracias, merci, arigato, grazie, bolshoi spacibo.)


Featuring several WITCHCAMPERS:
Don't miss THE CORPORATION film, still at Berkeley Shattuck, SF Opera Plaza, etc.
More witchcampers will be on DVD version (March '05)

Here's related fruit of a seed planted at Y2K Witchcamp:

To help get it in SF, CONCERT  Sept 1--Studio Z:  A LITTLE REBELLION
Rock & Roll Fundraiser for PersonsInc.

Corporations are trying to gut the nations's strongest consumer protection in Nov. election with Prop 64:
They're claiming lawsuits that help people are "frivolous."  
Vote NO on prop 64, which would also gut environmental protections.


Report from Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab annual protest, Aug 8:

Theme-- "Books not Bombs," due to funding cuts at local schools.
Hottest day of year, 105+, in honor of Hiroshima victims, good turnout, great tables and rally preceding march from Jackson elementary school to Lab gate where a spiral dance ensued around ClanDyken's BIG group drum and chanting.  No arrests that day, but probably the next morning with direct action planned by Peace Campers.


CHILDCOTT  local independents, resale shops, alternative outlets, Farmers' markets, community agriculture.

GIRLCOTT  sweat-free products and fair trade products 
in Co-op America's National Green PagesT 
Office Depot (who responded positively to boycott), Home Depot, Costco.

BOYCOTT  chains, Ford, Shell, Chevron, Exxon, Unocal, Wal Mart, Pepsi & Coke, Kraft, UPS, AOL, AT&T, GE, etc. and those who funded prop 64 above.


Papa Joney, who taxiied 1st "votin' ladies" to polls in his Model T, admonishes, "The situation has become ridicalous.  Fuh CRYIN' outLOUD,  get out that vote!"   87 years ago, suffragettes were brutally beaten in jail, fed gruel with maggots provoking hunger strike, then force fed like foie gras geese.

Upcoming election may be most important ever.  Voting can't hurt.  Not voting can.
Environmentally, Kerry/Edwards are 100 times better than Bush/Cheney.  
Reservations re the Dem platform (while recognizing the necessities of certain planks in order to get elected by a populace 4/5 of whom get their news from corporate TV) are overcome by their stance against deploying the exhorbitant and dangerous "Star Wars."  Next pres will make lifetime judicial appointments who may determine the fate of our species.  Options galore:

>From Code Pink:
As our friends at the League of Pissed Off Voters ( ) like to point out, the 2000 presidential election was decided by 537 votes. (Okay it was really decided by the Supreme Court but let's not go there right now.) Those 537 votes could belong to your friends, family, acquaintances and community members, and you'd be surprised how many of them aren't registered to vote. Get out there! You can register yourself online by going to the website and clicking the "Register to Vote" button on the right-hand side of the page. 

Rock fans: To download a voter reg form:

To call unregistered voters in swing states:
Meeting Tues nights 6:15-9, Cafe de la Paz, Berkeley, some cell phones provided.
Mon. nights Oakland near Grand Lake theater?

To carpool to swing states like Nevada and Oregon:

Conduct your own voter registration drive? You can download the national voter registration form at this website: Or you can get your state's form here: Then just make copies of the form and get out into the community - in front of the supermarket or library, at the bus stop, and anywhere else people congregate. For pointers, contact your local League of Women Voters chapter ( To hook up with other people in your state who are conducting voter registration drives, go to

Women's Voices, Women's Vote:
This is the one distributing voter reg beauty kits to salons.
Go Aprhodite!

;o)  ;o)  ;o)  ;o)  ;o)  ;o)  ;o)  ;o)  ;o)  ;o)  ;o)  

Action call for NY

Your help is needed in showing the world exactly how deep  and wide opposition is to the Bush/Neo-Conservative agenda. When the  Republican National Convention meets in New York, there will be hundreds of  thousands (100's of 1000's) of people in the streets and at rallies voicing  their "No" to this latest abuse of power by the moneyed elites. On August 31st  there is a call for people to escalate their dissent beyond marches and  rallies to civil disobedience - and to move the scope of the dialogue beyond  just Bush. The problems we face didn't start with him, and they won't end with  Kerry. It's vitally important for that message to get out.

  Can't make it to New York? That's where Adopt-an-Activist  comes in. The New York community is asking for experienced organizers to come  assist with the work that goes into effective grassroots organizing around  this conference: from media campaigning to nonviolence training.  Adopt-an-Activist is collecting funds from the community that believes in the  necessity of such work and channeling it directly to experienced  organizers.
  You can make a donation right now at <>  to  participate in this radical form of representative democracy.


Si se puede.  Yay, Venezuela!  Hold the vision:
As an intelligent and creative species, our destiny is world peace with sustainable and universal health, justice, love.  

Easiest, fastest activism and fun way to get news:

Whether here, in NY, or @ Burning One, Apollo's radiant blessings!
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.