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August 21, 2004
Press Contact- Carol Brouillet 650-857-0927
Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance
Organizer of the San Francisco International Inquiry into 9-11

Protesters to Blow Whistle on the 9-11 Cover-Up and
Global Police State Legislation

     On Wednesday, August 25th, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM  protesters will rally
in Palo Alto at Lytton Plaza (University and Emerson.), at 1:00 PM  they 
will march to Congresswoman Anna Eshoo\'s office to oppose the 9-11
Cover-Up  and her committee\'s H.R. 4104- The Intelligence Transformation
Act (the  Global Police State Proposal).  A full page ad in the SFBay
Guardian ( ) emphasized
the major  questions that the 9-11 Commission failed to address-

Why was the \"money man behind 9-11,\" (who had $100,000 sent to Mohammed 
Atta- identified by the FBI as the lead pilot in the attacks), head of 
Pakistan\'s ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence Agency., Lt. General Mahmoud 
Ahmad, meeting with top U.S. officials from September 4th through
September  13th?

Why did the Bush Administration seek Pakistan\'s \'cooperation\' in the \"war 
on terrorism,\" despite the fact that the ISI was financing and abetting
the  9-11 terrorists? (It\'s like \"asking Al Capone to help in going after 
organized crime.\")

Why did the military fail to intercept the hijacked planes on September 
11th, in violation of the most standard operating procedures?

Why did officials react in such a bizarre manner to news of the attack, 
with Bush, Rumsfeld, and Myers carrying on as if nothing unusual was 

Why were the men most responsible for the military failure on 9-11
rewarded  with promotions and increased budgets?

    9-11 has been used to justify illegal wars, an attack upon the
Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the militarization of the US, as
outlined  by the think tank, Project for a New American Century, which
stated \"the  process of transformation is likely to be a long one, absent
some  catastrophic and catalyzing event- like a New Pearl Harbor.\" Demands
for a  genuine investigation of 9-11 have been consistently blocked or
limited by  the White House.  The official Inquiry and Commission are
being conducted  by people who should be investigated for their own role
in 9-11, the  architects of Homeland InSecurity.  Congresswoman Eshoo has
been given many  books, videos, DVDs, information on this issue and is
being asked to  respond to the questions raised by the protesters. (A
public letter to her  is posted at- 

     Citizen organized International Inquiries into 9-11, researchers,
authors, have coalesced into a Global 9-11 Truth Movement which is merging
 with the Peace and Justice Movement to oppose the lies, the wars, the 
legislation, that have been forced upon this country, and on other parts
of  the world.  More protests and 9-11 Truth Events are being organized
for  California, New York, and throughout the world.  See for details. - - - - -  - 
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.