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Ryan Junell\'s Film Premiere & Dance Party (A Benefit an RNC Doc)

Wednesday, August 4th

7pm to Midnight


----> Event Description <-----------------------------------------------



HOWDY! I\'m working on a project that will help remove George
Bush from office! so I\'m having this BENEFIT to support this
project (read description below). this will be a fantastic and fun
event to hang out and catch up before I leave town for 2 months to
work on it. nyc/rnc or bust! I wouldn\'t normally say this... but I
demand your attendance! for once! prove yourself already! pretend
its my birthday if you must. hell, pretend its YOUR birthday! if there
is ONE EVENT you come out for me this year puh-leaze let it be
this one. (notice how I skipped having a 30th birthday party?)

here\'s what you\'ll get:

1) the WORLD PREMIERE of my latest video endeavor UNSEEN
FORCES featuring the sights and sounds of SAGAN! also
featuring the acting talents of Brian Perkins and Erin Bradley
(KILLING MY LOBSTER) Drew Daniel and MC Schmidt (MATMOS),
newlyweds J LESSER and BLEVIN BLECTUM, and MYSELF in a
scene with DAVE CERF (Shirley and Spinoza Radio), and a slew of
others. (*see trailer link below)

2) furthermore, the guaranteed DANCE PARTY will be tastefully
guided by the spirited and talented KIT CLAYTON! what a pal!

3) also an EXCLUSIVE screening of the 7 minute DOCUMENTARY
I produced and directed about JOHN KERRY on the campaign trail
in Iowa last summer. we drank beers with him! I\'m actually not
supposed to screen this publicly, but since this is an invite only
private party that you are invited to... (I also might show some other
behind the scenes type footage from the experience. I travelled
with him for three days, in case you didn\'t know).

4) did I mention the PEANUT BUTTER and JELLY SANDWICHES?!

how can you resist these FOUR CHEERS OF PURE


  A Benefit for the RNC Video Project
  Wednesday, August 4th, 2004
  ICAN Gallery, 1310 Mission Street (across from Guitar Center)
  San Francisco, California USA
  8pm - Midnight / $5+ bucks


* Exclusive screening of Ryan\'s 7 minute
    documentary about John Kerry
* Premiere of Sagan\'s \"Unseen Forces\" (40 min)
    dir. by Ryan Junell / 8 til 9pm
* Dance Party!!! w/ Kit Clayton on the decks! / 9 til Midnight!
* Pastries from Tartine Bakery
* Fancy Wine Drinking
* Music Videos by Ryan Junell
   - Gravy Train!!!! - Spoon - The Natural History - The Soft Pink Truth
* Limited Edition \"Radio Free Steve\" DVDs
   - autographed by mutant-killer \"radio free\" steve himself!
* Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches with Potato Chips!


* UNSEEN FORCES trailer:
* more about SAGAN: <>
* the RNC VIDEO project: <>


I\'m currently in preproduction on an independent, non-profit art
project and I need your help to fund it. in september, I will create an
immersive four-screen video installation that displays the
simultaneous experiences of four documentary videographers
with divergent viewpoints during the 2004 Republican National
Convention (RNC). the full project description is online at

I need to raise $1000 to take this installation to the swing states
before the election. At that point, the project may be titled \"A Virtual
Republican Convention\" and hopefully will entice folks from the
right to attend and expose their minds to ideas and personalities
from the left. it will also provide people an opportunity to
experience the intensity and joy of attending a political party
convention, whether you\'re a delegate, cop, foreigner, or
demonstrator. this project will specifically represent the joys of free

support your politics, art, and a friend... ALL AT ONCE!!!


- Ryan Junell

----> Venue Info <------------------------------------------------------

ICAN Gallery
3010 Mission Street (across from Guitar Center)
San Francisco

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