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11:00am – 1:00 pm

n        How many US and coalition soldiers have REALLY been killed?

n        How many US soldiers have REALLY been wounded?

n        How many Afghan and Iraqi women, children, and men have REALLY died?

n        What should you know about this war? How does it affect you? What
 can you do?

Speakers include:

n        Nadia McCaffrey - MFSO - will speak of what prompted her to
invite  the media to participate in the arrival home of her son’s coffin.
(Patrick  McCaffrey was shot to death June 22, 2004 in Balad, Iraq.)

n        Rachel Avila - MFSO - will speak of the convalescence of her son 
who was seriously wounded in Baghdad, Iraq, May 21, 2004. He is currently 
receiving treatment for his wounds.

n        Lily Adams – from the perspective of a mother and a nurse from
the  Vietnam War, Lily will speak of the wounded in the current war.

n        Samina Faheem – Executive Director, American Muslim Voices – will
 speak of how war is affecting American Muslims.

n        Michael Blecker - - Executive Director, Swords to Ploughshares - 
will speak of how the war economy and budgetary cutbacks affect services
to  local communities

Other speakers to be announced…

n        Music by Annie and the Vets

n        Reading of the names of dead soldiers and civilians

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