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Greetings, R-J Activists!

Today is a rich day for Racial Justice Events in SF--please turn out for one or more:

-10:30 am, Room 263, SF City Hall, Van Ness & Golden Gate. JOBS NOW FOR SF's UNEMPLOYED!!! URGE the SF TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY to meet demands from BVHP community organizers with regard to the building of the THIRD STREET LIGHT RAIL maintenance barn: that 50% of the jobs go to SF residents, 25.6 to minorities, and 6.9 to women of any district, and that there be on-the-job training in all trades. Contact the Mayor and Supervisors (see "To: line of this email), and, if possible, attend a meeting of the SF Transportation Authority this Tuesday, Sep 14, at 10:30 am, Room 263, SF City Hall (Van Ness & Golden Gate). 

-5: 00 pm, Room 427, SF City Hall. CLEAN-UP ELECTIONS IN SF!!! Stop Voter Coercion & Intimidation in Bayview Hunters Point!!! Make the SF Charter and ordinances compliant with the VOTERS RIGHTS ACT (given the Mayor the right to appoint someone to an elected position is NOT compliant with this act of Congress!!!) Stop City Agencies and Employees from illegally campaigning (e.g., the City Attorney's office recently completed its investigation and confirmed allegations that S.L.U.G. employees were coerced into voting and campaigning for Gavin Newsom in the last election).

-6:00--8:00pm, Milton Meyers Auditorium, 195 Kiska Road, Bayview Hunters Point. TOXIC SOUP!!! Learn causes of the catastrophic health problems--cancer, asthma, etc.--of residents of District 10. The Bayview Hunters Point Mothers Environmental Health & Justice Committee and Greenaction For Health & Environmental Justice will present a toxic inventory of Bayview Hunters Point attendant to the release of their much anticipated report!

-7:00pm, Women's Building, 18th & Valencia, SF. THE WAR AT HOME: BAYVIEW HUNTERS POINT, Community activist Maurice Campbell will speak on the following: the Navy Shipyard toxic dump and PG&E power plant that are poisoning the community; Racist gentrification being carried out by big real estate developers; Ongoing police terror against the Bayview-Hunters Point community; and How the community is building alliances and fighting back!!!

Please attend one or more of these critical meetings/events and bring your friends!!!


Mary Bull
Greenwood Earth Alliance
Save the Redwoods - Boycott the Gap Campaign
252 Frederick, San Francisco, CA 94117

What you can do/resources:

***Nail environmental destruction, worker exploitation, and the privatization of public services & resources on the home-front, BOYCOTT the GAP, Banana Republic, & Old Navy!***

***Dismantle the Racist Prison-Industrial Complex!***

***Take Direct Action to Stop the War and End US/Corporate Empire-Building!*** 

***End Corporate Rule!***

***Expose Corporate Greenwashing, starting with the Forest Stewardship Council, the NRDC, and the WWF!***

***Join the Reclaim the Commons Mobilization!***

For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.