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 Action Alert! Oil Spill in Russian Far East
Date: September 13, 2004

Dear Friend,

On September 8 a ship ran aground on the shores of Sakhalin Island, in the 
Russian far east. The ship was operating dredging equipment for an offshore oil 
project, and spilled thousands of gallons of oil into the water,  polluting 
the beaches of the coastal community of Kholmsk. Experts have warned that a 
similar or worse accident could occur in other pristine Sakhalin waters that are 
home to the world\'s last population of 100 Western Gray Whales.

Credit Suisse First Boston is serving as financial advisor to this Shell Oil 
project even though it violates the terms of the Equator Principles, which it 
signed many months ago.

\"Shell has refused to adopt necessary oil spill prevention measures that 
would keep spills like this from happening,\" said David Gordon, 

Executive Director of Pacific Environment, a California-based environmental 
organization that is monitoring Sakhalin offshore oil development. \"Now that 
the oil is in the water, it\'s too late to clean it up. 

The damage has been done. It is a tragedy for Sakhalin Island and especially 
for the people of Kholmsk.\"

Take action today to tell Credit Suisse First Boston to withdraw funding for 
this egregious project and to adopt comprehensive environmental standards 
immediately to prevent this kind of tragedy from happening again.

More Information about Sakhalin Island can be found at:

Take Action!
1. Raise your mouse: click the link below to send a fax to John Mack, CEO of 
Credit Suisse First Boston:

2. Raise your voice: Call Mr. Mack today at (212) 325-3630. Some suggested 
talking points are listed below.

3. Raise awareness: Forward this message to your friends. Ask them to call or 
send a letter online at:

-Demand that Credit Suisse First Boston withdraw financial support 
immediately from the Sakhalin II project, which clearly violates the terms of the 
Equator Principles, to which it is a signatory.

-Demand that Credit Suisse First Boston adopt comprehensive social and 
environmental standards for investment that meet or exceed industry best practices 
set by Citigroup and Bank of America earlier this year.

Thanks for your support!

For the Earth and for Justice,

Dan and Ilyse
The RAN Global Finance Team
Sept 13, 2004

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