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NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation Announces
Em & Lo's Sex Ed for Grown Ups National Tour
Keeping the government our of your bedroom

Check it out here:

From anatomy to pro-choice activism, safer sex to the Supreme
Court, gay rights to the radical right -- no subject is too
taboo in THIS Sex Ed class!

Join the nationally popular sex and relationship advice duo Em &
Lo for the hottest ticket in town -- Em & Lo's Sex Ed for Grown
Ups, a six-city tour presented by the NARAL Pro-Choice America

Over the next two weeks these self-proclaimed Emily Posts of the
bedroom are fighting back against government policies that
threaten our personal lives and choices. Armed with their
trademark cheeky humor, Em & Lo are on a mission to keep the
government OUT of your bedroom. The tour will feature videos,
skits, games, and audience participation (and prizes!).
Pro-choice activism has never been THIS fun.

Find out if they're coming to your town! Get tour details at . Even if you can't make it to a show,
check out Em & Lo's ongoing tour blog with photos, video footage
of their "person on the street" interviews, and Em & Lo's advice
and articles.

Check it out here!

Em & Lo's Sex Ed for Grown Ups Tour...
Keeping the Government out of your bedroom.

Em & Lo, more formally known as Emma Taylor and Lorelei Sharkey,
are the authors of "Sex Etiquette for Ladies and Gentlemen,"
"Position of the Day: Sex Every Day and Every Way," and "The Big
Bang: Nerve's Guide to the New Sexual Universe," which Time
magazine praised as "this generation's smarter, funnier and
raunchier version of The Joy of Sex." They penned a sex and
relationship advice column for for almost four years,
which was syndicated to the online dating sections of more than
100 websites, including and the Onion. They also had
an advice column in Men's Journal for a year, as well as a
weekly column debunking sex myths for the (U.K.) Guardian's
weekend magazine. They have contributed to Glamour, Cosmo, GQ,
New York magazine, the Boston Globe and, in the UK, the
Observer, the Financial Times and British GQ. For more
information, visit:

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Choice Action Network, you can visit your subscription
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