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Pandemic Nears as Cosmic Ray Mutated Virus Unleashes Its Power

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

The world this morning continues to reel from the 
continuing effects on our planet's ionospheres 
from the continued bombardment of energy surges 
in the Southern Hemispheric Regions.

Acting upon the urgent pleadings from the United 
States, President Putin has ordered the 
historically Great Russian Icebreaking ship 
Krasin <> to 
join with the Americans' Coast Guards in the 
rescue mission of the American Antarctica 
research station McMurdo 
The head of this Russian Antarctica expedition, 
Valery Lukin, has said, "Five icebergs have run 
aground near the station and ice cannot flow out 
from the bay. The ice is 3.5 meters thick in the 
bay, and the station supply is difficult."

While we in Russia have been following with much 
urgency this rescue mission for the 5,000 
inhabitants of McMurdo Station, the Western media 
are continuing to keep their people from knowing 
about these events.  More surprising to us has 
been that the Americans' own scientific 
organization NASA has stated, "The National 
Science Foundation (NSF) officials said that the 
B-15A iceberg and the frozen Sound will not 
interfere with supply ship access to McMurdo 
Station, the U. S. logistics hub for much of the 
nation's research activity in Antarctica." 

The continued breakings up of the great ice 
sheets of Antarctica are virtually unknown to the 
Western people.  But how much longer they can 
continue to be deceived, when even the Western 
media can't refuse the reporting of the massive 
icebergs flowing throughout the Southern 
Hemispheric waters, is a question many of us are 
asking of ourselves.

"Icebergs have been sighted in New Zealand waters 
for the first time in 57 years, prompting a 
warning to shipping in the region," says one of 
these media reports by the Canadian news 
organization, CBC. 

The direness of these present events are best 
said in a media article from Ireland that says, 
"Currently there is 'more fast (blocked) ice in 
McMurdo Sound than we've ever recorded in living 
history for this time of year,' he said, adding 
that the iceberg has been stopping normal winds 
and water currents from breaking up sea ice in 
McMurdo Sound."

The Northern Hemispheric Regions are not being 
spared either and new research reports are 
showing this.  One report concerns the Jakobshavn 
Isabrae glacier in Greenland, which according to 
new research has become the world's fastest 
glacier.  It is also Greenland's largest outlet 
glacier, draining more than six percent of the 
country's total ice sheet area and according to 
this new research, "Due to its recent speedup, 
the Jakobshavn Isbrae is now solely responsible 
for about four percent of the 20th century sea 
level rise." 

Unlike Russia where many hundreds of thousands 
have been moving away from the coastal regions, 
Western people continue to move into them and 
prize them more highly than the safer areas of 
their mountains.

Most importantly for our consideration today 
though, are the increasing fears that these 
cosmic ray surges are the responsible agent for 
the mutation of the "highly virulent avian flu 
strain" known as H5N1.

In a report from London media sources we learn 
that, "The alarm now sounds with increasing 
frequency and urgency: the world could be on the 
brink of an influenza 
pandemic." <>

Under the direction of the United States 
scientific organization The Centers for Disease 
Control, the most dangerous experiment in the 
history of mankind is about to be taking place 
involving this new virus.  "This is the worst 
virus I've ever met in my long career," says Dr. 
Robert Webster, a world-renowned expert on 
influenza based at St. Jude Childrens Research 
Hospital in the United States. 

World Health Organization officials increasingly 
aware of our facing a world-wide pandemic 
regarding this new virus have stated, "The 
geographic spread of the H5N1 virus in poultry, 
and evidence that it is becoming more versatile, 
could make its eradication impossible." 

The worst possible scenario that could ever be 
imagined for the world-wide spread of this virus 
has now become the world's reality with the Great 
Tsunami of 2004, where hundreds of thousands of 
dead are co-mingling with tens of thousands of 
international relief workers, and all in the home 
ground of this virus.  Before this event Dr. 
Shiferu Omi, Western Pacific regional director 
for the World Health Organization had said, "We 
are closer now to an influenza pandemic than at 
any time in recent years." 

Western people are also not knowledgeable about 
the scientific research that is showing more and 
more that the origins of viruses are 
extraterrestrial and the result of these viruses' 
interactions and then mutations with cosmic rays.

One research paper, Analysis of Cosmic and 
Geophysical Factors Influence on Influenza 
Viruses Reproduction, has stated, "We have 
studied the influenza virus reproduction on the 
model of tissue culture being under the influence 
of solar and geomagnetic activities. It was 
discovered at a statistically reliable level that 
the harvest of viral generations was 
quantitatively different under the equal doses of 
infectious agent [A Hong Kong 1/68(H3N2)] and the 
standard conditions of laboratory experiment as 

It has further been recognized that, "Influenza 
outbreaks are often caused by newly arriving 
viruses from space. Among several lines of 
evidence, they noticed that the worst flu 
epidemics coincide with peaks in the eleven-year 
cycle of sunspot activity." 

These cosmic rays are extremely penetrating 
micro-matter which travels through space at 
speeds approaching that of light. These rays have 
far more energy, impact, and destructiveness than 
the alpha, beta, and gamma rays emitted by 
radioactive atoms, and are that much more fatal. 
Cosmic rays - particles are strongly affected by 
magnetic fields.

There is no known technically available, 
economical, and lightweight portable or human 
designed barrier to cosmic rays. They can 
penetrate many feet of soil, rock, and metal. 
After penetrating through and interacting with a 
10,000 mile protective magnetosphere of the Earth 
and 600 miles of atmospheric molecules, they are 
still powerful enough to penetrate up to 10 or 20 
feet of rock.  Cosmic rays also ionize water 
molecules inside the cells, leaving hydroxyl 
radicals to wander into the nucleus where they 
alter the DNA, also as Russian research has shown.

Adding to the frightening urgency of these 
current events are the growing numbers of 
scientific research papers coming forth stating 
that the previous periods in our planet's history 
where mass deaths have occurred, and had been 
attributed to meteor impacts upon the earth, are 
more likely to have had their origins on this 
planet alone. 

"Our geochemical analyses of these two famous 
end-Permian sections in Austria and Italy reveal 
no tangible evidence of extraterrestrial impact, 
"This suggests the mass extinction must have been 
home-grown.", says Christian Koeberl from the 
University of Vienna who headed an international 
team of scientists investigating these events. 

For their public releases the Western scientists 
speculate that these mass extinctions were caused 
by volcanic activity, but in their private 
international conversations the cosmic ray 
mutations of viruses are their top concerns, and 
their worst fear, especially with the most 
dangerous virus ever known to human beings, H5N1, 
about to unleash its devastation upon all the 
world's human beings.

Coinciding with these events is the apparent 
secret protections being given to some Western 
people by something called "chemical trail 
spreading".  I am not knowing of these things 
however and am requesting more information from 
them for our consideration.

Our outreaching to the people of the West about 
all of these important matters is continuing but 
I am not able to understand their reactions and 
thoughts regarding them.  Their acceptance of the 
propaganda being told to them by their 
educational, governmental and religious 
institutions is not being countered in their home 
lives like ours has been, in our troubled times 
past under the communists.

More understanding of their social collective is 
needed by us in order for our efforts on their 
behalf to succeed.  Not just faceless and 
soulless are they but they are not of the knowing 
of their souls.
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