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Remove All Torturers from Power

Scott Galindez; Michael Scherer, GOP worried about 2006 election; Abbas-Sharon talks in doubt; America's self image shattered; and more ... Browse our continually updating front page at

Camp Casey Goes to Washington
TO's coverage of Cindy Sheehan's efforts to rally the nation against war continues with powerful new videos, first-hand reports and comments. Stay with our coverage.

Mayday Mississippi Delta
TO continues to provide information support for everyone impacted by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. We will find the best sources available for up-to-date and expansive coverage.

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t r u t h o u t | 10.10

Scott Galindez | Remove All Torturers from Power
Scott Galindez writes that the Bush administration and those who support the Iraq war frequently justify it by saying that Saddam Hussein tortured his people. They say that Iraq is better off without him. He agrees that Saddam needed to go, but with the reports from Abu Graib and other US-run prisons, it is clear that the Iraqi people are still being tortured.

Michael Scherer | Russ Feingold: Why the US Must Leave Iraq
Michael Scherer writes that Sen. Russ Feingold says it's time to admit the war was a disaster - and accuses his fellow Democrats of going along with Bush out of fear.

A Central Pillar of Iraq Policy Crumbling
Bush's administration has insisted that political progress would quell the insurgency. But the reverse may be true, US analysts say.

For GOP, Election Anxiety Mounts
Republican politicians in multiple states have recently decided not to run for Senate next year, stirring anxiety among Washington operatives about the effectiveness of the party's recruiting efforts and whether this signals a broader decline in GOP congressional prospects.

Paul Vandeventer | My Brother, the Warrior, Died for ... ?
Paul Vandeventer writes in memory of his brother, 30 days into his tour in Vietnam, hunkered down on a hot May evening. Reconnaissance reported enemy troops dug in just steps beyond the ridge line, patiently waiting for dark to overrun and kill everyone in his company.

The Slow Drowning of New Orleans
Two months before Hurricane Katrina, Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) gave a chilling preview of its rampage. "This isn't a simulation of World War III, or 'The Day After Tomorrow,' or Atlantis - but one day, it may be Atlantis," Vitter warned at a hearing. Then he displayed a computer modelof a Category 4 hurricane smashing New Orleans and flooding the city under 18 feet of water.

Abbas-Sharon Summit Thrown into Doubt
A much-anticipated summit between the Israeli and Palestinian leaders was suddenly thrown into doubt Sunday after Israel's defense minister rejected key Palestinian demands during a preparatory meeting meant to ensure the upcoming session's success.

Dermot Purgavie | Is This the Death of America?
Dermot Purgavie writes that America's sense of itself - its pride in its power - has been profoundly damaged.

Mayan Towns to Be Declared Mass Graves
Dozens of foreign tourists fled devastated lakeside Mayan towns on foot and by helicopter Sunday as Guatemalan officials said they would abandon communities buried by landslides and declare them mass graveyards.


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