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This list has:
1) Must See
2) Stuff about me (brief)
3) SF (Bay Area) Event listing
4) Good Folks playing other places
5) Art thing & artist I liked -this week
6) Place to send your art (calls for submission)


- All I have to say (just about) -
- I HAVE TWO MUST SEE- for you all.
"BatMan!" at the Dark Room
"24 Hours on Craig's List" at the Red Vic
Both were AMAZING!
- Writers with Drinks was great as all ways
SF EVENTS: now-Oct 27th- more at


September 28-November 29 (Tues)-The New Memoirists Workshop -10 Sessions-
7-9:30 PM- $475
To register or for more information, call 415-567-6689 or email to

Sept 30 - Oct 21(Fri)- Four Years & Still Not Famous! - Dark Room - 2263
Mission St., SF-10pm- $10

October 7 -December Artshow of "Vanilla Sex"- Center For Sex & Culture- 398
11th St.,SF - Free

October 7-30- (Fri & Sat - 7:30PM & (Sun-3PM)- Batman!!! The TV Show: The
Play- Dark Room -2263 Mission, SF - $15

October 9-October 29-APOCOTRYPTIC - EXIT Theatre, 156 Eddy St., SF- 8PM
eople from the Throwaway Caste must kill themselves for the sake of the
Chosen Caste's future.

October 9-October 29-MANUMISSION - EXIT Theatre, 156 Eddy St., SF- 8PM
when he visits a judge to have himself legally divorced from the rest of
humanity, his friends and family can't decide if he's inspired or just nuts

October12 (every Wednes) -Club Pirate Cat-Catalyst Cocktails -312 Harriet
St., SF-9 PM - Free Cheap
Drinks, and more Electroclash, New Wave, Death Rock tunes than you can shake
your ass too

Octr 12(every Wednes)-Poetry Slam-Starry Plough- 3101 Shattuck., Berkeley-
8:30-11pm. Sign-ups: 7:30.
Hosts: Charles Ellik & Betsy Roll. Live Music: 3 Blind Mice

October 12, 19, & 26-Laugh Dammit! -SF Comedy Club- 50 Mason- 50 Masont,
SF-8PM- $7
A collection of funny people like - Tony Sparks, Ian Jensen, Mike Spiegelman

October 12- The Odeon Presents: ASK DR. HAL-Cafe Du Nord, SF-7:30pm-$7
with Kitten on the Keys

October 13-Flapper Fun - Rite Spot Cafe- 2099 Folsom, SF-9-11PM -FREE

October 13- Out Damned Spot- The Cherry Bar, SF

October 13-November 19-THERE BE MONSTERS! - EXIT Theatre, 156 Eddy St., SF-
its absurdist multiple-character monologues, slides, puppets and mechanical
creatures (including a monkey astronaut, a sleeping pig, a dead Elvis
waiting on the Highway of Eternity, and Jesus, paired with a hallucinatory,
evil monkey named Jungle Belle) delves into the logic of dreams and the
nature of childhood perceptions regarding the discovery of things unknown.

October 13 -Trippin' Thursday - Peri's Silver Dollar -29 Broadway Blvd
Fairfax-9:30pm - Midnight -Free
music, psychedelic lights, and comedy!!! Featuring The Groovy Judy Band and
a local comedian

October 13 -Mad Cat Film Festival- Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley

October 13-Tourettes-OAKLAND METRO- 201 Broadway, Oakland- Sign up: 8PM- $7
A poetry slam

October 13- B-Cups- Tongue & Groove - VanNess & Union, SF- 9PM

October 14- Medications-Bottom Of The Hill -1233 17th St, SF-10pm -$10
w/ From Monument to Masses. 21+

October 14 - Queer Open Mic - Three Dollar Cafe- 1800 Market Street, Sf-
7:30Pm sign in

October 14. 15,20, 21, 22, 28. & 29-RISK IS THIS - EXIT Theatre, 156 Eddy
St., SF- 8PM
The Cutting Ball Experimental Plays Festival. Staged Readings of Three New
Plays -

October 14 &15(fri and Sat) - Vampire Tours -
Educational, spooky, fun

October 14- "Transposition of the Great Vessels"-Balboa theater- 3630
Balboa,SF- midnight-free
It is nostalgic for the Amercian dream, and an American landscape that no
longer truly exists. I set this story against the California I know, a
landscape of fast food, contaminated soil, and the Winchester Mystery House.

Oct 15, 22, & 29-Lynnee Breedlove^(1)s One Freak Show-The Darkroom- 2366
Mission, SF-10pm -$10
Less Rock, More Hilarity has been extended!

October 15 - "The Wild Creatures: Collected Stories of Sam

October 15 - Big Sur-realism: Film & Music - Henry Miller Library- Highway
One, Big Sur, - - Film curators Liz Keim, Nicole
Minor and Melinda Stone join forces with Mobius Operandi

October 15 (Sat)-Dirty Little Secret-Empire Plush Room's, SF-11PM-$25
Part Camp, Part Burlesque, All Vaudeville baby!

October 15 - LitQuake - Good Vibrations- Valencia & 17th St.,

October 15-LITCRAWL-Borderlands Books, 866 Valencia St., SF-6:30-7:45 p.m.
w/ Morbid Curiosity's editor Loren Rhoads

October 15- Litquake: Lit Crawl The Wild Creatures-Latin American Club- 3286
22nd Street, SF-8PM
Collected Stories of Sam D'Allesandro Reading Editor Kevin Killian with
Stephen Beachy and Alvin Orloff

October 15 -FAIRY BUTCH - RETROSEXUAL-12 Galaxies-, 2565 Mission St., SF

October 15 - Iron Megan's Metal Madness - Brain Wash Cafe - 1122 Folsom St.,
w/ The Floating Corpses

October 15 - George Bush Going Away Party- The Herbst Theater- 401 Van Ness,
Political comedy

October 15- OKTOBERFEST!!!!!- Bottom of the Hill, SF- 9PM

October 16- Neurotic - The Cat Club- Folsom @ 8th, SF- 10PM-$6
Fudgie Frottage, Trauma Flinstone, Burly Q

October 16-Drag Stripe-The Cat Club- 1190 Folsom, SF 10pm- $6
Twisted, sexy Queens, Kings, Strippers and Burly Q's put out for a night of
drag mayhem. MC's: Fudgie Frottage and Hostess Loveless Starring: Trauma
Flintstone, Kiddie, Citizen Kings, Syphillis Diller, Rose Pistola, Feything,
Lily LeRouge, Peter Panzy and more!

October 16- Groovy Judy Solo - Garden Center- 605 Parkside Way, San Mateo-
10:30am- All Ages- free

Oct 16-An all-day Legal Defense Seminar for Adult Entertainers-Center For
Sex & Culture, SF- $100
featuring Harvard educated criminal defense attorney Katya Komisaruk,

October 16-Sex-Positive Parenting Salon & Discussion-Center for Sex &
Culture- 398 11th St.,SF- 7 pm

October 16(Sun)-"Bad Movie Night" - At The Dark Room Theatre- Mission St.
betw 18th & 19th, S.F. -8PM Remember TV's Mystery Science Theatre? The show
where they ran those awful cheesy science fiction movies and had a bunch of
jokers seen in silhouette commenting on them all through the picture?
October 18-Comedy- 142 Throckmorton Theatre -142 Throckmorton Avenue,Mill
Valley- 8pm-$15

Mark Pitta & Friends including Betsy Salkind

October 18 -Bay Area Stand-Up Comedy!- Canvas Gallery-1200 9th Avenue,
SF-7:30 PM

October 18-Next Slam-El Rio- 3158 Mission St., SF-7:30pm sign-up- $5

October 18-( tuesday night)-Poetry & Jazz Jam- Club Deluxe -1511 Haight
Street, SF-8:30 ? 11:30pm

October 18-( tuesday night)- Soul Fo' Real- Club 6 -60 Sixth Street, SF-
Music and open mic

October 19-SmackDab-Magnet- 4122 18th St., SF-7:30 PM
This month's edition of the Castro's open mic night features London,
England-based performance poet Ernesto Sarezale and Alan Reade, creator of
the solo show Bad Gays.

October 20-23-Dattner-Rooster T. Feather's, Sunnyvale- 8 & 10pm

October 20-Next Slam-Oakland Metro- 201 Broadway, Oakland.- Sign-up: 7:30-$6
Hosted by: Nazelah Jamison, Dahled & DJ Agana.

October 21-The Hunger-RawHide-280 7th St, SF- 9PM-$15
Lord of the Fngs, tarot card reading

October 21-Gun & Doll Show-Oakland Metro- 201 Broadway, Oakland -10PM-$10
with Kitten on the Keys & the Devil-ettes

October 21 & 27 -Popcorn Anti-Theater "Mary Shelley's Frankenstein!-8PM

October 21 - 23 & 30- "Once More with Feeling- The Musical' - Counter Point
- 1310 Mission, SF- 7:30PM 7 9:30PM - $15
Live action interputstion of the 'Buffy the Vampire' Episiode

October 21- Comedy Showcase! -Gaslighter Theater-400 East Campbell Avenue,
w/ Danny Dechi

October 21 & 22- Cool show -YERBA BUENA- 701 Mission Street, SF-8PM
Glamamore, Fauxnique and Kiddie, Jade-blue Eclipse , Lynn Breedlove The
John-Carlos Perea Quartet and Revision Production Company Tommy Shepherd,
Dan Wolf of Felonious plus special guests Toychestra

October 21-Queerstuff Enterprises -Spellbinding Tales Books -1910A Encinal
Ave Alamed- 7:30pm - 10pm- ALL Ages- $5
Showcase Featuring: Amy Meyers, Groovy Judy Band, True Margrit, Judea Eden

October 22-Dolores Huerta-Pace e Bene- 2501Harrison, Oakland-7:30PM- $15
in conversation with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! With singer/songwriter
Francisco Herrera

October 22- Move On Art!-"Light Ball" -1063 Market St., SF- 8pm-midnight
Showcasing 15 local SF artists. Entry Free. Live Music.with Jack, Larry-Bob,
and Deb Fox

October 23 -The Groovy Judy Band- Golden Gate Park Golf Course- 47th Ave,
SF-5pm - 7pm -free

October 23-Jill Tracy & The Malcontent Orchestra- DNA Lounge- 375 11th
Street,Sf- 8pm

October 25- Out Damned Spot- Hotel Utah, SF

October 25- VIVA VARIETY -ODC Theatre-3153 17th St;SF-8PM- $15-20
Betsy Salkind and many more

October 27-Hurricane Benefit for CYO & Red Cross- DNA Lounge-375 Eleventh
Street SF,
Gun & Doll Show with Orixia and Pillow Pusher

October 27-Katrina Benefit: Burlesque show -Thee Parkside, SF- 9PM

October 27- November 6- BatBoy-Victoria Theaer-16th St. & Mission, SF -8PM
It is a musical spooky on a National Enquirer Story

San Jose - Pacific Art Collective  -

NY> Candy from Strangers
Oct. 18  Pussycat Lounge -96 Greenwich St. New York, NY
19  The Trash Bar- 256 Grand St. between Driggs & Roebling, Brooklyn, NY
Oct. 20  Arlene's Grocery (M.E.A.N.Y. Fest 2005)-95 Stanton St, New York,
HOT TIPS: (Sweet Folks- I have run across this week) -Thanks yous to:

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XOXO - have a beautiful and creative day
   Melinda, lilycat, Ms Kittywhore, Boom Boom
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