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The Coming
Starvation In America
By James P. Wickstrom

The government of the United States, by Law was to always maintain a three
year mixed- grain survival storage for every man, woman, and child in the United
Like most Laws of the land, the politicians never took heed as to why our
wise ancestors had this reserve requirement established. It was to make sure,
that, in the time of a National Emergency, the people had the most important
mainstay needed for survival individually and as a Nation.
Remember, the people make the Nation, the Nation does not make the people.
In the 1960's and 1970's the different political administrations of
Washington, D.C. walked away from sanity and started to give the surplus grains which
where in elevator storage all over the country, to other nations, such as the
Soviet Union, India, etc.. This continued over two decades, until the elevators
were empty and the reserve of grains that were in reserve as per a national
crisis....were gone. Of course this was done as to inhance international
"friendship" with other nations, even if those other nations were self-admitted
enemies of the United States.
Remember, there was enough grain in storage, paid for by the American
tax-payer, to last the masses inside the United States for three full years, if need
be. But now it all is but gone!
By 1996, the United States Department of Agriculture (U.S.D.A.) claimed that
there was enough food in ware-house storage to last every man, woman and child
in the cities a 3 day supply and a 5 day supply for every man, woman, and
child in the countryside, should a great national emergency occur. In other
words, if food trucks stopped running, the food supplies for the masses would be 3
days in the cities and 5 days in the countryside.
In 2003, the U.S.D.A. stopped measuring for "days in reserve" of food for
every man, woman, and child in the United States because the amount of food in
storage in the United States dropped under a 1 day food supply for every man,
woman, and child in the United States. Thus, the U.S.D.A. started to measure in
individual pounds as to how much food was in the food-chain per person in the
United States as per 300 million people.
In 2003, there was 77 pounds of food per person in the warehouse food-chain
in the United States. What this means, is that during a national emergency,
only 77 pounds of food per person is available before all food is TOTALLY GONE in
the United States.
By September of 2005, there is now only 15.7 pounds of reserved foodstuffs in
the food-chain for every man, woman, and child in the United States. This
means that there has been an 80% decrease in the past two years. That decrease is
becoming greater with every passing day in the United States. Of the 15.7
pounds of warehoused reserved food-stuffs, 11.0 pounds of the 15.7 pounds
consists of unprocessed wheat. The rest of the 15.7 pounds of survival foods in
storage for every man, woman, and child, totaling 4.7 pounds, consists of the
following foods:
1. Non-fat dry milk 2. Cheese 3. Corn by the bushel 4. Peanuts by the pound
5. Lentils by the pound
That's it folks ! . . . This is what the District of Columbia has set aside
representing the 15.7 pounds in the survival food-chain for every man, woman,
and child to stay alive on. This is not a daily supply, this amount represents
the total food everyone will get for long, who knows!
The U.S.D.A. Crop Production Report per September 12, 2005, contained said
information, and this information was brought forth by Alan Guebert of the Farm
& Food Report.
Collective communist farming failed in the Soviet Union and communist China,
and the present form of Collective Farming (paying the farmers not to grow
food) has totally failed in the United States.
Mr. Guebert also stated, that one more disaster as the likes of the
hurricanes Katrina or Rita against the United States, or anything to compare to such in
whatever way, would create such a food panic, it would make the New Orleans
rioting look like the Mardi Gras.
The United States Government for the past 75 years has been driving the
United States deeper and deeper into the realm of communism. The United States is
financially broke, the farms are broken down, the Nation has been
de-industrialized, and the outsourcing of jobs continues to this day. Both corrupt federal
administrations, the Democrat and Republican eat off the same plate. They have
labeled that plate; "Screw the taxpayer, each and every one of them."
Our European ancestors were very wise, honest and full of common sense. They
had food cellars where they had food canned, that could last themwell over a
year, insuring them that they would be able to plant a crop the following
summer, and still be able to survive waiting for crops to mature and harvest. They
did not rely on the corrupt politicans who are liars and thieves.
But as I said, time passed by and the people put a false trust in their
elected and appointed public servants thinking that these same people were looking
out for their personal interests. How sadly wrong the people were then, and
still are.
In conclusion, I highly suggest that you pull your head out of the sand,
check your food supplies, and if you do not have 6 months to a years food in
reserve, then you had best sell something or do whatever you have to do, to
immediately prepare yourself and your loved ones for safety. If you can store two
years at this time: DO IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
Remember, the 15.7 pounds of food in reserve is becoming less by the day, and
at the present rate of speed, the United States is heading to what is
called.... meal to meal. One more major disaster will drive the United States to its
The federal government, for itself, has millions of tons of preserved foods
stashed away in underground storages, but this food is not for the masses,
unless they surrender their firearms, and then they will get a food coupon from
the *feds* to buy out of the federal government food warehouse wherever it is
set up in your area.
............. has always subjected and controlled the masses using FOOD.
Remember, FOOD CONTROL IS PEOPLE CONTROL, and this same plan is being laid out
laid out against the masses in the United States by COMMUNISTS in both the
Republican and Democratic parties of the United States. New Orleans was your cue:
Now prepare! You have been warned.
Your blood is off my hands!
James P. Wickstrom
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