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Bilderberg's Plans for the World

Breaking the Silence ... Bilderberg exposed!

Award-winning investigative journalist Daniel Estulin writes: When 
presidents, prime ministers, bankers and generals rub shoulders with 
European royalty at the annual secret Bilderberg meeting, they discuss 
the business of running markets and wars without being accountable to 
the public.

Bilderberg's Plans for the World

The Bilderberg group's secret annual meeting determines many of the 
headlines and news developments that you will read about in the coming 
months. But the Establishment media completely black out any news of it 
and remain strangely reluctant to lift the curtain hiding this major 
event. A number of high-ranking members of the press who attend the 
annual meeting are sworn to secrecy, and news editors are held 
responsible if any of their journalists "inadvertently" report on what 
takes place. Yet few have ever heard of this exclusive and secretive 
group of the world's most powerful financiers, industrialists and 
political figures.

Although the Bilderberg group has lost some of its past luster, on May 
5-8,  2005 it met at Rottach-Egern (in Munich, Germany) under its usual 
secrecy that makes a freemasonry lodge look like a playgroup. Staff at 
the hotel were photographed and put through special clearance. From 
porters to senior managers, the employees were warned (under the threat 
of never working in their country again) about the consequences of 
revealing any details of the guests to the press.

The discussions that the Bilderbergers engaged in this year and the 
consensus they reached -- deciding how the world should deal with 
European-American relations, the Middle East powder keg, the Iraq war, 
the global economy and how to stave off war in Iran -- will influence 
the course of Western civilization and the future of the entire planet. 
Ironically, they met behind closed doors, protected by a phalanx of 
armed guards.

After three straight years of open hostility and tension amongst the 
European, British and American Bilderbergers, caused by the war in 
Iraq, the aura of complete congeniality amongst them has returned. 
Bilderbergers have reaffirmed and remain united in their long-term goal 
to strengthen the role the United Nations plays in regulating global 
conflicts and relations.

However, it is important to understand that the Americans are no more 
the "Hawks" than the European Bilderbergers are the "Doves." Europeans 
joined in supporting the 1991 invasion of Iraq by US President George 
Bush Senior, celebrating (in the words of notable Bilderberg hunter Jim 
Tucker) the end of "America's Vietnam syndrome." Europeans also 
supported former US President Bill Clinton's invasion of Yugoslavia, 
bringing NATO into the operation.

UN Global Oil Tax and Peacebuilding Proposals

A much discussed subject in 2005 at Rottach-Egern was the concept of 
imposing a UN tax on people worldwide through a direct tax on oil at 
the well-head. This, in fact, sets a precedent. If enacted, it would be 
the first time that a non-governmental agency (read the United Nations) 
directly benefited from a tax on citizens of free and enslaved nations. 
The Bilderberg proposal calls for a tiny UN levy at the outset, which 
the consumer would hardly notice.

Jim Tucker, formerly of the court-killed Spotlight magazine, wrote in 
the American Free Press (June 14-21, 2004) that: "...establishing the 
principle that the UN can directly tax citizens of the world is 
important to Bilderberg. It is another giant step toward world 
government. Bilderbergers know that publicly promoting a UN tax on all 
people on Earth would meet with outrage. But they are patient; it 
[Bilderberg] first proposed a direct world tax years ago and celebrates 
the fact that it is now in the public dialogue with little public 
attention or concern

It's a long article.  But very interesting.  The rest is at

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