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HAARP Awareness
"As technology advances, the ability to control populations and manipulate outcomes also advances. Because we know how to control the weather, create earthquakes, force behavioral changes and manipulate the physiology of people does not mean that we should do it. The age we are in requires even greater safeguards of personal freedoms, not further constraints upon it. If freedom is what is being defended than freedom is what must be inherent in the actions our governments take in creating aspects of our reality." -Dr. Nick Begich in 1998


-H.A.A.R.P. is the government acronym for the “High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program”, which is run jointly by the United States Air Force and Navy. But, I assure you, it's not just research they conduct. Please, read on. 

-“HAARP” (like the stringed instrument), in common use, refers to the broader scope of the mysterious project’s technologies, or just the anntennae, which are elusively named “Ionospheric Research Instruments” (IRI) 

-HAARP uses a localized net of phased-array antennas (IRI) to beam, blast and pulse Earth's ionosphere with billions of watts of radio waves to achieve various effects. The ionosphere is a layer of electrically charged particles surrounding our upper atmosphere, which is, of course, an integral part of Earth's entire biological system, and consequently, our individual biological systems. 

-Auxiliary antennae and satellites are used in conjunction with the IRI, to augment, complete, or study their effects. Other projects under different program names seem to be involved. 


-While the officially stated purposes of HAARP are limited to auroral research and communications improvements, the patented and proposed uses are many and to some may be shocking. 

The main categories of use are: 

a) Weather-making and modification 
b) Electromagnetic Weapons Systems 
c) “Missile shield” technology 
d) Satellite communications enhancement/disruption 
e) Deep Earth penetrating tomography 
f) Human neurological manipulation/control (very controversial) 

If this all sounds far fetched to you, consider that the foundations of these ideas were conceived by, arguably the greatest technological genius of the twentieth century, Nikola Tesla, all before 1943. Tesla also invented Alternating-Current electricity, radio, radar, flourescent, FREE ENERGY and numerous other mind-blowing technologies which we are only getting glimpses of today. Tesla did not receive credit for much of his known work and was buried in our historic memory. It seems free energy, independent of any material fuel source, which could power everything on our planet, is not in some people's interest. 

Check out some of the links below. They are a good place to start understanding what is actually possible in this day and age. I highly recommend as an introduction. 

I also highly recommend “Holes in Heaven; HAARP and Advances in Tesla Technology”, which is a thorough and well-made documentary about the monster, narrated by Martin Sheen. The documentary includes interviews with Bernard Eastlund, whose idea HAARP was, several other experts in related fields, as well as representatives of the project. If this doc. doesn’t convince you HAARP needs serious public scrutiny, I certainly can't. The DVD is available online. 

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