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Cancer, Chemicals and History

THE NATION - Jon Wiener

article (February 7, 2005 issue)

Twenty of the biggest chemical companies in the United States have launched 
a campaign to discredit two historians who have studied the industry\'s 
efforts to conceal links between their products and cancer.

In an unprecedented move, attorneys for Dow, Monsanto, Goodrich, Goodyear, 
Union Carbide and others have subpoenaed and deposed five academics who 
recommended that the University of California Press publish the book Deceit 
and Denial: The Deadly Politics of Industrial Pollution, by Gerald 
Markowitz and David Rosner. The companies have also recruited their own 
historian to argue that Markowitz and Rosner have engaged in unethical 
conduct. Markowitz is a professor of history at the CUNY Grad Center; 
Rosner is a professor of history and public health at Columbia University 
and director of the Center for the History and Ethics of Public Health at 
Columbia\'s School of Public Health....................................
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