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Fight Flu-Have Sex

I vote for this sure cure.....
 Kitsykitty  writes:
I'm an RN, a graduate of Bellevue Hospital in NY.  My grandfather's 
brother died in the 1918 psndemic so I'm wary of a similar situation 
BUT I think forced vaccination or government forced medication of any 
kind is a lot more dangerous.  Besides, Are you really comfortable 
having George Bush manage your medical decisions?  We saw how safe he 
kept the people of New Orleans.  

His poll popularity is plummeting.  Generating fear has been Rove's 
method of choice to portray Bush as the strong "father-figure" to 
keep us safe and boost his poll numbers.  I think Katrina has put an 
end to that fantasy.

There would be less of these epidemics if they would close Ft. 
Detrick in Maryland, "home of US bioweapons".  We really are the 
biggest terror threat in the world.  It is common knowledge back 
there that HIV had it's birth in the Ft. Detrick labs.

My advice is to avoid any vaccinations.  They are linked to many 
conditions more serious than the flu.  Avoid live poultry, crowded 
areas during flu season, wash your hands frequently and have lots of 
sex.  A good orgasm boosts your immune system by releasing endorphins 
that raise your "T" cell levels, which build your resistance.

They don't even have the virus that would cause human to human 
transmission yet.  By the time it MIGHT mutate to that and develop a 
vaccine, there would be no time to test its safety before the forced 
vaccination program, which means you would be taking an experimental 
drug with no recourse to claim damages if it had an adverse effect on 
your health since the drug companies have been given immunity from 
liability.  You also won't know what's in the vaccine since it's 
contents are to be kept secret forever.  Therefore you'll have no 
idea which toxin, mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde or some other 
common toxic additive will contaminate the vaccine you'll receive.

Think about how that fits in to democracy.  You're going to be forced 
to submit to being injected with an untested drug whose side effects 
and contents will be kept secret from you and if it causes any 
untoward health problem, there's nothing you can do about it.  Are 
you really going to line up for that?  Thanks, but I'll pass.  

It sounds like another excuse for a Bush giveaway to Big Pharma to go 
along with the $70 billion tax cut to the super wealthy, the haves 
and the have mores.  The rest of us won't even get kissed first.  And 
THAT one won't even raise your "T" cells!
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