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Our money is no longer any of our business..

Has anyone here noticed that the Fed is no longer going to publish M3
data??  What this means is that fed watchers and market analysts will
no longer be able to track just how much money is being created
electronically by the fed to manipulate the equity markets via
the "plunge protection team."

This is ominous as heck to put it lightly.  Now the money supply is
to be secret and its now none of our business how much and how fast
the fed inflates our money and its also going to be impossible to
track where and how much the market is being manipulated.  Its all
secret now...

This just underscores how vital it is that we immediately remonetize
on a local level.  The fed is preparing for something drastic; wether
it be war, pandemic, market collapse or something as mundane as
Greenspan going out on a stock market record high or the faithful
Bushite contributors stocks getting pumped we are left to speculate,
and in the absense of real data, now we the people are going to be
left completely in the dark; and ITS OUR MONEY!!
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