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Sign the Construction Toxins Bill Petition

I need your help.

I am working on the "Construction Toxins Bill" to be introduced into the
California State Assembly.

I am looking for 1500 people to sign the petition.



In 1993, AB13, a bill that led the State of California to ban all cigarette
smoking in public areas, was introduced.

Six years later, smoking was banned in EVERY bar and restaurant in
California, on the grounds the health of the workers (NOT THE PEOPLE) was
being negatively affected.  While customers have free will and can choose to
not enter a smoky restaurant, workers do not have that choice.

What if a similar type of bill was introduced to ban toxic materials on
construction sites?

We are seeking a ban on all toxic materials in building construction in the
State of California.  Like the smoking ban, we can protect everyone by first
protecting the health of workers who are exposed to dangerous toxins in
their everyday workplace.

As you may be aware, poor indoor air quality is the source of many
respiratory ailments, allergy incidences and deadly carcinogens. Poor indoor
air quality, referred to as ≥sick building syndrome≤ in extreme cases, is
largely the result of off-gasing from volatile organic compounds used in the
construction materials and interior finishes of the buildings we live in.
Not only do these toxins affect children and people while in homes, schools
or offices, but they also lead to serious health hazards for the
construction workers who are exposed to the materials throughout their
working day. 

Asthma, once the 7th leading chronic illness in children, is now the leading

We have begun the initial research on this with our friends at
the Center for Environmental Health (
but we need help!


Please forward to friends.
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.