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Seven Minutes Until Midnight And Counting!
By Ernest Stewart 

Should Americans pick crops? George says "No, 
'Cause no one but a Mexican would stoop so low." 
And after all, even in Egypt, the pharaohs 
Had to import Hebrew braceros. 
George Murphy --- Tom Lehrer 

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has told the world how 
close we are to annihilation since 1947, when its "Doomsday 
Clock" first appeared in their magazine. Under Clinton the 
clocked was moved back to 14 minutes but thanks to Bush we 
are now at seven minutes till doom and counting. Of course 
under old dementia head Ray-Guns it was sitting just 3 minutes 
away from midnight. 

Fortunately for the fascists and unfortunately for us the Sheeple 
pay no attention to what's going on around them and will be 
surprised as they can be when the mushroom clouds start 
sprouting from sea to oily sea. I mean after all we've heard 
Smirky and Unca Dick, Rummy, Kindasleezy and rest assure us 
everything is hunky dory and there is certainly nothing to see 
here and move along and roll over and go back to sleep and 
don't pay any attention to the man behind the curtain! 

After all Iraq democracy is going gang busters and if women 
aren't included in it thanks to Shia law well not to worry because 
even in these here United Snakes democracy excluded women 
and blacks and Indians and Chinese and Irishmen once upon a 
time too and look how well it's worked out for all of us! So if half 
the Iraqis are now second class and anyone not the right flavor 
of Muslim is now subject to torture, death and the will of that 
great democracy just next door i.e. Iran, so there's nothing to 
worry about, right? After all Smirky has said if the selections go 
okay in December then we can send a few troops home next 
year for the November elections but like in Europe and Japan 
we'll have permanent bases there to guard our oil for centuries 
to come or until at least the oil fields run dry. Again the war is 
over, everybody loves us, so roll back over and go back to sleep 
and remember Jesus loves you! 

Speaking of which, der Fuhrer wants to make all the illegal 
aliens legal, to keep Americans in the cheese stamp lines, 
which are being thinned out to fill up the new Happy Camps.(tm) 
Their jobs are being taken by people named Jesus who are 
willing to work that job that used to pay $25.00 an hour for 
something like $25.00 a week because as Smirkus keeps 
assuring us Americans won't work for that kind of money, ergo 
we need the braceros. We need the braceros to keep the wages 
down for everybody so we can get rid of that pesky middle class 
which has lost over a million people a year since Bush seized 
power in the 12-12-2000 coup d'etat! Of course this also makes 
our borders as porous as a screen door but hey, after all 
Wolfowitz and company don't have any more 911's planned right 
now so it's perfectly safe to open our borders America! After all 
since the Bush sedition everyone around the world loves 
America and Americans more than they ever have before! And if 
they don't love us and Jesus too, we'll bomb their cities to dust 
until they do! 

2005 Ernest Stewart is the managing editor of Issues & Alibis 
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.