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why dont we ask Hugo Chavez for help??  Hell, we could remonetize in a 
 fair way and ask Hugo to let us broker all Venezuelean oil earmarked to 
 Amerika thru us, and payable in OUR currency.  This is 17% of Amerikas 
 oil supply after all.  Amerika will collapse without this oil, and so 
 will the Federal Reserve.  While I dont advocate letting our Amerikan 
 brothers starve without oil, I would advocate the collapse of the 
 Federal Reserve, and now there would be a viable currency...OURS!!  We 
 just dont sell oil to Amerika except in our currency..

 Hugo  would love this on many levels...  and Cascadia would then be in 
 charge of many of this continents resources and the money itself...  
 handled right it could usher in a new era...  and could bring a 
 crushing blow from Amerika...  

 What are your thoughts???  I will go down and see if I can get an 
 audience with Hugo... anybody with me???

No we dont have the 
 infrastructure, nor do we want it!!  We only BROKER the deal... Make 
 the money, OUR money.

 Realize that Amerika is already dependant on Venezuela for 17% 
 of "its" oil.  Without this oil Amerika crumbles.  Tired of powerful 
 corporations, now you have the power to do something about it!!  WE 
 would control the currency that 17% of the oil is traded for in 
 Amerika and have a HUGE voice.

 Realize that Venezuela is sitting on the largest pool of oil outside 
 of the Persian Gulf and is engaged in a leftist revolution and 
 targeted by the neocons.  Russia and China  both are selling them 
 weapons like crazy to defend themselves.  Already the MiG29SMT's that 
 Hugo has based in Cuba could kill all Amerikas oil refining capacity 
 along with any ship (including carrier groups) within range with 
 thier Russian made Onyx missiles.  This is the ONLY reason we havnt 
 invaded already, its just TOO risky for America.  This solution would 
 put a friendly, and American, buffer between them and Amerika.  It 
 would work..

 Meanwhile, we do what responsible people should do; use the proceeds 
 of our wealth to force change, because oil is not going to be here 
 much longer.  Russia, China, and many South American Countries would 
 support us 100% 

 You guys are just thinking too small... 


 > well.. if that could happen (which we really do not have the 
 > infrustructure for it.. at least I think we dont) then the 
 > Corporatists would increase their embeddedness into Cascadia .. we 
 > already have Enron controling PGE then imagine them slowing 
 > manipulating to get a hold of Venezuelean  oil here.  Right now I 
 > think the issue of Venezuelia, Iran and Khazakastan with Chinese 
 > attempts to head off Amerikan Imperialist control is really the 
 > focus for the Corporate Fascists.. By throwing ourselves into the 
 > center of the feeding frenzy I think we would be in more deep 
 > I think again we need to focus on local sustainable economy while 
 > trying to figure out alot of other shit ranging from Amerikan 
 > Imperialism to the very fact we are over populated and our prime 
 > agricultural  land has been paved over for parking lots, 
 > wal-marts, multi-plex cinemas amnd shopping malls.  Also do not be 
 > surprised if the US eventually is successful in getting rid of Hugo.
 > Also would having more industry based on petroleum (whether that is 
 > transportation of it or refining it) not do more potential damage 
 > the local environement and local economies.  The chosen port would 
 > attract more people looking for jobs and therefore increase our 
 > problems with more population and a population focused on the 
 > industrialized worker not on the local farming communities, 
 > communities and fishing communities as well as local merchants, 
 > artists and craftpersons.  I think we must never again be tempted 
 > oil for it is a curse that appears as a blessing or easy answer.
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