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2/9 Actions Against Dow  Chemical!
Project of Peace No War  Network  ( 

Serve Dow With Summons to Appear in  Court!

Dow Chemical has been summoned to appear  before the Chief Judicial 
Magistrate\'s Court in Bhopal to explain why it  continues to shelter the Union Carbide 
Corporation, a criminal fugitive, from  standing trial. 

_Send  Dow a FREE FAX with the Official Court  Order!!_  

Make sure that Dow gets the message: stop sheltering Carbide,  a fugitive 
from justice and a corporate criminal. Keep the pressure growing by  sending a 
FREE FAX with the official court order at:   

Union Carbide, a 100% subsidiary of Dow, is  charged with the “culpable 
homicide” of 20,000 human beings, and has officially  been declared an “absconder” 
by the court for its refusal to appear to face  these charges. Union Carbide 
and its former Chairman Warren Anderson have been  running from court for 13 
years, claiming that it has no jurisdiction.  

Survivors warned Dow that in acquiring Carbide\'s plants, products,  people, 
patents and profits, it would also legally acquire its liabilities. And  Dow 
did indeed pay out on Carbide\'s US asbestos liabilities, an $800 million  blow 
that sent its share price reeling. In contrast to this US decision, Dow has  
always refused to accept Carbide\'s outstanding Bhopal liabilities in India--and  
indeed, until recently, refused to even acknowledge their existence. 

In  2003 Dow CEO William Stavropoulos told his company\'s AGM that there were 
no  criminal charges outstanding against Carbide in India, a statement he was 
later  forced to retract (he claimed he \"mis-spoke\"). Since that time, 
however, Dow has  continued to perpetuate this “misstatement” in its comments to the 

However the recent summons issued to Dow by the Bhopal court  confirms that, 
in a legal sense, the posse is closing in. The summons marks the  first time 
that Carbide’s corporate parent, Dow Chemical, has been drawn into  the 
lawsuit, and if the court does not find Dow’s explanations convincing it  could seize 
Dow’s Indian assets to enforce compliance with its order for Carbide  to 

Want to help those still suffering from the world\'s worst  industrial tragedy?

Join the Bhopal Campaign!

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