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Money, belligerence, slavery, sex, law, manipulation,  finding yourself, neutrality, love & mastery…
Sunday, Feb. 20th 1-4pm.  Standing in Peace: How to find yourself in 
a world at war. Led by Marcia Doerr, educator & legal expert.
Lizet, Jen and I will be hosting Marcia for a talk on Learning the art of neutrality when it comes to standing in the world of international law. Standing as a soverign human being and taking full freedom and responsibility as a peace maker. Law history, including how the legal basis for law changed in the civil war. The credit and debt system –how the government “borrows” money from the federal reserve using our birth certificates as collateral. The difference between substance and credit-that you have both a real self and a commercial self. International commercial code, which stands above the law of nations.  
We are offering this class free of charge at
Vara Healing Arts 850 Talbot @ Solano, Albany
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.