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Popular Mechanics is about to roll out a major hit piece on the
9/11 Truth Movement.  See Jim Hoffman's review of it here:

ECO FOCUS - Jan Lundberg | War on Plastic: Rejecting the Toxic Plague

Daily inspirations from the universe:
Africa's shrinking virgin forest 

ECO FOCUS: Cut Corruption to Save African Forests

ECO FOCUS | Nine New Environmental 'Hot Spots' Listed

Women's Role in Forestry Recognised 

United States has five secret military bases in Israel. Haaretz - Israel News

CIA Abductions of Terror Suspects Are 'Out of Control'

 (Note: "Almost unattended" means "easy target for terrorists almost any time".)
New non-lethal weapon lets troops microwave hostile crowds 
Special to World 
Thursday, February 3, 2005 The United States has developed a non-lethal 
microwave weapon for use in Iraq. 
The Active Denial System uses millimeter-wave electromagnetic energy that can 
be directed at targets at a range of 1 kilometer.   
Officials said the vehicle, termed Sheriff, would contain the Active Denial 
System. The system uses millimeter-wave electromagnetic energy that can be 
directed at targets at a range of 1 kilometer. The ADS system would be downgraded 
for Iraqi deployment in urban areas, officials said. The ADS causes the skin 
to burn, causing the people to run away. 


Pop Goes the Bush Mythology Bubble_ super heavy-duty stuff.  Gulp. 

Dr. Russell Blaylock: Mercury Amalgam Fillings: Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics
I have just posted a new article on the WNHO site
entitled, "Mercury Amalgam Fillings: Lies, Damn Lies
and Statistics," and written by Neurosurgeon Russell
Blaylock, M.D.
Dr. Blaylock wrote this in response to the LSRO
position paper which declared dental amalgams to be
safe. It appeared originally in the IAOMT-
organization website. The IAOMT are a group of dentists
who oppose dental amalgam and fluoride use. Dr.
Blaylock has given us permission to post this on the
WNHO site. Here is a link for your convenience - Bradley

"This so-called ill treatment and torture in detention centers,
stories of which were spread everywhere among the people, and later
by the prisoners who were freed . were not, as some assumed, inflicted
methodically, but were excesses committed by individual prison guards,
their deputies, and men who laid violent hands on the detainees."
- Rudolf Hoess SS commandant at Auschwitz

Protectorate Union of the Citizens - re: Cell Phones & Towers
Citizens' Initiative Omega
Member of the Buergerwelle Germany (incorporated society)
Protectorate Union of the Citizens and Initiatives for the Protection 
against Electrosmog

WHO comment on Draft EMF Framework

Top public health official of Russia: Mobile phones cause child cancer

PM to initiate study on cellphone health hazards

Irish mast cum cellphone health issue hots up further

IDEA Position on Electro-Magnetic Radiation

The saga of Lord Bassam of Brighton

Hidden Church masts - A church in Edinburgh refused Vodafone permission 
to erect a 3g mast on the church

Cellphone industry hides behind "charitable organisation" status to 
violate NRPB mobile phone report recommendations

Letter to the WHO from the V WSF

Report on 2004 WHO EHS conference

Citizens can be targeted individually by Micro Wave Towers

Biological Effects Of Electromagnetic Waves And Their Mechanism

Hands free

Phone mast workers 'threatened'

Mobile-using drivers 'age 50 years'

HAARP project in La Figaro

Omega-News Collection 5. February 2005

Mon Feb 7

# LEARN SKILLS in 2005 - @ CELLspace's The Media Arts Lab
Monday, February 7  CELLspace's Media Arts Lab 
2050 Bryant St. (18th btn 19th) SF 94110 view map
The Media Arts Lab is now offering workshops for the Winter term. 
Intermediate/Advanced Digital Video Editing 
Introduction to Website Development 
Practical Television Production 
Electronic Music/ Remix 
Design and Create Flyers 
Screenwriting in the Age of Final Cut Pro 
Intro to Mac Computers in Spanish . 
Winter Schedule: February 7th - March 20th 
These are 6 week workshops 
Classes begin the week of February 7th. * Start date is contingent upon enrollment. 
The deadline to sign up for classes is Friday February 4th. 
To sign up for a class, contact the CELLspace office at 415-648-7562 
or email For fees and a full class schedule,

Tue Feb 8

# 2/8 at 9am in SF: Public Hearing to Save Lunch Breaks
The Bay Area public hearing will be held on Tuesday, February 8, from 9:00 AM until 12:00 Noon. At the Hiram Johnson State Building Auditorium, located at 455 Golden Gate Avenue, in San Francisco. For more information, please go to
UPDATE! We Still Need Your Help To Save Our Lunch Breaks 

Governor rescinds his “emergency” order to take away our lunch breaks 

Thanks to your help in sending faxes to Save Our Lunch Breaks, Gov. Schwarzenegger was forced to admit that there was no emergency permitting him to take away lunch breaks for workers in California. 

However, the rule changes have been resubmitted. Please join us to tell the Governor just how we feel about the lunch break take-away! 

The Bay Area public hearing will be held on Tuesday, February 8, from 9:00 AM until 12:00 Noon. At the Hiram Johnson State Building Auditorium, located at 455 Golden Gate Avenue, in San Francisco. For more information, please go to

Speakers are needed and should RSVP to the San Francisco Central Labor Council at (415) 440-4809. 

Save Our Lunch Breaks 
Bay Area Public Hearings 
Tuesday, February 8 at 9:00 AM 
Hiram Johnson State Building, Auditorium 
455 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco 

# Public Fora on Lunch Break Regulations
 San Francisco 9am, Tuesday, 8 Feb 2005
455 Golden Gate Av., S.F., Auditorium of the State Bldg.
Fresno 9am, Wednesday, 2 Mar 2005
Fresno State Bldg, Room 1036
2550 Mariposa Mall, Fresno
Gov S wants to take away lunch breaks...weakening workers' rights...  benefit corporations ...that
cheat their workers.
Companies that refuse to provide breaks are being taken to court for it - like Wal-Mart - could be
off the hook if the Gov's changes go into effect.
Join the California Labor Federation at one of the public fora to tell Gov how you feel about it
Testify at the hearing Pack the room Send in written comments
DLSE by mail, facs , e mail   Allen Perlof, Sr. Deputy Labor Commissioner
Div of Labor Standards Enforcement , 9th Fl W.   P.O. Box 420603  , S. F. , Ca.  94142  facs: 415 703-4807  510-663-4063

# What¹s Really Happening in Iraq Tue, Feb 8, 2005   7:00 pm
 New College of California 777 Valencia @ 19th St.
 Report-Back from Humanitarian Aid Mission That Delivered Over $650,000 in
Aid to Falluja Refugees
Join military family members whose sons died while fighting in Iraq and
Medea Benjamin (Co-founder of Global Exchange and CODEPINK: Women for Peace)
for a report-back from their unprecedented trip to the Jordanian/Iraqi
border. The Families for Peace delegation delivered over $650,000 worth of
medical and humanitarian aid for the thousands of refugees made homeless by
the U.S. attack on Falluja in November. Tuesday, February 8th, 7 PM, New
College Theatre, 777 Valencia Street, San Francisco. $5 Suggested donation,
no one turned away for lack of funds. For more information, call
415.255.7296 or visit

# 2/8 at 7pm in SF: What’s Really Happening in Iraq - 
Reportback from Aid Mission

# 2/8 at 7pm in Berkeley: Live From Death Row with Kevin Cooper
Wheeler Hall room 30  UC Berkeley campus 
map available at:
One year ago on February 9th, 2004, Kevin Cooper came within hours of execution at San Quentin prison. A movement of activists, attorneys, and Kevin Cooper himself fought a battle inside and outside the courtroom to prove his innocence, and the role of racism and police misconduct in his case. He received a stay of execution, but remains on death row. Hear his story in his own words, via speakerphone, plus a special guest Shujaa Graham, an exonerated death row inmate 
from California. 
Sponsored by the Campaign to End the Death Penalty and UC Berkeley Amnesty International.

# 2/8 at 7pm in SF: From Chiapas to California Speaking Tour - Un Mundo Donde Quepan Muchos Mundos
 Women's Building  3543 18th Street (between Valencia and Guerrero) 
From Chiapas to California…One World Where Many Worlds Fit 
February 4 - 11th, 2005 

The Chiapas Support Committee is pleased to announce a California tour with: 

Ramon Peñate Díaz, 
La Red de Defensores Comunitarios por los Derechos Humanos (the Network of Community Defenders for Human Rights),  Chiapas, Mexico 

And  Miguel Pickard, 
Center for Economic and Political Research for Community Action (CIEPAC), Chiapas, Mexico 

Ramon Peñate Díaz is a human rights defender from the Chol-speaking community of Emiliano Zapata in the municipality of Tila, where the Mexican Army camp located within the community has caused violations of human rights and indigenous cultural values. Mr. Peñate Díaz will speak about his work with the Community Defenders Network, which is composed of human rights defenders from indigenous and campesino communities who participate in legal training and then return to their communities to advise the residents on human rights issues and to document incidents affecting human rights. 

Miguel Pickard is an investigator with CIEPAC, a non-profit research group which explores economic and political realities throughout Mexico, Central America and Latin America, such as the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) and the increased militarization and privatization of natural resources. Miguel recently received a Project Censored award for his article on the Plan Puebla Panama. 

$7-10 sliding scale  With special guest Betita Martinez 
Co-Sponsored by the Mexico Solidarity Network 
For a complete speaking tour schedule please contact us! 

# 2/8 Veg*n Community Dinner @ Bay Leaf Palo Alto 7pm 520 Ramona

# Tue, Feb 8, 2005      9:00 pm - 2:00 am

Save The Harding Theater Fundraiser Party Extravaganza 2005!!!!
Madrone Lounge 500 Divisadero @  Fell St.)
 Come support the Divisadero neighborhood and help to save the theater from
 being demolished! Donations at the door
 With music by DJ Seven, Romanowski, and DJ Rueben
  Raffle with local neighborhood prizes!

Wed Feb 9

# El Circo meets Qoöl Weds. 2/9/05
 Lineup: 5-6pm Malakai & Dorfex Box, 6-645pm Mark Musselman, 645-730pm Da Veed, 730-815pm Laura, 815-9pm Hyper D, 9-945 Jerry Bonham, 945-11pm El Papa Chango. 
111 Minna Street Gallery, 111 Minna Street @ 2nd Street, San Francisco, 5:00 PM to 10:45 PM 
$5, 21++

Humanist Hall 390 27th Street between Telegraph & Broadway
Midtown Oakland below Pill Hill
 parking next door off both 27th and 28th Streets
 contact Erin: 510-910-0696
An Alex Jones Film presented by Erin McCann
The club at Bohemian Grove is located inside a 2,700 acre redwood grove. At this unholy place a 3,000 year-old Caananite cult is being revived. Each year, members of this all-male ultra-elite club don red, black, and silver robes and conduct an occult ritual wherein they worship a giant stone owl and burn a human being "in effigy" as a sacrifice to their owl god. Now, for the first time in history, an outsider has infiltrated Bohemian Grove with a hidden video camera and caught the ritual on tape. That man is Alex Jones. 
The film is FREE but $5 donations are accepted

# 2/9: "Stop Martial Law" (oakland north / temescal)
 "Stop Martial Law in Oakland and for the African 
Community Everywhere!"  7 to 9 pm
Uhuru House, 7911 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland 
The International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement 
is sponsoring a forum with leaders in Oakland to 
address the new curfew law in the city and the overall 
police containment of the African community. 
Internationally known and loved Omali Yeshitela, 
founder of the Uhuru Movement will present. Yeshitela 
led over 15 years of struggle in Oakland against the 
war on the African community. Call (510) 569-9620

# 2/9: Homebirth Info Night (noe valley)
 Wed. Feb. 9th at 7pm. Come to An informative evening and video showing about Homebirth at 816 Diamond St. near 24th St. in Noe Valley. Licensed Midwife Maria Iorillo will be on hand to explain the ins and outs of this important birth option. Free!

2/9: Near-Death Experience talk 7 pm (berkeley) 2075 Eunice

# dorkbotSF #17 - Stelarc + Paul Haeberli + Luther Thie
 Wed Feb 9 7:30 PM
 dimension7  150 folsom  @ Spear / Main
 Stelarc - Prosthetic Head 
Luther Thie - Acclairism: a new Elitism 
Paul Haeberli - Lamina Design: Freeform Structures from Computer Models 
open dork - bring or talk about your latest projects 
(ping me if you want to announce something or do a 5 min presentation) 
!!! FREE ADMISSION but donations to our hosts highly appreciated - CASH BAR!!!

# 2/9: Chiapas to California Speaking Tour (berkeley)
 Ramon Pena Diaz from the Network of community Human Rights Defenders will speak about indeginous communities assuming their own defense and a representative from CIEPAC; a chiapas political and economic research center, will also speak. Chiapas craft will be on sale. 
 7:30 p.m. $5-10 sliding scale 
La Pena Cultural Center 3105 Shattuck Ave. for more info call (510) 849-2568 or Ciapas Support Comittee (510) 654-9587.

# Nina Hagen at DNA Lounge Wed Feb 9 8pm - 2am. 
 Performing live: Nina Hagen, Jill Tracy

Wed Feb 9 9:30 PM The Trocadero AKA Glas Kat  520 4th St @ Bryant Every Wednesday night.
18 and over starting Feb 9th  Grand (Re) Opening. 
A Very Special performance with Two Knotty Boys. 
Official After Party for "Born in a Barn" and "Liberty in Restraint" 
playing at the Roxie Cinema (SF) as part of the SF Indie Fest! 
 ***JUST ADDED***  CD release for YAVIN-4 
New music, CD giveaways! 
death rock industrial nuwave nowave electro 
Free fetish DVDs from RED BOARD every week in the month of February 
18 and over. 9:30pm ? 2:30am. $5 ‘'til 10:30 $7 after

Thu Feb 10

# Cine Delirio Febr 10 7PM through 11PM $0
 artist reception displaying the surrealist art of: Shawn Barber, Eric Joyner, Lee Harvey Roswell, Nathan Spoor will be held on February 10, 2005 form 7Pm-11Pm.  The art will be showing through March 5, 2005. The Shooting Gallery 839 Larkin St. SF (415) 931- 8035


Fri Feb 11

# RTFM Records and Refraction Present: Love and Gravity 
Fri Feb 11  9pm-2am  Infinite Kaos  136 Taylor @ Turk / Eddy $10 
Artemis: Gravity CD release party 

# Edward Said: The Last Interview - Human Rights International Film Festival
Fri Feb. 11 & Sat , Feb. 12 7:00pm $8/$5 YBCA members, seniors & students
Part of the Human Rights International Film Festival 2005 - this compelling new film is an extended discussion with Edward Said (1935-2003) filmed less than a year before his death. The noted literary critic and Palestinian activist delivers his final testament about his life and work as a committed intellectual. "Gripping...Stripped of sound bites, dramatic re-enactments and other conventional devices, this film is the kind of portrait of an intellectual which is very rare." - Sight and Sound. This film repeats on Saturday Feb. 12.
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Screening Room
701 Mission St. @ 3rd

Sat Feb 12

# 2/12: Mushroom Hike  10am-1pm 
 Hidden Villa, 26870 Moody Road, Los Altos Hills, CA 94022 
WHAT: Learn how to identify common fmailies of mushrooms. Wade Leschyn of the Mycologiscal Society of San Francisco discusses edible and poisonous varieties. Bring a basket for collecting specimens and a small knife. Hike contingent on weather. Limited space, register early!! 
for additional information call Hidden Villa at (650) 949-8653 or email at 
Hidden Villa, 26870 Moody Road, Los Altos Hills, CA 94022

# 2/12: Free Advice from a Cat Behaviorist! (russian hill)
 Gail Colombo, cat behaviorist and herbologist, will be giving free advice from 12-4 pm @ BOW WOW MEOW located at 2150 Polk St. between Broadway and Vallejo.

# Frank Chu Pub Crawl 2/12/2005 12:00 Noon Free
The Frank Chu Pub Crawl and March will be on Saturday February 12th at 12 Noon.
We will meet at the Powell Street Cable Car Turnaround.
We will be identified by the group with the Frank Chu signs.
The path will be up Powell to a bar in Union Square (the choice will be based on the size of the group)
Then we will go to Union Square to hear some speeches.
We will turn at Sutter and then go up Grant and then through Northbeach and end up at Fisherman's Wharf and maybe have some regular beers on Pier 39.
It will all be worth it if some perplexed tourist in Fisherman's Wharf goes back and tells that people in San Francisco are protesting some elaborate Intergalactic conspiracy.
Bring either a sign (make your own or buy one from Frank) or a camera
RSVP for those on
RSVP for those not on Tribe

# New monthly KFC protest in SF starting Feb 12
Join BAV as we stick up for the chickens and protest the Colonel's secret ingredient (animal cruelty) and distribute vegetarian starter kits at KFCs in San Francisco. 
With eleven KFCs in San Francisco, we will be leafleting a different store every month. 
New or experienced activists are welcome. This is a monthly event, usually happening on the 2nd Saturday but check calendar to confirm. If you can't make this date but want to help at future ones, please email me. For more info on this nationwide campaign to get KFC to mandate better conditions for the chickens slaughtered, click here
When: 2/12/05 Sat, 12:00pm - 1:00pm    
Where: SF - 4150 Geary Blvd (5th & 6th St) 
What: KFC Protest (Monthly 2nd Sat) 

# 2/12: Celebrate Adopt a Rabbit Month with the Bunnies this Saturday! (richmond / point / annex)
 House Rabbit Society is hosting a special Valentine Bunny Event on 
February 12th, from 12:00 to 4:00 at the Richmond Shelter. 
Has your bunny been lonely because he has lost a companion or does he or she just need a friend? Don't put his happiness on hold any longer! Bring him or her by the shelter to meet our adorable bunnies. Volunteers will be on hand to work with you and your bunny to find the perfect mate. We request an appointment for the matchmaking sessions, so call early. There is no fee. Of course, if it is you who are looking for a loving companion rabbit, you too are welcome and do not need to make an appointment. 
Ken Mark will be again taking beautiful bunny photo portraits with a heart-motif background. If you missed our November holiday photo shoot, you'll definitely want to be here for this. A modest donation will be charged. 
Last, but not least, there will be a very "heart-y" Valentine vegan luncheon featuring a cream of tomato and vegetable soup, a green salad mixed with heart-shaped red peppers, daikon radish and other vegetables, whole wheat herb rolls and a yummy chocolate cake with raspberry cream frosting. The lunch will be available from 12:00 to 3:00, and take out is again an option. The cost for the luncheon is $11.00, and reservations are required. 
To reserve time for a bunny matchmaking session or to make a reservation for the luncheon, please call the shelter at 510 970-7575. Staff will confirm your appointment time and/or luncheon reservation. 
House Rabbit Society  148 Broadway  Richmond, CA 94804  510 970-7575

# S.F Bike Messenger Association screening Sat Feb 12 5 pm $5
Program: Metropoloco 13 mins.
Bicycle Repairman (Monty Python) 4 mins.
Bicycle (music video by Queen) 5 mins.
Yellow Jersey 20 mins.
Les Triplettes de Belleville (dir: Sylvain Chomet)80 mins.
Plus two more shorts.
artists' television access 992 valencia @ 21st St.

# OPEN HEARTS Valentine¹s Benefit for the Seva Tsunami Relief Fund
 The Rasa family invites the Bay Area community
to gather and send our unified prayers
and abundance to the tsunami survivors.
 We welcome you to join with us
in opening our hearts this Valentine¹s weekend
to help soothe the suffering of our brothers and
sisters in South East Asia.
 Saturday February 12th 7-10:30 p.m.
Program and Performances 10:30 ­ until late Dance Celebration
 Entry Donation $15 - $500
 Studio Rasa, Berkeley 933 Parker St Between 8th and 9th 
 Program and Performances 7:30 ­ 10:30
Opening  Invocation
ANCIENT FUTURE World Fusion Music
With Matthew Monfort on scalloped fret guitar,
Salah Takesh on Arabic Percussion,
and Mariah Parker on Hammered Dulcimer

Dick and W Act Ed Holmes and Amos Glick

Report on Relief Efforts

SASHA BUTTERFLY And Friends Soulful Acoustic Serenade

WES  SCOOP NISKER Buddhist Author and Meditation Teacher
Guest Host, KPFA

David Rucker, Sandi Thompson, Suzette Burrous, and
Heather Munro Pierce    TransDance 
Dance Celebration 10:30 until late
 CLAY The Yoga/Tai Chi Collective
Prizes include retreats at Spirit Rock, massage gift
certificates, Studio Rasa Memberships, and more...

# DJ Mermaid @ My Sucky Valentine! (SF) Sat Feb 12 7:00 PM
 A Naughty Fundraiser benefitting San Francisco Sex Information 
 Sour Grapes and Bitter Chocolates, 
Good writers on bad sex and tainted love... 
 Proudly held at Northern California's premier BDSM Dungeon and Pansexual 
Community Space:  The San Francisco Citadel 
245 - 8th Street (between Howard & Folsom) Doors at 7pm  Show at 8pm 
Silent Auction throughout the night, final bids at Midnight! 
Open house, Adult play (all) & DJ spinning to follow event to 1amish. Stay 
and play, explore, experiment, socialize or however the mood moves you... 
Entry - $15 to $25 sliding scale (no one repelled due to the current economy 
or employment status) 
*There will be a huge Adult themed erotic Silent auction going on throughout 
the evening with goods from the likes you can only imagine. Don't be shy to 
bid and bid HARD. We will have 33 separate packages to big on, one for every 
year SFSI has been in business. (All silent auction purchases and admissions 
over $25 are fully tax deductible) 
Our Tentative List of Performers are: 
Hosted by our own bad boy Thomas Roche, hot in from the city of New Orleans 
Carol Queen  Violet Blue  Charlie Girl  Mistress Morgana  M.I. Blue 
Simon Sheppard  Kirk Read  Kateri Tekawitha  Daphne Gottleib 
(this is a tentative list, so do check back on our web site for updates) 
The sexsational exploits of Rose Pistola & her Clitorotti 
DJ Mermaid spins her succulent vibes in the upstairs chill lounge 
We will have a number Massage Therapists in the house providing their magic 
touch for a small donation to SFSI as well. 
A spirited refreshment bar will be actively catering to your needs 
throughout the night. 
All proceeds go to support the programs of San Francisco Sex Information. 
Sponsors of MSV XI are: SFSI, Good Vibrations, Mr. & Madame S. Leathers, 
Stormy Leather, The Power Exchange, Leather Masters, The Spectator, Bay Area 
Reporter & The San Francisco Bay Guardian. 
To:  Sponsor  Advertise (print/web/radio/tv) 
Donate to the silent auction  Volunteer  Ask Questions 
RSVP your seats (It will sell out this year!) 
-Contact John Bouvier, SFSI Events Coordinator, (415) 989 - 7370 ext. #1

# 2/12: Woman Shaman - A Max Dashu Slideshow (oakland north / temescal)
 Max Dashu of the Suppressed Histories Archives presents Woman Shaman. 
Max's Slideshows are a must see for anyone interested in Goddesses & Women's Herstory! Feminist Historian & Independent scholar Max Dashu founded the Suppressed Histories Archives in 1970, back in the days when Women's Studies departments had not yet come into being. Since then, she has photographed over 10,000 slides and created 80 slideshows on international women's history, including Women in Power, Witch Hunts, Racism, Goddesses, and Priestesses. Max has done extensive interdisciplinary research on the European witch hunts and folk traditions about witches. She is also an artist who publishes prints and notecards highlighting powerful women (which are available at Chnage Makers). Visit her website for more information 
 Sat Feb 12 Time: 7:30pm 
 $5-20 Sliding Scale  For Info: 
 Change Makers Books & Gifts for Women 
6536 Telegraph Ave (4 blocks south of Ashby, on the corner of 66th ) 
Oakland, CA 94609  510-655-2405

# Third Annual International Quirkyalone Day Party
2/12/05 8 pm = 1 am $5-$20 sliding scale
Come help celebrate a growing international movement that reclaims Valentine's Day for those of us who relish solitude, close friendships, freedom, and creativity, and who judge our lives by the amount of passion in them rather than by whether we're single or not.
International Quirkyalone Day (IQD) is a growing movement of people who are reclaiming Valentine's Day and making it a fun, inclusive, do-it-yourself holiday. Unlike the anti-Valentine's movement, Quirkyalone is a positive declaration-a feel-good alternative to the marketing barrage of Valentine's Day and an antidote to the silicone version of love presented in shows such as Joe Millionaire and The Bachelorette. IQD is a celebration of individuality, romance, friendship, and self-respect on Feb 14.
The flagship party will be held in San Francisco, the epicenter of the Quirkyalone movement. Last year 350 people attended, and we're expecting a similarly successful event this year. International Quirkyalone Day is officially february 14, but we will be celebrating on February 12, this year.
Party highlights:
-Quirkycrafts (make your own quirkyalone journal)
- Party games
- Late-night dance party with songs inspired by the quirkyalone movement
- Quirkyalone Love Connection Game
- Power Point presentation announcing the nominees and winners of the first annual Quirkys (awards of the quirkyalone community). Awards will be given for, among other things, Best Quirkyalone Movie, Song, and Book of 2004, the Most Offensively Unquirkyalone Reality Show, and the Most Unquirkyalone Celebrity Couple.
- World premiere screening of a short movie on International Quirkyalone Day
- Raffle ticket included with price of admission-prizes include quirkyalone t-shirts (girl and boy styles), bumper sticker, and trucker hat.
-Signed copies of QuirkyAlone for sale by Valencia Street Books
Rickshaw Stop 155 Fell @ Van Ness / Franklin San Francisco


# Saturday February 12th 9pm until the rooster crows
Raindance we invite to join us in  celebration of Chinese New Year

the coming year will be Year 4702 by Chinese calendar
Year of the Rooster or the Green Wooden Chicken

The Annual precession will start @ 11:30 pm 
so arrive early so that you do not miss out we have some very special performance lined up for you

We are honored to have Leung's White Crane Lion Dancers 
check out these video clips, this must be seen to be believed
Goddess of Funk with members of Suco performing with Hipnaughtica
and a manashery of circus freaks
And of course our very own Dragon Dance
make your own Rooster Mask and join the precession !

for audio pleasure and bass healing we will
the legendary bass of the El Circo sound system
fuzed with the knowledge of magnetic  

Visual enhancement by DAX

The Wizards of da  rhythmic sorcery 
Lorin (Bassnectar) *Jeno (Wicked) * Brother (13 Moon Tribe)
Little John (Raindance, 13 Moon Tribe), Adam (Raindance)
Shawn & Laura (EFL)

presale is recommended to avoid a line and or disappointment 
the first 100 presales will be $15 the $20
tickets will be available online now @
or these following locations by Jan 28th
Streetlight Records in Santa Cruz 939 Pacific Ave
Distractions on Haight St in San Francisco

CELL SPACE 2050 Bryant @ 18th st. San Francisco 

Sun Feb 13

# 2/13: Vegan Raw Organic Potluck (palo alto)
 10 AM @ Bay Leaf Cafe  (650) 321 7466 
520 Ramona St Palo Alto, CA 94301

# "Smart Dust & Silicon Swarms:
The Brilliant New World of  Mobile Sensor Nanomesh Networks"
Sunday, February 13, 2005  1 - 5 p.m. at
Round Table Pizza
Banquet Room on 2nd Floor
5160 Geary Blvd. (at 16th Ave.)
San Francisco, California

Philip Langton
Nikola Tesla is widely acknowledged as the father of Robotics, but  even Tesla might pause in awe to ponder some of the potential applications of technologies Philip Langton is working to develop.  His research could eventually lead to scalable nanomesh net applications such as: smart  shipping labels that report damage, spray on computers or a robo-insect air force.

How  will smart dust particles talk to each other?  What are the most likely nanomesh  products to reach consumers soon?  Might we see a computer in a can in 3 years?    What are the costs and dangers of this new technology?  Mr. Langton has some  fascinating answers to share.

Philip  Langton is a second-generation Silicon Valley engineer / inventor expert in Optical Frequency Identification Devices (OFID),  Micro-Electro- Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and process control manufacturing,   Philip  recently received the first patents (US #6553481  and #6772239)  ever issued for a self-, one-time only, programmable (SOTOP™).  single-circuit  secure memory device (SCSMD).

Parking is available on the street or for $ 2 per hour in the  garage nearby behind ROSS Dept. Store.  For more information about the  San Francisco Tesla Society, call (415) 931-2593, or visit us online at

# Tue, Feb 15 4:00 pm Save Harding Theater (@ Hayes/Divis.)
City Hall, 2nd Floor SF

# "Tantric Kissing Secrets" Sun Feb 13 4:30 PM
 An experiential class in the art of kissing 
 Lake Merritt Church, 1330 Lakeshore Ave., Oakland
Cost: $35 per couple  Couples Only. Come with Partner. 
What to Bring: bottled water, pillow, and small blanket to create a cozy "love nest." 
Register online at 
Contact: Shakti Jan, C.T.E., 510-469-8268 
Come for an evening of juicy fun that offers tools to improve your kissing skills. You will discover Tantric techniques for deeper kisses and explore your ability to generously give and receive. Workshop is held in a safe, playful, and sacred space. Couples practice exclusively with their own partners. Invite your sweetheart (or kissing buddy) to come and share this luscious lips-on learning with you!

Wed Feb 16

# February 16 is Global Warming Awareness Day
On February 16, 2005, the world's first global warming treaty will
become effective. The treaty requires industrialized countries to
limit, by 2008-2012, their annual emissions of greenhouse gases to
the atmosphere to 5.2 percent below 1990 level of emissions.

The United States is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the
world. Governmental leaders of the U.S. did not ratify the Kyoto
Treaty. Consequently, the United States is not subject to the
requirements of the Kyoto Treaty. Seventy-one countries ratified the
treaty, as of January 20, 2005.

Meanwhile, Earth's globally averaged land, ocean and atmospheric
temperatures have continued to increase, especially since about 1980.
Scientists have reported that temperatures across the globe rose an
average of 1.1 degree Fahrenheit over the past century, with the rate
of change since 1976 at roughly three times that over the past 100
years. A large majority of the world's scientists attribute the last
30 years of warming to rising accumulations of heat-
trapping "greenhouse gases" in the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases such
as carbon dioxide - the most abundant of the greenhouse gases -
remain suspended in the atmosphere upwards of 100 years, with each
year's emissions accumulating with the previous and the subsequent
years of emissions.

In 2003, U.S. emissions of greenhouse gases totaled 6.94 billion
metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, which was 0.7 percent
higher than 2002's total U.S. emissions and 13.4 percent higher than
1990's total emissions of 6.12 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide
equivalent (U.S. Energy Information Administration, "Emissions of
Greenhouse Gases in the United States 2003", December 2004).

February 16, 2005 is being recognized as "Global Warming Awareness
Day" in the United States. Recommended actions for people in the U.S.
to take on Global Warming Awareness Day 2005 can be found by
accessing the following web site:


Thu Feb 17

# ~ What The F@#k? ~ Thu Feb 17 8:30 PM
 Oakland Metro  201 Broadway http://
Screw Valentine's...the real holiday is here!!! 
 WHAT THE F@#K!  The Barely Legal Game Show 
 All ages  Full bar  $7 at the door 
No Vanna White. No Alex Trebek. Just 400 rowdy audience members (that's YOU!) putting their balls and eggs on the line to win sick cash and prizes. Scandalous swimsuits! Awful male dancers! Flying meat! 
What? Like you got something better to do? 
Created and starring the convicts behind Tourettes Without Regrets and the madmen from Illbilly (Late Night with God, Jelly Donut)! We know, it's a little scary. PLUS: Special live performance by beat-box superstar KID BEYOND! Come early, this will sell out. 
This is NOT yo Mama's game show (unless yo Mama is a crack eating monkey licker).

Fri Feb 18

# Freebeats and Subductive present Friday February 18, 2005
ALIEN AUTOPSY: Featuring Surgeon
An evening of  inquiry, examination, and discovery in a clandestine research facility, featuring internationally celebrated aural specialist, DJ Surgeon.
Guest Physicians in the Operating Room:
Surgeon  Terrac  Red Stickman  DJ Disconnect  
With Hosting Physicians:
DJ Yap (Freebeats) Plateshifter (Subductive)
Bay Area Location
Info-line will be posted on the website closer to the date of the event
All information will be kept updated on the website leading up to the date
Pre-sale price $10 Door price $15

# Pot Luck and Speaker Gathering by the 
Marin Living Foods Community 
Our Featured Speaker Will Be
Bradley Saul of Organic Athlete

Bradley Saul is a former professional cyclist and a cycling coach.  He
is the founder of Organic Athlete, a nonprofit organization that educates
athletes and fitness enthusiasts about the benefits of a vegetarian

Bradley will be discussing the importance of fitness and exercise and
how to maximize your training in a healthy raw lifestyle.

                                                        When  : On Saturday,
February 19th, from 6 til 9pm,  
                                                        Where: 1 Wellbrock
Hts. San Rafael, CA 94903 (directions below)
Cost:  $3 donation and Raw food dish to serve 8, per person

Please Join Us - Everyone Welcome!   6:00 pm start.
PLEASE try to be on time.  We eat at 6:15 and our speakers generally start
at 7:00

Please bring a raw food dish of your choice to serve 8 people making sure to
review the guidelines for food below. 
*********** Guidelines for Food *********** 
Please prepare your dishes with raw, organic (at least pesticide/herbicide
free), vegetarian (vegan - no animal products) ingredients. Nothing cooked,
steamed, baked or otherwise heated above 105 degrees is appropriate for this
potluck. Dehydrated foods and dried fruits are fine as long as they have
been prepared within the temperature guideline above. Tofu and most seaweeds
are not raw foods. Please pay attention to what might go into your dish;
oils, vinegar, spices, it raw, healthy, etc. Could it be added
later at the potluck by those who want it? 
Some attendees have been on the raw path for 20+ years so we must adhere to
these seemingly strict guidelines. There are some wonderful raw foods
cookbooks available at the local health food stores for new ideas, or you
can go to for lots of great recipes. Beautiful leafy
greens and veggies presented in a wide variety of (raw) ways are always a
winner. Be creative, enjoy yourself and have fun! If in doubt - leave it
out! Call or email if you need ideas or have questions.

Now you can send your friends to <http://WWW.MARINRAWFOOD.COM>   for potluck

******* Plates and Silverware ******* 
Please bring your own plate and silverware. Not only is it ecologically
beneficial, it's a much more pleasing dining experience.
Directions: Aldersgate Church is in San Rafael, Marin County, California. It
sits on a hill overlooking Kaiser hospital. 
It can be reached by US Highway 101 north of San Francisco, exiting at
Freitas Parkway just north of the Marin County Civic center, a noted Frank
Lloyd Wright designed structure. Following Freitas Parkway west, turn left
on Las Gallinas, then right on Nova Albion Way. Turn right again on
Montecillo, passing Kaiser Hospital. Turn left on Trellis and left again at
the crest of the hill, which is Wellbrock Heights. Follow the street into
the parking area.  Map available at 

If you have questions about food choices, directions, or anything else you
may email or call Hugh at 
(415) 883-5201, or Melissa at (415) 609-5354

# blasthaus presents an exclusive DJ set by THIEVERY CORPORATION
 Saturday, February 19 Regency Grand Ballroom  1290 Sutter 
(at Van Ness) 9pm-2am 21+ $25 Tickets while they last at
 You can also purchase tickets beginning tonite at Rx, we're open for Happy Hour from 6pm-9pm.

# 5th Annual Conference for Young Women Affected by Breast Cancer Feb 19-20, 2005; 96th Meeting American Association for Cancer Research April 16-20, 2005; SABCS 2005 Breast Cancer Action

# Feb 21-22 Lobby Day and National Call-in Day: Tell Congress to Close 
School Of Americas SOA / WHINSEC!

# Learn how to FEMALE EJACULATE- Potrero Hill **February 21st** 
AMRITA: The Sacred Art of Female Ejaculation 
Level 1  FOR WOMEN ONLY  Co Facilitated by Tallulah Sulis* 
Come have fun with the ladies and learn about the infinite potential of your sexual lotus. Female ejaculation is a deep, rejuvenating, and healthy sensual and spiritual release, which can be encouraged by skilled G-spot stimulation, orgasm, elements of tantric yoga, and heart opening. This explicit and hands-on workshop will teach you how to have deeper orgasms, and how to tap into the delicious surrender inherent in the release of amrita, your sacred feminine waters. You will be amazed with what you can uncover after you have learned the ancient secrets of your femininity. Set in an open, loving, and safe environment, you will be guided on a luscious journey where you will learn to feel more at home and comfortable with your sexuality, and therefore more open to experiencing deeper and wilder pleasure. Sound like fun? Try, Life Changing! Please bring: A mirror, two towels, a pillow, a favorite vibrator or toy (optional), and an item for the alter. Important note: we do advocate personal healing work, but this workshop is not recommended for those dealing with active sexual trauma issues. 3 hours. $75.  2/21 or call Tallulah @ 415-235-4804 

# February 21-25: Take Action Against  DR-CAFTA
Help give Bush the first major  defeat of his 2nd term!
Please join our ActionLA Listserv
go to:
or send e-mail to:

# Punch Going Away Party Fri Feb 25 8pm - 4am 155 10th St @ Mission
 Live Hip Hop  Most Chill Slackmob  Psychokinetics  Felonious
 Dance Performances  Sistas of the Underground  Flo-Ology
 DJ Code 538  DJ Colly (Dub Shack) Selector Colly
DJ Vanka  Romanowski  Jboogie
 Hosted by  Ryan Greene
 Photos and Visuals by  Danielle Barnett, Nick Kasimatis
 Sponsored by Flavor Group, Exact-Science, Music For America

# Puget Sound - Olympic - Vancouver Island Bioregional Rendezvous Feb. 26/27...

# February 26th-27th, 2005: BURMA, REALIZING THE DREAM
The Second Annual Working Conference of US Campaign for Burma
How grassroots citizens can help 50 million people in their struggle 
for human rights, freedom, and democracy
George Washington University, Washington, DC

# Thu Mar 3: 1st Thurs Art Receptions @ 49 Geary 5:30-7:30p FREE
12 galleries on 4 floors. Cross Streets Market, 3rd St. Do not miss: aerial photos of mining operations. 4th Floor

# Kinky Salon presents.... Thu Mar 3 7:00 PM
 Mission Control  2519 Mission @ 21st  94110 
 415 789 8513
Redefining Our Relationships 
with Wendy-O Matik 
Author of the book, Redefining Our Relationships- Guidelines for Responsible Open Relationships 
$10 – $20, sliding scale 
This is a daring and provocative how-to workshop on radically defined relationships and alternative lifestyles. Wendy-O Matik talks about what she has lived and experienced: open relationships. She believes that open relationships reduce the hazards that accompany unhealthy co-dependency. Open relationships challenge us to confront our jealousy and possessiveness. Committing to a relationship not mapped out by our parents or society or Hollywood means tearing down the very foundation of status quo and conformity. It means redefining and rebuilding your own version of an alternative relationship based on your needs and your values. 
Loving openly and freely in this day and age, whether you're straight or queer, is a political act. We are conditioned by out-moded social norms that limit our perceptions and shackle us to unhealthy cycles of dissatisfying relationships. Yet we live in a time where we can choose our own gender or redefine our own sexual identity. Isn't it safe to assume that we also have a right to decide what kind of relationship is more suitable to our lifestyle? Declare yourself a revolutionary activist of the heart. Find out how you can expand your potential to love,and radicalize your lifestyle! 
Check out the East Bay Express article about Wendy-O here:

 On Saturday night March 5th, your burning friends from across the Bay will converge at SOMArts in SF to celebrate Burning Solstinox, the mid-point between burns. Do NOT miss this one - we’ll be halfway home.

# Photographer and tree-hugger Jack Gescheidt here, with news that the TreeSpirit is going public again, as part of the monthly Sausalito Artwalk, opening on Wed. evening, March 9th, 2005, from 5:30-8pm.  Save this evening on your calendar!   
Fellow photographer/artist—and tree-lover—John Wilmer is being generous enough to open up his beautiful studio space for this month-long TreeSpirit exhibition @ 333B Caledonia St in dowtown Sausalito (just a couple of blocks from the theater).
For those who've not seen them, see archivally framed large prints, and for those who have, see the largest print so far—40"x50".  And meet fellow tree-lovers, including many participants in the Project so far who will be in attendance (clothed; sorry).
Refreshments & hors doeuvres will be served.  I look forward to seeing  many of you there—mark your calendars! in love with trees, Jack 415.668.5225 

# Dear 9-11 Activists,

      In the magically, organic, cooperative process of organizing 9-11
events- wonderful things have happened, and the events are growing into 
something quite powerful.  Contracts have yet to be signed, nuts and bolts
 details still need to be worked out, but this is what we have so far-

Co- Sponsors- Veterans for Peace, 9-11 Share the,, 
KPFA, (probably San Francisco Bay Guardian, too!) Keplers Bookstore, Black
 Oaks Bookstore, Cody's Bookstore, City Lights Bookstore, Valencia Street 

Premier benefit showings of The Great Conspiracy- The 9-11 News Special
You  Never Saw with producer Barrie Zwicker, Webster Tarpley, author of
9-11  Synthetic Terror- Made in the USA, Michael Kane (NY9-11 Truth),
Peter  Phillips, Director of Project Censored, and representatives of the

Proceeds will benefit, and Northern California 9-11 Truth 
Alliance, in their efforts to petition California State Attorney General
to  investigate the unsolved crimes of 9-11.

The documentary will be screened at 7:30 PM at -

The Guild Theatre (holds 270) in Menlo Park, Wednesday, March 9th
The Grand Lakes Theatre (holds 570) in Oakland, Thursday, March 10th The
Herbst Theatre (holds 970) in San Francisco, Friday, March 11th

(Project Censored is also organizing a screening in Sonoma (capacity
4-500)  on Saturday, March 12th, and Black Oak Books will have a reading
in  Berkeley, Sunday, March 12th at 7:30 PM with Peter Phillips and
Webster  Tarpley)

On Friday, March 11th, prior to the evening screening- there will be a 
major press conference at the Herbst with 9-11 researchers, activists, 
supporters of the inquiry, the criminal investigation, and prosecution of 
those responsible for 9-11, followed by a reception, dinner break,
tabling,  organizing opportunity in the large rooms on the second floor of
the War  Memorial and Veteran's Building where the Theatre is located. 
The press  conference will be a free event open to the public.

(Please do not post this wildly about, yet- as we aren't legally supposed 
to give out all this info until all the contracts are signed.)  But 
Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance is spearheading this and needs to 
discuss it at our meeting tonight... and I still need to talk with to figure out how to make this work for all of us.  If you
can  think of organizations that would be willing to co-sponsor/want to
table at  the event- please help facilitate that.  And we could sure use
help, once  the posters, handbills are here, to spread the word, and I
will send out a  press advisory/press release, email invitation, (some
folks might want to  fly out here for this event).

We would love more co-sponsors and input on the best press/public 
presentations to convey at the press conference- (so whistleblowers now is
 the time to come forward)... or anyone who has solid great info which we 
should include/know about, and can present at it.  We will also make press
 packets... Obviously we don't lack for evidence, but do need to overcome 
the psychological barriers so that people can look at it.  I do think 
co-sponsors or those who want to help, participate in the press conference
 should come to a media strategy meeting- I'm going to ask Veteran's for 
Peace to help us get a big room for that at the War Memorial Building on 
February 12th or 13th- and I'll announce that/post it on my website- or 
email me if you want to come.

Carol Brouillet (organizer of the SF Int'l Inquiry into 9-11)   650-857-0927

 Building the Movement to Stop Global Warming
Weekend Workshop March 11-13, 2005, Malibu CA
Environmental Education Services in a partnership with Green House Network

# War Tax Resistance Workshop- Palo Alto
Saturday March 12, 9-Noon
Palo Alto Friends New Meeting House
957 Colorado Avenue, Palo Alto, CA
(510) 843-9877 €
Unhappy about the U.S. policy on militarism, stop paying your taxes.  More than half of our federal
income taxes are being used for war. Find out more about this form of conscientious objection at our
introductory workshop.  Topics will include:
-- Creative legal protests
-- Refusing to pay all or part of federal taxes and the possible consequences of this form of civil disobedience
-- Living below the level of taxable income
-- Phone tax resistance
-- Redirecting resisted taxes to local alternative funds and/or community organizations
-- Local support networks for war tax resisters
Northern California War Tax Resistance
(510) 843-9877 €
Thank you for working for peace! 
To join listserve send blank email to:

# She Creates Sat Mar 12 7-10 PM 965 Mission St.
 group art exhibit celebrating International Women's Day. 

# March 15th, 2005, will mark the ninth year of the International Day
Against Police Brutality (IDAPB). It first began in 1997 as an initiative
of the Black Flag collective in Switzerland, with the help of the Montreal
Collective Opposed to Police Brutality. The date was chosen because on
March 15th, two children, aged 11 and 12, were beaten by the Swiss police.


# Mar 19,20 Anniv of 2003 bombing of IRAQ - GENERAL STRIKE
Massive Global Protests: 

# Interdependance Day Week End - A New Global Holiday Launch
Sunday, March 20 12:00 PM
We are inviting together a team of like-minded souls who wish to cooperate to produce an amazing global transformational event in mid-March. 
Interdependance Day is a celebrating of the inherent connection of All That Is and the Expression of a Universal Culture based on the realization that All is Related and Mutual. We are inviting Creators of all type to join together to make a most Inspiring Evocation of our Collective Spirit. 
Core to Buddhism is the realization that everything arises as an interdependent whole, that there is no separation. It is this illusion of separation that is the source of suffering, the ills of the world or "samsara". Realization and Embodiment of Interdependence is in like measure core to Our Original Expression. 
To this end we have recently started a new tribe, the "Interdependence Day" tribe to coordinate the creation of this event. You are invited to join us, too. 
Our tribe format is based a self-organizing model/experiment using, as a collaborative "software" venue to organize and implement the launch in March of Interdependance Day.

# "Central Park Belongs to the People--March on Central Park on March 20 
to End the Occupation!"

#  San Francisco Anarchist Bookfair on March 26th
? Golden Gate Park ? Stanyan @ Waller / Kezar Pavillion ?
Panel Including Ward Churchill Cancelled in New York
February 1, 2005: University of Colorado Boulder Professor and longtime American Indian activist Ward Churchill has come under increasing criticism recently because of his view of why the September 11th events happened and could occur again. Prof. Churchill was scheduled to speak at Hamilton College in New York state this Thursday, and family members of people who died in the 9/11 incidents have been protesting his right to speak. Hamilton's website this afternoon indicated that the panel, "Limits on Dissent", has been cancelled due to "safety concerns," even after the event had been moved to a larger building. Churchill's speeches, essay, and book entitled "On the Justice of Roosting Chickens" earned national media attention in the leadup to the cancellation of the event. On January 31st he resigned his post as Chair of the Department of Ethnic Studies at the University of Colorado, but not his teaching position. Churchill is scheduled to speak at the San Francisco Anarchist Bookfair on March 26th

# May 20-29 Portland, OR Village Building Convergence 5
Human-Scale Community Action at the Urban Crossroads
Ready to change the world starting in your neighborhood? intersection repair

Do not feed the machine April 15th. GENERAL STRIKE
Northern California War Tax Resistance announce list. (510) 843-9877
Infor/support for conscientious war tax resisters in the SF Bay Area.

# Five years after thousands of activists came to Washington 
DC in the first mass show in the U.S. of dissent and solidarity with the global 
struggle against the World Bank and IMF, the Mobilization for Global Justice is 
calling for people to come to Washington DC April 15-17th, 2005 to protest the 
institutions during their semi-annual spring meetings and to celebrate the 
other, more just world that is under construction due to the daily resistance 
of millions of people worldwide! 
For More Information and to Get Involved: 
Visit E-mail 

# 5th Annual Conference for Young Women Affected by Breast Cancer Feb 19-20, 2005; 96th Meeting American Association for Cancer Research April 16-20, 2005; SABCS 2005 Breast Cancer Action

# Bicycle Film Festival: Call For Entries
Sunday, May 1 2005  - Tuesday, May 31 2005 
 New York, Los Angles, San Francisco, Tokyo, and London! Haight Ashbury
 212 726 8505

# San Francisco Sex Worker Festival 2005
 Sunday, May 1 2005  - Sunday, May 8 2005 
 Roxie Cinema  3117 16th St @ Valencia
 Providing information about sex worker rights and issues. 
 BAYSWAN is specifically geared towards sex workers as well as activists, students and faculty. BAYSWAN, Bay Area Sex Worker Advocacy Network, is a collaborative project providing information for sex workers and about the sex industries. BAYSWAN organizes to improve working conditions, increase safety and services for workers, and to eliminate discrimination on behalf of individuals working within the sex industry. 

(Formerly Health & Harmony Festival)
Northern California's premiere community celebration of progressive culture
Music * Arts * Ecology * Healthful Living
Saturday and Sunday, June 11th-12th, 2005.
Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, CA
11AM - 8PM Saturday? 11AM - 7PM Sunday
Saturday Night Dance?? 8PM - 12 PM

Any law that is repugnant to the Constitution of the United States
of America is NULL and VOID.  Marburry v. Madison -1803

-The Geneva convention instructs us to resist genocide by any means necessary.
-The US constitution directs us to overthrow our government if it fails to represent us.

If a cop does not understand these laws, you can arrest him for impersonating an officer.

Get used to ignoring or arresting officers who do not understand the US Constitution.
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.