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Documentary and Talk
Hosted by Jan Lundberg
Wednesday, March 23rd
Grand Lake Neighborhood Center
530 Lake Park Avenue

This 22-minute documentary traces the groundbreaking research conducted
by the Algalita Marine Research Foundation (AMRF) regarding the
exponential buildup of "non-biodegradable" plastic debris in the
world's oceans, employing scientific papers and interviews with
concerned scientists to reveal why toxic, estrogenic plastic debris is
a serious, chronic threat to marine food webs.

Jan Lundberg is an environmental activist, writer, member of the
Campaign Against the Plastic Plague (CAPP), and publisher of

Call Janet, 595-1596, for information

"Masters of War" lyrics:
"War Is A Racket!" - General Smedley Butler, USMC
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Weekly peace walks at Lake Merritt in Oakland.
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