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four page flyer, 600 kilobyte pdf (Adobe Acrobat format)
best printed front and back on 11 x 17 inch (recycled) paper (pages 1 & 4, and 2& 3 on each side)
but it looks fine on four 8.5x11 inch pages

in the newsletter:
Permaculture, Peak Oil & 9/11
Why was the election stolen?
9/11: Bush's achilles heel
Cheney's Crime
Peak Oil: the real connection between Iraq and 9/11
Evaluating the Paradigms of 9/11:  Incompetence, Blowback, Pearl Harbor, Reichstag Fire
Evidence that is somewhere between the Pearl Harbor (let it happen) and Reichstag Fire (inside job) paradigms
A Hybrid Scenario:  hijacking the hijackers with remote control
Homeland Security is based on false pretenses
9/11 and the Pentagon's missing trillions
Unity: peace, environment, voting rights and 9/11 truth movements - we all need each other (one page flyer)
Good and Bad Evidence:  the truth and lies of 9/11

evaluating evidence regarding 9/11 complicity via two variables:
whether the claims are true or not, what paradigms the claims support

9/11 was deliberately allowed to happen, given crucial technical assistance to ensure that it succeeded, and played on US fears of revenge for our wars.

    "The REAL evidence that 9/11 was an inside job is hard to find due to loud liars
    offering phony evidence used to distract (and discredit) 9/11 skeptics.  The
    growing flood of fake claims for complicity is evidence of a sophisticated
    psychological warfare effort to cover the tracks of the conspiracy."

a list of the best 9/11 truth websites is at (five pages)
OilEmpire guide to 9/11 disinformation that distracts from real evidence of complicity

Popular Mechanics propaganda that focuses on hoaxes, real evidence ignored
No Plane at the Pentagon - the fake debate between no plane and no complicity
"9/11: In Plane Site" a film that is mostly hoaxes
"Pod Plane" at the South Tower (the one that hit second, with lots of witnesses)
No Plane in Pennsylvania and No Gas Chambers at Auschwitz:  Holocaust Denial publication promotes 9/11 hoaxes
No Plane at the North Tower -- The Webfairy's King Kong sized hologram
Abiotic Oil:  Snooze Button for concerns about Peak Oil

Understanding 9/11:  A Parable

New Pages at
BRAZIL (the movie): Monty Python meets the Department of Homeland Security
Moving to Canada? That's not far enough to escape the empire.
(It's like moving from Germany to Belgium in 1939.)
several links to articles about Michael Chertoff's 9/11, Patriot Act, and Guantanamo connections
("Chertoff" means "devil" in Russian.)
Jared Diamond's new book "Collapse" (about societies that choose to anticipate or ignore ecological limits)
secret suppressed technology or hoaxes? a permaculture view of claims for "zero point energy"
Geoslavery:   how the global positioning system will track everyone, all the time
Republicans redefine the term "media whore" - Jeff Gannon / James Guckert, a gay prostitute who pretended to be a journalist at the White House
JFK: the national security state's coup d'etat in Dallas
Karl Rove: Bush's Brain, the evil genius
Martin Luther King, Jr. Speeches on war and peace
The government killed King, not James Earl Ray
John Negroponte: death squad supporter now in charge of all US spy agencies
October Surprise, 1980 and 2004: how Team Bush got into power
"On October 19, 1980, Bush was dealing with Khomeini!"
robotic weapons
Secession, autonomy and bioregional politics -- the antidote to empire?
Oil Empire Slideshow (in HTML and powerpoint formats)
The Order of Skull and Bones
The trillions of dollars "missing" from the US federal budget
Rumsfeld admitted $2.3 trillion is missing on September 10, 2001 (very convenient timing to bury the story)
Tsunami 2004
The money for Tsunami aid should come from US military budget (find the "missing" four trillion dollars!)
Ecological Devastation and Coastal Over-development Made Tsunami Damage Worse
Professor Ward Churchill is attacked by militarists for suggesting World Trade Center was a military target (although the CIA office was in Building 7, which was not hit by a plane - but fell down anyway around 5:20pm on 9/11)

Updated pages
updated "9/11 parable" and list of best websites about 9/11 complicity - why 9/11 was allowed to happen
Abiotic oil, wishful thinking, psychological denial and other distractions to avoid honesty about the energy crises
the connections between 9/11 and Peak Oil - all files on (over 100 web pages) - best books on 9/11 issues
Misinformation and disinformation about 9/11 that distracts from real evidence of complicity
the ties between the Bush and Bin Laden clans
COINTELPRO Counter Intelligence Program
Lone Gunmen and Plane Crashes: the American coup d'etat
Cynthia McKinney
Re-elected to Congress for the 2005 - 2006 session - the most courageous member of Congress
"Not See's" and Nazis
9/11 Dictionary (introductions to complex topics)
best links regarding the suicide of reporter Gary Webb
exit polls for Kerry, voting machines for Bush
Left Gatekeepers:  the "stand down" of the liberal / left / progressive "alternative" media about 9/11 complicity -- the politics, the psychology, the practice, the personnel
Alexander Cockburn supports Warren Commission coverup, ridicules 9/11 skeptics and vote fraud allegations, claims global warming "theory" is false, supports a hoax campaign against famous successful civil rights lawsuit (Judi Bari vs. FBI - see
Lessons from the Holocaust
Holocaust Denial infiltrates the 9/11 truth movement ("no planes" on 9/11 and "no gas chambers")
The Fourth Reich - Prescott Bush (W's grandfather) and the Nazis
see also
Humor for Groucho Marxists
film pretending to expose 9/11 conspiracy but is mostly disinformation
includes a few real claims (via plagiarized film clips) mixed with hoaxes
a bad joke "hidden in plain sight"
Boycott Microsoft:  Big Brother's Computer Company, support a democratic internet - best movies on 9/11 issues
Secrets Hidden In Plain Sight
9/11 Truth and Reconciliation
Quantum Leap Solutions
Peak Oil, Permaculture and 9/11
The Peace, 9/11 Truth, Civil Liberties and Environmental movements need each other
Yellow Alert: Danger of Fascism Elevated
peace movement strategies
How to stop the world war? refocus on the deepest issues
Peak Oil is the real connection between Iraq and 9/11
(9/11 was the pretext arranged to enable the seizure of the Mid East oil fields)
The Pentagon attack: How the "no plane" theories are used to discredit 9/11 skepticism and distract from proven evidence of complicity
(the fake debate between "no plane" and "no complicity" - neither is true)
the fringe claim that Flight 175 (second to hit the WTC) had a missile firing "pod" under the plane, a close examination of the photographic evidence shows this is a hoax, the "pod" is just the connector between the wing and fuselage on a Boeing jet (none of the best writers about 9/11 complicity claims believe this, it is probably just a means to discredit real evidence by association) - al-CIA-duh!  background on the bogeyman - religious warfare and theocracy
remote control technology for planes, the fact that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon in the nearly empty, recently reconstructed and strengthened sector suggests remote control was used to minimize casualties
Radio Frequency Identification:  a key part of the emerging global surveillance society
Michael Ruppert, author of "Crossing the Rubicon" (best account of how 9/11 was perpetrated)
9/11 skeptics who seek a real investigation (politicians, authors, activists)
"Vote Fraud in Ohio"
Understanding 9/11: Incompetence, Blowback, Pearl Harbor or Reichstag Fire?
"War Games" by the US military on 9/11
intentional paralysis of air defenses that ensured the success of the attacks?
The "Plane Crash" of Senator Paul Wellstone



         stolen elections * 9/11 * fascism
 World War IV * media manipulation * Peak Oil

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