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UPDATED: Urgent action needed on REAL ID Act

Prison Planet | Updated April 22 2005 

A tri-national ID card, merging US driver license databases with Canada and Mexico could be passed under the banner of 9/11 today. Here's an urgent action alert from :

Call your Senators by dialing the congressional switchboard at (202) 224-3121

Senator Johnny Isakson (R-GA) has introduced the REAL ID Act as an amendment to the Emergency Supplemental bill. This amendment may well come up for a vote on the Senate floor either tonight or tomorrow. It is also possible that amendments may be offered to improve the REAL ID Act or to make it even more punitive.

Because of the uncertainty and the shortness of time, it is imperative to call both of your Senators IMMEDIATELY with the following simple message:

OPPOSE all provisions of the REAL ID Act.


The website that put the above alert out skewed the nature of the bill by listing provisions which are simply not there.

The real reasons to oppose the bill are outlined in the following articles.

HR 418- A National ID Bill Masquerading as Immigration Reform by Ron Paul

Real ID Act is a Trojan horse

National ID cards on the way?


Just Say NO! to the REAL BAD ID ACT

The REAL ID ACT should be renamed the "Big Brother's Surreal ID ACT"

1. It further federalizes the state issued id's

2. It creates a tri-national database system

3. It could lead the way toward the use of RFID technology on all indentification cards

4. It requires US citizens to obtain assignment of SSNs prior to obtaining a driver's license or other non-driver ID

 5. It gives Secretary of Homeland Security sole discretion to waive all laws in and around the border for construction of roads and fortifications.

6. It is up to $750,000,000 in unfunded mandates to the States.

Tell the Senate to Just Say NO! to the REAL ID ACT 

 Click here to send a letter to your senator.
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