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School Diet Change Brings Remarkable Behavior Improvements


Full Scale of WTO Challenge to Health and Environment Revealed

Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
Amazon Destruction Accelerating in Brazil

Shocking Pictures of Rain Forest Destruction,8542,1488779,00.html

View the report at

Help Black Rock City against the proposed Sempra coal fired power plant

mercury from power plants costs $8.7 each year in lost intelligence


Scientists Say Sunshine May Prevent Cancer


Don't just wait for a Supreme Court retirement...

LaRouche: Shut Down Senate If Cheney Goes Nuclear Flag Desecration Amendment Crisis
Bush Wants Global Intervention Corps The Fight Against Government Secrecy and Surveillance Continues  
— The Declaration of Independence

Breaking: UK to rush thousands of troops to Afghanistan
Scott Ritter says Iran gets whacked in June. Iran shares 
a long border with Afghanistan. Kinda interesting, hunh?

Arizona Prepares For Secession From US - if Martial Law is Declared

mercury from power plants costs $8.7 each year in lost intelligence

Environmental Health Perspectives Volume 113, Number 5, May 2005
Public Health and Economic Consequences of Methyl Mercury Toxicity to the 
Developing Brain
Leonardo Trasande,1,2,3,4 Philip J. Landrigan,1,2 and Clyde Schechter5

1Center for Children's Health and the Environment, Department of Community 
and Preventive Medicine, and 2Department of Pediatrics, Mount Sinai School 
of Medicine, New York, New York, USA; 3Division of General Pediatrics, 
Children's Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, USA; 4Department of Pediatrics, 
Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA; 5Department of Family 
Medicine, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, New York, USA
Methyl mercury is a developmental neurotoxicant. Exposure results 
principally from consumption by pregnant women of seafood contaminated by 
mercury from anthropogenic (70%) and natural (30%) sources. Throughout the 
1990s, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) made steady progress 
in reducing mercury emissions from anthropogenic sources, especially from 
power plants, which account for 41% of anthropogenic emissions. However, 
the U.S. EPA recently proposed to slow this progress, citing high costs of 
pollution abatement. To put into perspective the costs of controlling 
emissions from American power plants, we have estimated the economic costs 
of methyl mercury toxicity attributable to mercury from these plants. We 
used an environmentally attributable fraction model and limited our 
analysis to the neurodevelopmental impacts--specifically loss of 
intelligence. Using national blood mercury prevalence data from the Centers 
for Disease Control and Prevention, we found that between 316,588 and 
637,233 children each year have cord blood mercury levels > 5.8 µg/L, a 
level associated with loss of IQ. The resulting loss of intelligence causes 
diminished economic productivity that persists over the entire lifetime of 
these children. This lost productivity is the major cost of methyl mercury 
toxicity, and it amounts to $8.7 billion annually (range, $2.2-43.8 
billion; all costs are in 2000 US$). Of this total, $1.3 billion (range, 
$0.1-6.5 billion) each year is attributable to mercury emissions from 
American power plants. This significant toll threatens the economic health 
and security of the United States and should be considered in the debate on 
mercury pollution controls. Key words: children's health, cognitive 
development, cord blood, electrical generation facilities, environmentally 
attributable fraction, fetal exposure, lost economic productivity, mercury, 
methyl mercury, power plants. Environ Health Perspect 113:590-596 (2005). 
doi:10.1289/ehp.7743 available via [Online 28 February 2005]


# Enviro Health Lobby Days, May 23-24, Sacramento Breast Cancer Action 55 New Montgomery, Ste. 323, SF, CA 94105

# RAWdance presents Scripting Intimacies at the Center for Sex & Culture May 23-25, 2005 Gallery @ 7:30 Performance @ 8:00 $5-15 Sliding Scale 398 11th St @ Harrison Contact:, 415.686.0728 Throughout history, the human body has been scienced, looked at through a medical lens to derive narratives of our sexual histories and to create maps of our sexuality.  Drawing on the history of sexology, Scripting Intimacies explores how definitions imposed on our physical and sexual identities impact our self-perception and our intimate relationships.  With a mixture of text, dynamic movement, and intricate partnering, the performance by RAWdance is set amidst an installation of original photography by queer photographer and collaborator Shawn Tamaribuchi.   Founded in 2004 by Ryan T. Smith and Wendy Rein, RAWdance aims to explore the power and vulnerability of the human body through driven, visceral movement.  Scripting Intimacies was developed in part through an AIRSpace residency at the Jons Sims Center for the Arts.

# Liquid Hoop Dance with Christabel May 23, 24, 25 in SF! Monday, May 23 2005 - Thursday, May 26 2005 6:30 PM A three night intensive hula hoop class! Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Super sexy, super fluid, super liquidhoopdance! Two tracks available. There is an "Early session" 6:30-8pm *or* "Late session" "8-9:30pm on each night. Each track is limited to 12 students maximum and provides a total of 4 1/2 hours of training. All classes suitable for hoop hobbyists thru performance artists -- guidance for performance given throughout class. Monday's class focuses on torso and arms, Tuesday's class focuses on torso and legs, Wednesday's class focuses on off body moves. Each evening will have a jam circle to close. Bumpin' groovin' music, good times. $60 for three night series of 3 classes, or $25 per class drop in rate on a space available basis. Pre-registration for the series available at Go to "Buy Now" link and register in online store-- specify either "EARLY" or "LATE" in shipping instructions box. Space is *very* limited. Don't miss out! Christabel is now teaching in San Francisco only once a month. Danzhaus is located at the corner of 1275 Connecticut and Cesar Chavez. For more information on the venue and directions go to Other questions? Call Christabel at 415-515-0469

Tue May 24
# No Logo & Money for Nothing Behind the Business of Pop Music Free Film
 Tue May 24 6:00 PM  Red Victorian Peace Cafe  1665 Haight  @ Cole 
 FREE FILMS ($5 suggested donation but no one turned away) 
 Conversation at 6 pm. Film starts at 630 pm 

Tuesday May 24th
 No Logo: Brands, Globalization & Resistance- Documentary 42 min 
In the age of the brand, logos are everywhere. But why do some of the world’s best-known brands find themselves on the wrong end of the spray paint can – the targets of anti-corporate campaigns by activists and prote stors? No Logo, based on the best-selling book by Canadian journalist and activist Naomi Klein, reveals the reasons behind the backlash against the increasing economic and cultural reach of multinational companies. Analyzing how brands like Nike,The Gap, and Tommy Hilfiger became revered symbols worldwide, Klein argues that globalization is a process whereby corporations discovered that profits lay not in making products (outsourced to low-wage workers in developing countries), but in creating branded identities people adopt in their lifestyles. Using hundreds of media examples, No Logo shows how the commercial takeover of public space, destruction of consumer choice, and replacement of real jobs with temporary work – the dynamics of corporate globalization – impact everyone, everywhere. It also draws attention to the democratic resistance arising globally to challenge the hegemony of brands. 
Money for Nothing: Behind the Business of Pop Music –Documentary 44 min 
Of all mass cultural forms, popular music has historically been characterized by the greatest independence for artists and allowing access to a broader diversity of voices. However, in the contemporary period, this independence is being threatened by a shrinking number of record companies, the centralization of radio ownership and playlists, and the increasing integration of popular music into the broader advertising and commercial aspects of the market. 
Narrated by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, Money for Nothing features interviews with hip-hop legend and pioneer Chuck D, respected independent artist Ani DiFranco, Michael Franti of Spearhead, and Riot Grrrl co-founder Kathleen Hanna (of Bikini Kill and Le Tigre). It also includes interviews with popular music historian Professor Reebee Garafolo, ex-Rolling Stone editor Dave Marsh, political economist Robert W. McChesney, and Shirley Halperin, editor of BOP magazine. 

Friday-May 27th 
The World According to Bush- Documentary 91 min 
a two-hour documentary about the inner-workings of the Bush administration, will alarm even the most hardened Washington-watchers. 
 Who are the Bushes? Apparently, they're the "quiet dynasty" of modern America-but in reality, their "dynasty" is one of inconceivable family secrets, painstakingly concealed. The current president's grandfather, Prescott Bush, made his fortune by managing Nazi companies after Hitler seized power. In 1942, his companies were confiscated for collaboration with the enemy. George Bush Sr., president from 1988 to 1992, armed and financed Saddam Hussein. He approved the shipping of germ warfare strains to Iraq, enabling the country to launch a chemical attack against Iranian troops and the Kurdish population. 
 The World According to Bush aims to show how the Bushes, father and son, have not only dined with the devil, but have often invit ed themselves to his table. The bin Ladens and the Bushes have been longtime business partners, and the family of the future terrorist chief indirectly financed George W. Bush's political career. This unnatural alliance has continued since the Sept. 11 attacks: Bush Sr. is a top official in one of the biggest private investment funds in the USA, Carlyle, a group that has invested heavily in the arms industry. The Bradley tanks and the missiles used in the latest war against Iraq are made by firms controlled by Carlyle…'and the bin Ladens. For the latter are Bush's associates within this investment fund. 
Visit to learn more or to organize more local screenings email below 

# Tue May 24th 7-9pm SPAWN's 1st general meeting 2005
 San Geronimo Valley Cultural Center
Protect Salmon habitat, watersheds in Marin County.

# 9-11-01 Truth Movement,  United States Defense Department Agent McNiven
aka "Grillfire" is schedualed to be on PAX TV's show "Lie
Detector" on May 24,2005.
911 - inside job.   Demand investigation! - - - - -  -

# 5/24: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF PEACE Briefing & Fundraiser
Reply to:
Yet another opportunity to be briefed about and support the 
 national campaign for the creation of our U.S. DEPARTMENT OF PEACE. 
 Help Make Non-Violence the Organizing Principle of our Society 
 Help Create a Culture of Peace 

 The interest in and support for the Department of Peace is growing by the day! 

 Please join us for a  Briefing/Fundraiser for 
 The Campaign for a U.S. DEPARTMENT OF PEACE 

 Honored Speaker: 
 Dorothy Maver, Executive Director 
 The Peace Alliance and Peace Alliance Foundation 

 DVD presentations of: 
 A CNN interview with Marianne Williamson and Rep. Dennis Kucinich 
 Van Jones, Exe. Director, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights 

 Tuesday Evening, May 24, 2005, 
 7pm – 9pm 

 Desserts and Beverages will be served 


 Bea Herrick 650 941-2415 
 Judy Kimmel 415 383-3982 

 A Dept. of Peace . . . an idea whose time has come! 

 Now, more than ever, is a critical time to create a powerful citizen's peace campaign. So, come join us in this historic opportunity to establish a U.S. Department of Peace thus installing a cabinet-level Secretary of Peace. The purpose of the Dept. of Peace would be to research, facilitate and articulate non-violent solutions to domestic and international conflicts, making non-violence an organizing principle of American society By understanding and addressing the root causes of violence, we can predict and ameliorate a myriad of hostilities, improve national security, help protect human rights, and prevent and de-escalate armed international conflict. Not only will the Dept. of Peace implement strong policy, but it will save the American tax payer billions of dollars, as well. This is a nonpartisan campaign engaged in shifting our national focus away from violence and war. The Dept. of Peace is an idea whose time has come, and will become a legislative reality when each of joins in making it happen!

# free quantum yoga class Tue May 24 7:00 PM
 1436 waller @ Ashbury  SF 94117    510 712 1173 
 A part experiential , part discussion exploration of the intersection of science and yoga/taichi/energy work. While you are being led into different poses and exercises, it will be explained to you what is happening to your body from a scientific viewpoint. Revolutionary new physics theories of what meridians, chakras, prana are will be discussed. 

# 5/24: GMO Food Hazards  (santa rosa)  7:30pm  99 W 6th St   Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Wed May 25     (do not get burned by the US dollar's collapse...)

# Wed May 25 7pm 27th Harmony Festival Pre/FREE Party, Calling Volunteers!
3100 Highway 116 North, Sebastopol (@ Graton Rd.)

Join us for this free presentation to learn about the 
 Foreign Currency Trading market (Forex), 
 and how to use a powerful trading system to tap into profits 
 from the global money market, from anywhere, 24 hours a day.

Wednesday, May 25th
7:30-10pm ~ Presentation begins promptly. 
Corte Madera Best Western Inn (next to Max's Restaurant)
Corte Madera, CA 94925

 (A free secondary in-depth training session 
 Thursday morning, May 26th 9:30 -12 noon
 In San Rafael will be held, with real-time trading and more)

Presented by the Bay Area Forex Group

Please RSVP ~ Contact: Teri Bigio 415.203.3323

o     Who do you want to manage your $Money … you or someone else?
o     Would you want to find out where the $Money is?
o     How do I want my $Money to grow, by addition or multiplication?

 : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :     : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :
Hi…Can you come Wednesday night?
 Why am I so excited about this? Because of several factors, among which include:
 1.     It's the trading rage in Europe and Asia. Foreign Currency Trading is just hitting the market in the US as a viable way to make money.
 2.     This company makes it easy to learn this money approach. The software program is an “elegant” program, and the market is shown in graphs and charts, not just numbers.
 3.     You are supported in your trading, with real-time chat rooms, ongoing training opportunities, local teams and groups gathered around trading, so that you learn faster.
 4.     The market is measured in pips. Up until two years ago, there wasn't a day of 100 pips. This year, 2-3 times per week, and sometimes more often, there are 100 pip spreads. Analysts are expecting the market to expand in the next 2-3 years to have as much as much as 300-600 pips spreads happening.
 5.     It's a market you can trust… at least more than stocks. Stocks are traded at $28 billion a day. The Forex market trades $1.9 Trillion a DAY!

 Please come and check it out. Add to your level of financial education. You're welcomed to invite friends to join you for this informative evening. If you're interested and can't make this meeting, please let me know so I can put you on a special list for the next gathering, or set up a private appointment to introduce it to you.

 Cheers!  Teri Bigio 415.203.3323

# Get on the Bus! Wed. May 25 PROTEST SCHWARZENEGGER!

# CURVE MAGAZINE -- 15th Anniversary Party Wed May 25 8 PM
 Lexington Club  3464 19th St. @ Valencia / Mission
 The nation's best-selling lesbian magazine turns 15 this year! We're almost legal ... and ready to drink to that. Party with us Wednesday, May 25 at 8 p.m. at San Francisco's historic Lexington Club. With DJs Page Hodel (Club Q), Jen Selekt & Mike Needles, raffle prizes and more, we guarantee it will be way more fun than your 15th birthday party. for details. 
 Promotional support sponsored by Queer Stuff Enterprises  No cover / 21 and over

Thu May 26

# Thu, May 26, 2005      
Film Showing and Discussion: Our Synthetic Sea

Thursday, May 26, 2005

 Film Showing and Discussion: Our Synthetic Sea

 "Our Synthetic Sea" is the award-winning documentary film on the tragic pollution of plastics in the Pacific Ocean. Algalita Marine Research Foundation commissioned this film based on the voyages and investigations of Captain Charles Moore, who found that the amount of plastic debris in the middle of the Pacific is six times greater than zooplankton. The implications for human health and the whole web of life are just being faced, while society still uses as much petroleum as possible, in its various convenient and toxic forms, to create and display "wealth." Come join us for the film and for a lively discussion about alternatives.

 Time: 7pm - 9pm.
 Location: Ecology Center, 2530 San Pablo Ave, near Dwight Way, Berkeley.
 Cost: Free.
 Info: Jan Lundberg, 215-243-3144, 

# Thurs., May 26-Music & Politics w/ Marcus Shelby, 7-9 p.m.  
 Bliss Bar  4026 24th St. @ Noe / Castro  415-290-2708
 Jazz and Politics Salon, Jazz Musician and Historian Marcus Shelby and School Board President and Jazz Fan Eric Mar will be talking about how music has influenced politics. Thursday, May 26, 7-9 p.m., Bliss Bar, 4026 24th Street, San Francisco, 415-290-2708 (press and readers), free.

# Anti-Americanism? Reading the New Germany Thu May 26 7:30pm free
 Lecture by Michael Werz
 Two years after the bitter U.S.-German divide over Iraq, a number of opinion polls suggest that anti-American feelings are growing worldwide and that European societies are one focus of a swell in resentment against the United States. However, neither anecdotal observation nor polling data, with their seductive appearance of precision, provide a complete picture of either the state or causes of anti-Americanism in Germany.
Michael Werz is a Transatlantic Fellow with the German Marshall Fund of the United States in Washington D.C. His recent work has concentrated on the study of race and ethnicity in the United States during the 20th century.
 GOETHE-INSTITUT Auditorium 530 Bush  415-263-8760

# May 26 Thursday Satori Hoop Dance Performance at the Heavy Petting Zoo at in San Francisco
Imagine walking among among walking pieces of art, fire dancers, tribal hula hoop spinners, snake charmers, and painted gypsies. Let us awaken your senses with delicious carnival treats and tantalizing tunes. It's like no circus you've ever witnessed! The HEAVY PETTING ZOO is a new and unique experience that will seduce your imagination and inspire participation! Christabel and Anah will be performing as the dynamic duo SATORI! 8pm-2am. Red Ink Studios, 25th 9th street at Jessie and Market.


Fri May 27

Join the protest against Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice on Friday, May 
27, 10 am - 1 pm, at Davies Symphony Hall, Grove & Van Ness, San 
Francisco. Rice will be speaking at a Commonwealth Club event. Say NO! to 
war and occupation in Iraq, Palestine, Haiti, Afghanistan and everywhere. 
Stop the U.S threats and intervention against Cuba, Venezuela, Korea, 
Philippines, Syria, Iran and other countries. Protest the war at home!

# Fri May 25 12:00 noon, please join Valerie Mizuhara and  PETA
to protest KFC at 510 Miller Ave in Mill Valley, CA. For more
information, please contact Valerie at Come out
and show people that the secret in KFC's secret recipe is the torture 
of millions of chickens. 
KFC is responsible for slitting conscious birds' throats open, and
scalding them while they're still alive.  They cut the beaks off of
mother hens without pain killers and drug their chickens with
antibiotics to keep them alive through conditions that would otherwise
kill them.  Please join our worldwide campaign against KFC by 
attending this protest. for more information. 
Signs and literature provided, just show up.
Thanks for all of your help!

# The World According to Bush- Documentary 91 min  Free Film
Fri May 27 6:00 PM  Red Victorian Peace Cafe  1665 Haight  @ Cole 
 FREE FILMS ($5 suggested donation but no one turned away) 
 Conversation at 6 pm. Film starts at 630 pm 
Friday-May 27th 
The World According to Bush- Documentary 91 min 
a two-hour documentary about the inner-workings of the Bush administration, will alarm even the most hardened Washington-watchers. 
 Who are the Bushes? Apparently, they're the "quiet dynasty" of modern America-but in reality, their "dynasty" is one of inconceivable family secrets, painstakingly concealed. The current president's grandfather, Prescott Bush, made his fortune by managing Nazi companies after Hitler seized power. In 1942, his companies were confiscated for collaboration with the enemy. George Bush Sr., president from 1988 to 1992, armed and financed Saddam Hussein. He approved the shipping of germ warfare strains to Iraq, enabling the country to launch a chemical attack against Iranian troops and the Kurdish population. 
 The World According to Bush aims to show how the Bushes, father and son, have not only dined with the devil, but have often invit ed themselves to his table. The bin Ladens and the Bushes have been longtime business partners, and the family of the future terrorist chief indirectly financed George W. Bush's political career. This unnatural alliance has continued since the Sept. 11 attacks: Bush Sr. is a top official in one of the biggest private investment funds in the USA, Carlyle, a group that has invested heavily in the arms industry. The Bradley tanks and the missiles used in the latest war against Iraq are made by firms controlled by Carlyle…'and the bin Ladens. For the latter are Bush's associates within this investment fund. 
Visit to learn more or to organize more local screenings email below 

# Opulent Temple of Venus Burning Man Fundraiser
 Please help the Opulent Temple of Venus make beautiful things happen this year at Burning Man. 
 By day - an intentional multi-service salon for the goddesses of the playa 
By night - a space for sacred dance to world class music and opulent chilling 
 Upcoming fun raisers to make it happen. An investment in your future peak experience! 
 Friday, May 27th  @ the Anon Salon gallery  285 9th @ Folsom, SF  10pm 
 Funky Dust! 
Ethan Miller (Friends n Family) 
Spesh (Qool/ Looq) 
Kramer (The Deep End) 
Donna Matrix (Newsbreakz) 
Syd Gris (Opulent Temple) 
Rhythmystic (Beatstream / Freek Factory) 
Dirtyhertz (Looq / Pangea) 
Melyss (Sister SF / Opel) 
Taj ( 
Chris Sia (IK / El Circo) 
Giamma (Triple Power / Rhythm Society) 
+more tba, actually. 
 2 rooms of funky beats and dusty treats, plus chill spaces, roof top patio, lounge areas, and playa worthy goodies on hand. 
 $15 before 11:00, $20 after 
$5 off cover any time if in anything playafied, playa digs, playa-esque - you get the point.

# May 27 Hoop Dance Performance at Opel Fundraiser Party at Gingerbread Factory in San Francisco
This event is still be organized, but Christabel will be there performing.

# 5-27 8PM  Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In showing 12 Monkeys

#  MAY 27-29, mindstates 6
Palace of Fine Arts Theatre 3601 Lyon @ Lombard SF
11:00 am to 11:00 pm
Featuring presentations on : 
• visionary art
• electronic trance-dance
• video game environments
• cutting-edge science as art
• current psychedelic research
• techno-biological enhancement
• transcranial magnetic stimulation
• skeptical consciousness studies
• EEG-mapping of altered states 
• Reflections and Inspirations:
The 50 Year Anniversary
of R. Gordon Wasson’s
Psilocybe Discovery
• harm reduction
• virtual reality
and more        new presenters:

Sat May 28

Punks Against War is having a benefit show for the DOPE (Drug Overdose Prevention and Education) Project:
SATURDAY, MAY 28  5pm 
STATION 40  3030 B 16th (between Mission and Valencia) 
BANDS!  Erick and Ivy  The Skanks 
Night Fruit  Hiker Biker  Up the Voltage 
Prints, posters, and zines--everything $1-20 
(If you want to donate art or zines to the sale, please bring them to the show) 
FILM!   "Worth Saving," a short film about the DOPE Project 
by Gretchen Hildebran 
Learn how to save a life 
All proceeds from this benefit will go to the DOPE Project: 
Every year in San Francisco more people die of drug overdose than in car accidents or shootings. The DOPE Project is a team 
committed to reducing the number of overdose deaths in San Francisco (and beyond) to zero. The DOPE Project offers overdose education to staff, residents and clients in SRO hotels, 
shelters, treatment programs and other community settings, and is currently collaborating with the San Francisco Department of Public Health to implement an innovative naloxone distribution program at needle exchange sites throughout the 

# Note: this event is not being held at the Center for Sex & Culture, but the fabulous Loraine has taught with us before and she'll be joining interested attendees on a visit to the Masturbate-a-Thon after her talk. As she as a bisexual activist would be the first to point out, you don't have to choose!
 Saturday May 28th
 2139 O'Farrell
 the new Bay Area poly-progressive group, Love+Politics
 hosts CSC's own friend and queer feminist economic/social justice advocate, sacred sexologist Loraine Hutchins, Ph.D., direct from Washington, DC.
 It's a potluck and her topic is -- 
Sacred Sexualities’ Blessed Absurdities 
 Building Beloved Communities During War & Patriarchy. 
Potluck begins at 6:00, meeting starts promptly at 7.
 2139 O'Farrell is just 1 block from the intersection of Geary & Divisidaro. The #38 Geary bus (which picks up near downtown SF BART) drops off on Geary about a block away. Parking is free in the evening in the Garage across the street. Be aware the building is behind the Kaiser Shuttle parking lot and can be difficult to see behind the big buses parked in front. This is not wheelchair accessible. Childcare provided. For more info, please contact Sally at or 415.310.8351
 "Love+Politics is a group of people who identify as polyamorous, queer,or sex-positive, and who regard that identity as deeply connected to their desire to make the world a better place through progressive activism."


# The Masturbate-a-Thon -- Sat May 28!
Lots of details at
 Doors at 5 for people wanting to try to break the time record (6 1/2 hours)
 General doors at 7
 Get sponsors (pledge sheet is at the website) or pledge yourself plus $20 admission
 Voyeurs $50 -- limited space! 
 Proceeds will benefit the Center for Sex & Culture
 Separate areas for men only, women only, mixed, private (no voyeurs), and webcast.

Hear ye, Hear Ye. Come gather to witness the final showdown: the Trillionare wives of crawford Texas are takin down the Happy Hippies of San Francisco. The Trillionaire wives are 'a comin and their out for oil! Rumour has it that the Hippies of San Francisco, crooked as a barrel of snakes, are gonna to be burning some crawford flesh. Well, The Lord never closes one door without opening another one. The wives will be comin in by chartered boat from crawford, texas to save the day!

# Sat May 28 Hoop Dance Performance at Ruby Skye in San Francisco 
Come check Christabel out in one of three dance sets which happen at 11:45pm, 12:45pm and 1:45am. Another spectacular performance series by Christabel at the biggest nightclub in San Francisco! The name of the DJ has not yet been disclosed to the public.Check out the venue at Nominated by DanceStar as one of the top 5 nightclubs. 15,000 feet in size and with more than 4 luxurious areas and a massive dancefloor and amazing lighting system. Limited presale $15 tickets available at 420 Mason St.San Francisco 94102. Nightclub phone number: 415-693-0777

# Carnaval 5/28/05-5/29/05; San Francisco's version of Mardi Gras; featuring exotic carnival dancers with a mixture of Latino, jazz, samba, Caribbean, and more; Harrison Street between16th and 22nd Streets;

# Carnaval Grand Parade : See Sunday. 9:30 am

 Join 9 of the most controversial speakers in the world
for yet another self-empowering weekend
of information, knowledge and truth that will set you free!
Dick Gregory
 Michael Tsarion THE ORIGINS OF EVIL
 Clay Douglas NEW WORLD ORDER,
 SPECIAL GUEST Radio Host, Hilly Rose
 SPECIAL GUEST Master Scholar, Jordan Maxwell
 SPECIAL GUEST Astrologer & Author, Dr. Louis Turi
 SPECIAL GUEST Radio Host & Author, Dr. Stan Monteith
 SPECIAL GUEST Journalist & Filmmaker, Anthony J. Hilder
Along with crew for a new documentary.
 Pre-registration prices end on Saturday, May 7, 2005.
Take advantage of our discounts and get your tickets now.
 Ph/Fax: (209) 832-0999

Sun May 29

# Carnaval Grand Parade Sun May 29 9:30am Starts at 24th & Bryant St., West to Mission, north to 17th, East to Harrison Festival between 23 and 15th St. Festival 10am-6pm.

# Hula Hoopers shake it in the sunshine this Sunday Dolores Park, 2-5pm 

# Beer, Sex & BLOW III
* benefiting: The Center For Sex & Culture & BLOW - Beautiful Lips On Whistles  
 * Sunday May 29th, 2005, Memorial Day Weekend, 3-6p.m.  
 @ the SF Eagle, 12th & Harrison Streets, San Francisco
The BLOW Project will present the Annual BLOW (Beautiful Lips On Whistles) Lifetime Achievement Award. 
 * $8 beer/beverage bust includes dinner  
 raffle-o-porno tickets  $2 each, 3 tickets for $5, & our inseam special $10 - two people for $20!  
 Hundred$$$ in prizes and give-a-ways  
 Beautiful Lips On Whistles is a grassroots campaign using the safety whistle as a symbol of empowerment against hate crimes. Hate is taught with ideas of intolerance and escalate into violence based on religious and moral high grounds. Education stops hate. Do your part.

# Sun May 29 - 6 PM   Military Voices Against Endless War and Occupation
 King Middle School,   1781 Rose Street, Berkeley
 Aidan Delgado, Dr. Gene Bolles, Camilo Mejia, Cindy Sheehan, Tim
 Goodrich, Stephen Funk, with audio/visual presentations, awards, and entertainment.
 Featuring the leading military voices of resistance from across the country, with recent Iraq veterans, family members of service persons killed in Iraq, and military resisters. Iraq uncensored. Today's military, from recruiting to stop-loss to a possible draft.

# Boa Breaks Sun May 29 9:00pm - 4:00am $10, $5 in advance
 Post Carnaval the Space Cowboys & the Fringe invite you to shake your tail feathers at BOA BREAKS!
(because you can never wear them on the playa)
 Space Cowboy DJs on the UNIMOG OUTSIDE:
rrrus, Mancub, Smoove, Nicola (SC)
guests Zack Darling, Joe Encarnation & drumming by Kevin Wardell
 INSIDE: BLVD - LIVE! electronic trio performance (
Space Cowboy DJs 8Ball & Kapt'n Kirk
Fringe Live performance by Scratch n Sniff (feat. Motion Potion & SJ Littlewood)
 BACK LOUNGE hosted by
James Christopher & J-Tonal (lowprolounge)
Big Dolla Bill & Mycho Cocoa (the Fringe)
 visuals by Dr.FX Acrobatic performances by CIRQUE BERZERK
 Mighty 119 Utah @ 15th / Potrero 415-626-7001

# Plug n Play Sat May 28 9:00pm - 2:00am Free!
 Plug n Play is the latest participatory spectacle from local interventionists Angry Waiter 4AM, inventors of Joke-e-oke! and other fine products.
Plug n Play is a new monthly at Rx Gallery that allows you to bring your own media down to the gallery to share with everyone else.    Bring your ipods, vinyl, laptops, videotapes of your projects, dvds, found footage - down to the Rx and plug them in.  Audio formats accepted: mp3s, vinyl, cds.  Video formats accepted: laptops, vhs, dvd.  This is your chance to grab a little bit of the spotlight.  (Note: those who attempt to hog the spotlight will be dealt with appropriately.)  You get 15 minutes (give or take).  The Waiters will be on hand to assist you and to facilitate the evening.  As an added bonus - we'll project your name on the big plasma screen at the end of the bar.  That's right!  The Big Plasma Screen, At the End of the Bar.  Toil anonymously no longer!
About Angry Waiter 4AM
Angry Waiter 4AM is a secretive collective whose modus operandi is to let the audience do all the work for us (or at least most of it!).  Our motto: Here's your damn 15 minutes!  We relish this current age of performance/reality spectacle, and continue to invent new ways to take advantage of the normal person's insatiable appetite for fame and recognition.  You know you want it. Angry Waiter 4AM are also the masterminds behind the pop-cultural hit Joke-e-oke!, which allows participants to access a database of comedian routines (Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Richard Pryor, George Carlin and many more) and perform the material in a format modeled on karaoke.  The project has received press nationally and internationally, and has been profiled on NPR, Wired News, Slashdot, NME, the New York Times Syndicate, among many other publications and blogs.
Rx Gallery 132 Eddy @ Mason / Taylor


Mon May 30

#       2005-05-30 8PM
There's a new community fire drum circle, music, and fire spinning night at the LaunchPad in NW Oakland.   Everyone is welcome.  Bring good vibes and musical instruments!  There's always a fire going, unless it's raining.  Festivities begin around dusk and usually continue until midnight.  The LaunchPad is located at the NW corner of MacArthur and Martin Luther King jr Way in NW Oakland, just west of the MacArthur BART station.  Intelligent conversation about music, paganism, anarchism, and anything else is very much encouraged! 

Tue May 31

# Tue, May 31 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
 GREEN CITY VISIONS: Rebuilding the City to Save the Environment
SCOTTISH RITE CENTER, OAKLAND 1547 Lakeside Drive Oakland CA 94612
 A United Nations World Environment Day Conference with Carl Pope, Richard Heinberg, Marla Hollander, Gary Braasch, Michel Gelobter, Randy Hayes, Van Jones, Richard Register and Dave Biggs

 Oakland A's Coliseum, Staircase Connecting the Oakland Bart to the Coliseum Pedestrian Overpass
 The Coliseum is the home to the veggie dog & other healthy goodies. Advocates will distribute ballpark vegetarian guides. 


June 2005

# June 1-5 World Environment Day, SF
Public events announced: Five days, five themes, limitless possibilities
Four former SF mayors team up with Mayor Newsom to launch WED 2005
Urban Accords Declared: Cities and individuals take action for a livable future
Green Cities Expo to showcase sustainable products and businesse # INTERN / VOLUNTEER POSITIONS FOR THE NATURAL WORLD MUSEUM
In partnership with the United Nations World
Environment Day 2005 .  Volunteer opportunities
from May 22 - June 8, 2005 at the Festival Pavilion
(50,000 sq. ft.) at the Fort Mason Center, SF.

In exchange for their time all volunteers will receive
admission to Natural World Museum's Art into Action
exhibition and some of its events (see for programming details).
To volunteer Please contact Connie at or 415-378-4097

PLANET, June 1-5!  This promises to be one of the most important
environmental events to come to San Francisco.  Never has this event
taken place in North America.  Let us help to build momentum, starting
NOW!  Here is the WED 2005 website:
READ Gavin Newsom's WED 2005 message:
CONTRIBUTE to the draft Green Cities Declaration, with your careful,
well-said, and caring thoughts to the wiki, which may be included in
the final declaration:
FIVE DAYS of WED 2005 events:

 UN World Environment Day  June 1-5 2005 Fort Mason Festival Pavilion SF
Come together to celebrate the United Nations
World Environment Day 2005 in San Francisco.

Join us for a  world class environmental art exhibition 
and a series of events highlighting world leaders in 
the fields of art, conservation, education, science, 
and green business.  

Art Into Action is a 5 day program that promotes the 
fusion of art and the environment for powerful social 
change.  Special guests include Al Gore, Daryl Hannah, 
Francine Cousteau, Joanna Macy, Mike Fay, Randy Hayes, 
and many more...

Urban Jungle is our innovative art exhibition that includes 
installations by National Geographic, Conservation 
International, Canon, the California Academy of Sciences 
and over 25 environmental artists from around the world!

  June 1- 5 2005 10am - 5pm Fort Mason Center, SF
................ UNITE IN GREEN ! ....................

# ***UN World Environment Day in SF: Do We Have a Message for the World's Mayors?! CALL TO ACTION!!!***
Greetings, Bay Area & Northern CA Activists, Friends and Colleagues!

In the midst of the many crises we are facing right now--from US-sponsored
genocide, torture, murder, war & occupation, and military coups, to
whole-sale civil rights and tax-payer abuses--we are also LOSING THE PLANET,
mostly through CORPORATE PIRACY. We have a RARE OPPORTUNITY to bring these
DIRE ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES out from the shadows into CENTER STAGE when mayors
and media from around globe come to San Francisco for WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY,
JUNE 2--5, 2005.

I just spent the last two hours going over the official calendar
(, which is formidable--including forums, workshops,
and reality tours by many reputable non-profits like GreenAction, Ella Baker
Center, Urban Habitat, Global Exchange, and Public Citizen, among others.
Our good friends who organized the BIOTECH WORLD CAFE during RECLAIM THE
COMMONS 2004, are organizing two world cafes for the event, one on Buying
Green to Save the Planet and one on the Precautionary Principle. There are
also many wonderful, unofficial events, per the calendar that Alli Star just
put out (email me if you didn't get this list and want it). Not surprising,
the CORPORATE AGENDA is also well represented, with Mitsubishi, swissnex,
NRDC, SF Dept of the Environment, Mayor Newsom, CPUC, among others,
sponsoring corporate-control of renewable energy and other resources,
"private/public partnerships," corporate control of "sustainable
development," corporate greenwashing, and so on. 

This is a GREAT opportunity to educate the public, the media, and the mayors
regarding environmental issues near and dear to us: DEFORESTATION in
California and around the globe, the proliferation of GMOs, ENVIRONMENTAL
taking this opportunity to paint SF & CA GREEN, while dragging their heels
on the shut-down of the PG&E plant, ushering in an upscale HOUSING DEVELOPMENT
on an unclean SUPERFUND SITE, ignoring the HOMELESS and Housing Crisis, and
HIKING MUNI FARES, because they refuse to tax BIG BIDNESS. ***Of utmost
importance, the Dept of the Environment is considering ROLLING BACK its BAN
on purchasing PRIMARY FOREST TROPICAL HARDWOOD--this is a precedent we do
not want SF to set or other city governments to follow!!!!****

giant redwood stump, killer tomato and corn costumes, Wizard of Oz
accoutrements, Mourning Mothers (no blood for oil, use alternative fuels!)
etc. We could re-purpose our Wizard Consumer Consciousness Action--Have the
Brains, Heart, and Courage to Buy Small and Local, Fair Trade & Green!--to
hit all the issues at the opening civic center plaza celebration (June 2
9--11:30), and follow up with more tightly focussed actions at other

If you have any interest in planning or participating in some FUN STREET
THEATER around DIRE ENVIRO ISSUES, please contact me ASAP!

For Justice and Ecology! Mary Mary Bull
Greenwood Earth Alliance
Save the Redwoods - Boycott the Gap Campaign
252 Frederick, San Francisco, CA 94117

Thu June 2

# How to Win in the Green Building Marketplace 
– Marc Richmond, Vice  President, What’s Working
  Learn why consumers are asking for green and how to put your business 
at the forefront of the green home building movement.
  Thursday June 2nd, 9:00 – 10:30 AM
  Pacific Energy Center, 851 Howard @ 4th/5th St.  free

# Green Buildings in California: Case Studies and Panel Discussion – 
Andrea Traber, Peter Rumsey and Miriam Landman
  Three Bay Area green building professionals will present case studies 
on a variety of commercial and residential green building projects in 
California. Dynamic case studies with discussion to follow.
  Thursday June 2nd, 9:30 – 12:00 PM
  Pacific Energy Center, 851 Howard @ 4th/5th St.  free

# Prescription for Building Wellness,
Intelligent Design for Long-term Health -
  Anthony Bernheim, FAIA, Principal Green Design, SMWM, and Tom Lent, 
Technical Policy Coordinator, Healthy Building Network
  Sick building or healthy workforce? Discover how urban planning, 
building design and material selection promote occupant health and 
  Thursday June 2nd, 10:30 – 12:00 PM
  Pacific Energy Center, 851 Howard @ 4th/5th St.  free

# And don’t miss the Pacific Heights Green Showhouse! Tour this 
spectacular home to see green and healthy building materials integrated 
with aesthetically pleasing and highly functional living areas and a 
stunning view of the City!
  To register for any of these green building events, or for further 
information, please visit or call (415) 383-5105.
  To view the full World Environment Day calendar, visit

# Public Citizen invites you to attend Celebrating Water Democracy, a
unique and exciting event for UN World Environment Day in San Francisco!

* Bring your friends, coworkers, and fellow organization members!
* Distribute this email widely!
* RSVP if you would like to attend.
* Click on the link below for a flyer. Post and distribute.

Celebrating Water Democracy
Community Speak-out for a Global Treaty on the Human Right to Water

United Nations World Environment Day 2005 
June 2nd, 2005, 2:30- 4:30PM @ The Metreon, San Francisco 

From Bolivia to Bayview-Hunter's Point, from Ghana to Alpaugh in
California's Central Valley, communities are organizing for the right to
safe and affordable water. This basic human right is being threatened by
privatization, pollution, industrial agriculture and environmental
racism, among many other injustices. 

Celebrating Water Democracy! seeks to advance World Environment Day
2005 Accord Goal 7 on water, particularly Action 21, by creating a space
for open and critical dialogue that encourages collaborative
partnerships among those who are working to ensure the right to clean
and affordable water.  This event will promote participatory and
environmentally sustainable models of water management as well as
highlight innovative community-led public partnerships.

Community representatives will provide testimony to a panel of water
rights experts in support of a new global initiative calling for a UN
Convention on the Right to Water. This legally-binding framework
promoting the human right to water would take precedence over
international trade laws that grant corporations rights to commodify and
privatize water/water utilities.  It would also give communities a
powerful tool to hold their governments accountable for providing safe
water for all. For more information on this global effort please see and

COLLABORATING  ORGANIZATIONS: Public Citizen's Water for All, Ghana
National Coalition Against Privatization of Water, International Working
Group on the Convention on the Right to Water, Communities for A Better
Alpaugh, African International Mission, Hesperian Foundation, Ella Baker
Center for Human Rights, Women of Africa, Alliance for Democracy,
Environmental Justice Coalition for Water, National Wildlife Federation
and others.

Friday, June 3

# Bridging the Social Justice and Environmental Movements: Now Is the Time for
Community Conversations About People and the Environment in the Bayview and

As part of the U.N. World Environment Day activities, a coalition of Bay
area community groups is hosting an event entitled "Bridging the Social
Justice & Environmental Movements: Now Is the Time" on Friday, June 3 from
1-4:30 pm at the Southeast Community Facility in San Francisco's Bayview
district. This civic gathering will provide a forum for people to relay
their everyday experiences with the impacts of development and change in
their communities and explore how we can learn to work together more
effectively to build a just and sustainable world. Julia Butterfly Hill and
Van Jones will co-host a panel including Bayview Hunters Point community
leaders and selected international mayors, followed by interactive
conversations with the presenters. To RSVP, please contact Paul Liotsakis at
(415) 637-2339 or at


Aaron G. Lehmer
Program Director, Circle of Life

Write: P.O. Box 3764, Oakland, CA  94609
Call: 510-601-9790 x303 / Fax: 510-601-9788

Stay Informed... Get Inspired... Take Action!
Sign up for Circle of Life news and alerts, at:

# Artists as Visionaries for a Sustainable Future
JOIN US in a ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION with speakers from ecoart nonprofits 
 dedicated to connecting artists, scientists, communities and the natural world.  
JUNE 3 FRI 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm reception 8:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Ecoartspace    Tricia Watts      Peter Richards & Susan Schwartzenberg    Sam Bower 
Social Sculpture Research Unit
   (Oxford Brookes University, UK)     Shelley Sacks
WEAD     Susan Leibovitz Steinman & Jo Hanson
 Mc Bean Auditorium in the Exploratorium
SF Palace of Fine Arts, 3601 Lyon St, SF, 415-563-7337 for directions
FREE and open to the public, this event is hosted by the Exploratorium as part of UN 
 World Environment Day 2005.

Sat June 4

# Sat. June 4 10am  CodePINK at Fairfax Parade and Festival 
 Join North Bay's CodePINK march in the Fairfax Parade, honoring the peace-making actions of Representative Lynn Woolsey and Senator Barbara Boxer. We plan to "pinkify" the parade (wear pink! wave pink! bring pink! and we'll have plenty to borrow), modeling CodePINK's take on color-coded security alerts our administration puts out to "keep us safe." 
 Parade assembles at 9:30 am in Albertson's parking lot 
Park Road @ School St. (Bolinas Rd @ Sir Francis Drake Blvd.) 
Take Central San Rafael exit from 101, Head West to Fairfax.

# In Honor of United Nations World Environment Day
From Bayview Hunters Point to Communities Around the World,
The People Demand Environmental Justice
Rally for Environmental Justice
SATURDAY, JUNE 4, 2005 11 am sharp
In front of San Francisco City Hall
(Polk Street side, near Civic Center BART)
Mayors from around the world will be in San Francisco for the United
Nations World Environment Day meetings and celebrations.
Unite to call on our government leaders to support environmental justice
and oppose environmental racism.
For info:  Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice (415) 248-5010

# Development as if the World Mattered– Hunter Lovins, 
Founder, Natural  Capitalism, Inc.
  Hunter Lovins, noted author and environmental champion, employs 
principles of Natural Capitalism to leverage community-based 
sustainability in Afghanistan and other developing countries. 
Presentation followed by a book signing.
  Saturday June 4th, 2:00 – 5:00 PM
  Pacific Energy Center, 851 Howard St free

# June 4 & 5, 2005 10 am - 5 pm  2nd Annual Fairfax Ecofest...  Fairfax Pavilion 
Park Road @ School St. (Bolinas Rd @ Sir Francis Drake Blvd.) 
Take Central San Rafael exit from 101, Head West to Fairfax.
 The Fairfax Ecofest is a community event, organized by Fairfax residents, to bring people together and learn about issues that affect us economically, environmentally, socially and politically. 
 We provide a forum of speakers, films, artists, educational activities, entertainers, green organizations and food/beverage providers who offer healthy, creative and fun alternatives to what is commonly available in mainstream venues.

Sun June 5

# Celebrating Women’s Leadership in Sustainable Development
 A United Nations World Environment Day 2005 Event
Convened by the Women’s Global Green Action Network and Local Partners
The 2005 UN World Environment Day in San Francisco provides an ideal opportunity to highlight women’s perspectives and contributions to the global environmental challenge. Come hear the incredible stories of women leaders working tirelessly for positive change!
When: Sunday June 5th, 2005 
1-2 p.m.  Meet Local Grassroots Organizations, hear stories of women leaders around the world
2-5 p.m. Celebration: Music & Speakers
$15 (Sliding Scale) at the door. 
Where: Fort Mason Festival Pavilion, San Francisco, CA
Intersection of Marina Boulevard & Buchanan Street, in the Marina district. (Adjacent to the Green Building Expo & the Environmental Art Show) Public Transportation is highly encouraged as parking will be limited.
Confirmed Speakers Include:
Marta Benavides Salvadoran activist, theologian and educator. Founder of Ecohouse, International Institute for Cooperation Amongst Peoples-IICP,    
 Received: 2003 U.N.'s Prize for Women's Creativity in Rural Life
Julia Butterfly Hill Activist, Bestselling Author, and Founder of Circle of Life. Julia has been touring the U.S. and educating about themes of Respect, Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle to reduce our impact on our Earth and add deeper meaning and joy to our lives.
Camila Chavez Dolores Huerta Foundation. Camilla works with the Foundation to focus on community organizing and leadership training in low-income under-represented communities. Camila is the daughter of Dolores Huerta and niece of Cesar Chavez.
Harinder Pal Kaur  Ecological Designer and Construction Project Manager. Harinder has pioneered ecological design and construction in India. She is the Project Director for the development of the world's leading chain of ecological hotels for Kamat Hotels (India) Ltd.
Hunter Lovins Founder and president of Natural Capitalism, Inc. Founder & president of Natural Capitalism, Inc. and the non-profit Natural Capitalism Solutions; co-author, Natural Capitalism; professor, MBA in Sustainable Management program at Presidio World College.
Rev. Sally Grover Bingham Environmental Ministry Grace Cathedral.   Executive Director of The Regeneration Project/ Interfaith Power and Light National Campaign, Energy Globe Award in 2002, Linz Austria. Clean Air Champion Award from Bay Area Air Quality Management District.
Fredericka Bryant Senior at El  Cerrito High School in Richmond, California and a member of Youth Environmental Ambassadors of Health (YEAH) program of MYA. She has given presentations at public meetings at UC Berkeley, in Washington  D.C. and before the California State Senate Environmental Health Policy Committee. Her goal is to work as a youth leader in an environmental justice organization.
Musical Guests Pat Humphries & Sandy O  "Keep on Moving Forward (Never Turning Back),” “Common Thread,” and "Swimming to the Other Side" are sung at peace & justice events around the world. The Beijing Conference in 1995 opened with "Keep on Moving Forward". 
Musical Guest Sharon Abreu Environmental Educator and Activist. Helped develop and promote the World Harmony Network for Sustainable Development at the World Summit on Sustainable Development. Sharon lends her voice and musical talents to enhance public awareness of environmental issues.
Co-Sponsors & Partners
Asian Pacific  Environmental Network, BAIDO (Bay Area International Development Organization), Breast Cancer Action, Breast Cancer Fund, Circle of Life, CODEPINK, Global Fund for Women, Global Exchange, International Museum of Women, Luna Bar, Ma'at Youth Academy, Matters of Trust, Pacific  Environment, People’s Grocery, Rainforest Action Network, Sea Breeze Sea Vegetables, Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition, WAGES 
For more information contact:
Melinda (Mindy) Kramer, Pacific Environment
(415) 399-8850 ext. 309
Redwood Mary (Mary Rose Kaczorowski), U.N. Commission on Sustainable Development NGO Women’s’ International Caucus
(510) 459-9448

For Information About UN World Environment Day 2005, San Francisco, CA

#  6/5/05 Sun 3-5pm California Animal Agriculture: Facts & Fallacies

This month Christine Morrissey, director of East Bay Animal Advocates, joins us to examine  how Californians impact the lives of humans and animals, and the environment, every time a meat or dairy product is purchased. 

 Morrissey has conducted investigative rescues at egg, turkey, dairy and broiler farms in California's Central Valley. EBAA's Free Range and Dairy Investigations will be examined in detail. Attendees will get the opportunity to observe the unfiltered plight of animals in agriculture.
 Light refreshments will be served. This presentation is part of the Compassionate Living program, which examines issues related to vegetarianism, animal rights, and being an advocate for a more compassionate lifestyle via discussions, films, and speakers.  Admission is free. Donations welcome to support the Compassionate Living program.

What:  California Animal Agriculture: Facts & Fallacies
Where: SF (Mission) - Cellspace, 2050 Bryant Street 
When:  6/5/05 Sunday, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Cost: Free  Full Details: 

# Mon June 6 7:30 PM Join us every first and third Monday at 7:30 pm to drum, sing, dance and play music around the fire. All musical instruments are welcome. Fire spinning / poi is very much encouraged as well. The LaunchPad is at 3833 Martin Luther King, Jr Way (@ MacArthur Blvd) in northwest Oakland. It's one block west of MacArthur BART station.

# 1st Thursday Art receptions; 20 galeries in a 5 story building.
49 Geary @ Market and 3rd. 5:30-7:30pm FREE! (free paper too)

DO NOT MISS David Maisel aerial photos, true color, of lakes and mine tailings,
mineral and metal collection ponds. Haines Gallery, 5th floor.

# June 11th-12 27th Annual HARMONY FESTIVAL
(Formerly Health & Harmony Festival)
Northern California's premiere community celebration of progressive culture
Music * Arts * Ecology * Healthful Living
Saturday and Sunday, June 11th-12th, 2005.
Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, CA
11AM - 8PM Saturday? 11AM - 7PM Sunday
Saturday Night Dance?? 8PM - 12 PM

# Carpool to Harmony Fest 

# June 17,18,19
Sierra Nevada World Music Fest. Calaveras Co. Fgnds.

# Mon May 2 7:30 PM Join us every first and third Monday at 7:30 pm to drum, sing, dance and play music around the fire. All musical instruments are welcome. Fire spinning / poi is very much encouraged as well. The LaunchPad is at 3833 Martin Luther King, Jr Way (@ MacArthur Blvd) in northwest Oakland. It's one block west of MacArthur BART station.

#   BURNING RIVER – June 25 & 26
 Saturday & Sunday, 2 hours north of the Bay Area on the Upper Cache River
 Can you imagine 100+ Burners on a fabulous, hot, sunny day on the river?  We can dress in crazy attire, have water battles (Super Soakers are a must), chill out on the beaches and just enjoy being in a wet, tree-lined environment with amazing scenery right before our eyes.  Once you are on the river, there is nothing to do but have fun and relax.  All meals are taken care of and all gear is sent ahead.  The most you have to worry about is loosing your paddle and having to swim.
 At night, we can put on the Bling!Bling!, light up our e-poi/e-staffs while dazzling the natives by the river's edge.  With a little coordination, we could set up our own cozy village with a community bar among the trees and deeply connect with one another.
 If we get enough interest, we may be able to take over one campsite for ourselves (run the music, stay up all night, etc.) and have leverage to book a campground on the way for the preceding Friday night stay or perhaps negotiate discount rooms at the local casino for Friday night.  Stay tuned for these opportunities…
 This is an all-inclusive, family-oriented (12 yrs +/min. 65 lbs.) event so we encourage you to bring the whole Burner family and to post this announcement out to other Burner communities.  The company running it has Burners on the payroll but the guests will be a mix of Burners and non-Burners – our goal is to make it mostly Burners! 
 The scheduled trip includes 2 days of volcanic river canyon rafting (rated class 3 but is mostly class 2) in either a 2 person 'ducky' or a 4 persons raft.  The $139 pp fee includes all on-river meals and evening entertainment, life jacket, camping fees, parking, raft rental, paddles and shuttle service.  There will be some free tickets for those in our community who cannot afford this adventure but passionately want to attend.
 2 hours north of the Bay Area on the Upper Cache River.   See you on the river! Glimmer

# SF DYKE MARCH 2005 Sat June 25 
"Dykes Across Borders - We Won't Be Divided"
 Rally and Stage Show - Dolores Park 3:00 p.m. 
 March leaving Dolores Park 7:00 p.m.
 A march for all dykes and all women.
Men are asked to stand and support us from the sidelines.
E-mail the SF Dyke March

# Sun Jun 26
 Pride Celebration begins Noon on Saturday, June 25, in Civic Center Plaza, and runs until 6 PM. On Sunday, June 26, it begins at Noon and runs until 7 PM. The Parade is on Sunday, June 26 and begins at 10:30 AM, traveling west along Market Street from Beale to Eighth Street.

July 2005

# July 1-3, High Sierra Festival.
Carpool to High Sierra Fest 

# 25th Anniversary Earth First!  Round River Rendezvous
 Join us as we Celebrate Cascadian Secession!  July 4 - 11, 2005

# Oregon Country Faire, Veneta, OR: July 8th-10th Reggae on the River, Frenchs Camp Piercy, CA: August 5th-7th

Shambhala Music Festival, Nelson BC Canada: August 12-14th  Hopland, CA: August 20th & 21st  Black Rock City, NV: August 29th – Sept 5th , Laytonville, CA: Sept 16th-19th , San Rafael, CA: October 14th-16th

borderHack 2.005 - Border Camp on the US/Mexico Border
from August 3rd - 7th 2005

# Once in a Lifetime Opportunity in Wash, DC - September 10, 11, 12 Sometimes the Universe reveals "opportunities" to all of us in the most mind-boggling of ways. Please look at what a friend just now sent that will be happening in DC on 9/11 (from 9/10 - 9/12). This friend will be flying in from the Pacific Northwest to be here for this event. No doubt, many others will be doing the same.... Please mark your calendars, save your dollars for the trip (give up the beers if you must), as well as a few days vacation time. The event in DC on 9/11 has just suddenly now grown to mind-blowing proportions. They talk about hundreds attending? Mark my words - thousands upon thousands - will be there:
911 - inside job.  Demand investigation! - - - - -  -

# Sept 16,17,18 5 Mi north of LaytonVille, CA on 101
 Ani DiFranco   Michael Franti & Spearhead   Zap Mama   Karl Denson's Tiny Universe   Lyrics Born   Prezident Brown   New Monsoon   Signal Path   Kan'nal   Tre Hardson   Wisdom   O-Maya   Heavy Weight Dub Champion   Lost Children of Babylon   Alfred Howard   Hamsa Lila   Aphrodesia   Trillian Green   Clan Dyken   Rogerwood   Synchrosystem   Sasha Butterfly & Friends   Woodland   Kingdom Travelers Gospel Choir   Transcendental Hayride   Kali's Angels   Joanne Rand   Leslie Helpert   Something Different   Scott Huckabay   Shukar Belly Dance Ensemble   Blane Lyon   Darryl Cherney & the Chernobles   Dianne Patterson   Fanna -Fi Sufi Ensemble   And many, many more TBA...    Special Guest MC: Julia Butterfly Hill
 TEMPLE OF ELECTRONICA  featuring DJs:  CB – Osiris – Adam Ohana – Dragonfly – Zack Darling – Alex Theory – Ganga Giri and many more (TBA) …

Mendocino County's First Annual Green Living Expo 
Ukiah - Mendocino County, CA SEPTEMBER 24, 2005
Sept. 24th, 9am - 8pm, Admission $5 
Downtown Plaza Park & Convention Center, Ukiah, CA

# Nov 4,5 Dalai Lama @ Stanford

Any law that is repugnant to the Constitution of the United States
of America is NULL and VOID.  Marburry v. Madison -1803

treasonous, secretive congress, is not binding law.
Any law that is repugnant to the Constitution of the United States
of America is NULL and VOID.  Marburry v. Madison -1803

-The Geneva convention instructs us to resist genocide by any means necessary.
-The US constitution directs us to overthrow our government if it fails to represent us.

If a cop does not understand these laws, you can arrest him for impersonating an officer.

Get used to ignoring or arresting officers who do not understand the US Constitution.

Live free or die.

Any law that is repugnant to the Constitution of the United States
of America is NULL and VOID.  Marburry v. Madison -1803
Ignore or arrest any cop who asks to see such. You are allowed to do so
by the Geneva Convention and the US Constitution.
Passed by treasonous, secretive congress, HR 418 Real ID ACT
is NULL AND VOID. Note how senate secretly approved this bill the eve before running away to winter break.  Note US history of passing repressive legislation the eve before a break,
so that no opposition or public response can take place. Stand in Peace, Pay No Tax.
 Cracking the Unified Commerce Code:
Cracking the Code Third Edition

HUMAN WEALTH : Beyond Greed & Scarcity
Latin :   Jus is Justice.   Belli is War.
Use of force continuum.
Jefferson Party website.

Subliminal Dynamics course for rapid learning!
Aurora Colorada. 52,000 words per minute reading level.
Get back in touch with your allready photographic memory.
Sub Dyn reunites you with your

Subliminal Dynamics Histoy

For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.