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Vee need to see your papers (NO to national ID) 

 The People's Email Network EXTRA Alert 

 As rule of thumb we like to send out alerts no more than about once a 
 week, but when they try to sneak MAJOR pieces of legislation through 
 Congress without even a discussion, the people must spring into action. Now 
 they want to create a giant centralized database and national ID card, and 
 they slipped it into the Iraq supplemental appropriation in the dead of 
 night. What's wrong with this picture? 

 In the first place, if the current administration weren't so busy 
 distorting intelligence, ignoring the real warning signs, ordering people 
 who actually know what they're doing to shut up, and generally playing 
 rope-a-dope with our national security, 9/11 itself might well have been 
 averted. The problem isn't that they don't have enough UNCHECKED power to 
 invade our privacy, it's that they can't be trusted with the power they have 
 seized already. 

 The last thing we need is all our most personal information in one 
 abusable database, with identity theft already rampant. Would these people 
 ever misuse such power? Not unless they would excommunicate people from 
 their own churches for having the wrong political position. Oops, sorry, 
 that's already taking place right now. Please take a moment to submit the 
 one click form below and demand a national ID debate in the light of day 

 On the same page you can see our new Instant Senate Phone Number Lookup, 
 which you can have for your own site if you just write us from the action 
 page and ask.

--- related ---

Our Teachers Told Us How Bad Russia Was, Russians Couldn't LEAVE !!!

( also Russians had  their radio, TV, newspapers  controlled, Phones and
mail monitored -- Sound familiar ?) 

Now with the soon upcoming requirement of "US Citizens" to Have a "US
Passport" to "ENTER the USA" it means the govt can STOP You from leaving
the Country (unless you never want to return) 
Even then you may need to sneak out ? !

 How can this be ? 
 Any one who has had any kind of felony conviction and not had their
rights restored can not get a US Passport !

 But ! -- People with felony records are Bad people ( Murderers, Armed
robbers, Kidnappers, Drug smugglers ) aren't they ? and Should be
Discriminated against in travel and watched closely -- Right ? 

 Absolutely Not -
   There are First, Second & Third degree felonies and an example of a
third degree felony is having your own prescription medicine in a
container - Other than the labelled bottle the pharmacist dispenses it
  ( But Walgreens sells small plastic boxes right at the pharmacy cash
register to put small amounts of your prescription in)

   Just get your rights restored ! -- First often there is a several
year waiting period 5, 10 years ? 
   Then some states like Florida and others work hard making it very
difficult to get your rights restored, It is like (it is) a literal
Tribunal to get your basic rights like voting back in Florida and
probably many other states ?

   Now You can not Leave the Country if you have or are ever convicted
of even a third degree felony.

 Heck if you own or manage an apartment building, Having the fire
extinguisher yearly exam tag out of date is probably a third degree
felony ?

 Just go to your (or any) State's website and do a search of Third
Degree Felonies and see how minor they can be. 
(Don't wear a mask on Holloween in Florida if you are an adult etc.)

Google Search: us citizens to require passports -- "To Re-Enter The USA !!"
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.