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Terrorism is a Racket

by Stan Moore
(Sunday July 10 2005)
"Keep your checkbooks open. War is costly and the warmongers want more of your money. They will sacrifice your children, too, but they try to limit the collateral damage as much as possible."

Think where George W. Bush and his presidency would be without terrorism.

Think about the evidence that the events of 9/11/2001 were not only known in advance by the highest levels of U.S. government and military, but were actually committed by trained operatives of the government, the evidence hauled away without careful examination of forensics by the same government, and a cover-up commission organized by former members and intense collaborators of the government. These issues are all extremely well documented, almost from the day of 9/11/2001.

Think about possible motives for a government perpetuating terrorism on its own people. We know that the U.S. government and military has been documented as planning such operations. We know that the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor were not only known in detail in advance by Franklin Roosevelt, and allowed to occur, but were actually a product of a deliberate campaign by Roosevelt and his administration and the U.S. military to prod Japan into war and into such an attack. This evidence has been well-documented as well.

War is terrorism and terrorism is war. War does not occur for altruistic reasons. The U.S. did not enter WWII to save the Jews, and ignored their plight until 6 million Jews had perished in a preventable holocaust. America entered that war under her own terms, at far less sacrifice that other participant nations, and America exited WWII with far more power and economic might than when she entered the war. This was all by design.

The "war on terrorism" was entered by America when the time was right for exploiting fear of terrorism for profit. The evidence is available to show that 9/11 was staged. Bin Laden was a funded CIA operative at one time, and no one can say with certainty that his survival till today is not part of U.S. policy. Many people benefit financially from terrorism, especially warmongers and armaments investors. War is Big Business, perhaps the Biggest Business of All Time. George W. Bush had no interest in war when his ass was on the line, but when his investments benefit from war, he is all for it. Papa George H. W. Bush and the Carlysle Group are out of media scrutiny now, but their ears hear the cash registers ringing each time a missile is fired from a helicopter and has to be replaced at taxpayer expense.

American soldiers are collateral damage in these wars. So are Muslim terrorists and totally innocent civilians in Baghdad and London and everywhere in between.

War is a racket. Terrorism is a racket. War is terrorism and terrorism is war. Huge profits are involved. Precision weapons are more expensive than old-fashioned weapons and high firepower by Americans saves American lives while increasing profits to investors. It appears that a goal of anti-terrorist warfare to keep cost in human lives down to avoid political controversy, while the cost of military actions and "anti-terrorism" and "anti-insurgency" actions are made as expensive as possible. Imagine the need to fly highly expensive fighters and bombers at lightly armed "terrorists"! This is the most expensive form of warfare in human history, and it is that way for a reason -- war is a huge generator of profits to industry and investors.

If you receive a paycheck, or better yet, a dividend check from your investments related to warmongering or the fight against "terror", you will love war and you will benefit from terror. If you lose a son or daughter in that war, you will likely have second thoughts or perhaps come to oppose the war. Few members of the investor class lose their children in combat.

War is a racket, and terrorism is a racket. George W. Bush was going nowhere fast before 9/11/2001. Bush manipulated fear to ride high for a while. But reality has a way of setting in, and many Americans are beginning to learn what half of New Yorkers know and what people of Europe and the rest of the world know -- terrorism is a racket. George W. Bush is a racketeer with the full advice and consent of both the Democratic and Republican parties. Most of those involved in government are of the investor class and beneficiaries of the racket of war and the racket of terrorism.

Keep your checkbooks open. War is costly and the warmongers want more of your money. They will sacrifice your children, too, but they try to limit the collateral damage as much as possible. Terrorism is a racket, you know.
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