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t r u t h o u t | 07.14

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Unborn US Babies Soaked in Chemicals

Unborn US babies are soaking in a stew of chemicals, including mercury, gasoline byproducts and pesticides, according to a report to be released Thursday. Although the effects on the babies are not clear, the survey prompted several members of Congress to press for legislation that would strengthen controls on chemicals in the environment.

Michael J. Kavanah | The Terror of Our Ways

Conflating environmentalists and terrorists is all the rage. By his constant anti-environmental rhetoric Stokes, a conservative talk show host, has placed environmentalism squarely in the middle of the most charged discourse in post-9/11 America -- the one revolving around the word "terrorism." And while Stokes seems extreme, these days, he's not the only one warning of an alleged link between environmentalists and terrorists. Joe Friday is too. Meanwhile, few seem to be paying attention to another kind of eco-terror. For many environmentalists and politicians, eco-terrorism used to mean blowing up a nuclear plant or poisoning a water system.

Study Finds Organic Farming More Efficent Than Conventional Farming

Organic farming produces the same yields of corn and soybeans as does conventional farming, but uses 30 percent less energy, less water and no pesticides, a review of a 22-year farming trial study concludes.

EC Incumbents Are All in Hiding, but Still Expect to Get Re-Elected

Only 11 days are left before the start of the AFL-CIO convention, and we still haven't heard a word from the 51 incumbents on the Executive Council. In fact, they haven't announced they're running for re-election. They just assume that if they remain silent, convention delegates will give them all another four years in office, just as they did in four previous elections. To prevent that from happening, Harry Kelber sought a seat on the Executive Council, forcing the AFL-CIO to conduct an election with a printed ballot and secret voting.

Affirmative Action Pioneer Advised GOP Presidents

Arthur Fletcher, 80, a maverick Republican who proudly laid claim to the title "the father of affirmative action" and who advised four Republican presidents and headed the U.S. Civil Rights Commission in the 1990s, died of a heart attack Tuesday at his home in the District. Article includes summary of Fletcher's life and accomplishments.

Congressional Action on Social Security Dragging

Congressional action on Social Security legislation, President Bush's top domestic priority, may not come anytime soon. The chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, who earlier predicted his panel would deal with a bill in early June, said Wednesday it may not get to it until September at the earliest. Rep. Bill Thomas, R-CA, said the schedule for his Ways and Means committee is dealing with more time-sensitive legislation first such as the Central American Free Trade Agreement and other legislation.

Bangladesh Women Toil for Crumbs

Despite promises to ensure equal rights, education and jobs, very little has changed for women in Bangladesh, particularly in villages where 80 percent of the Muslim-majority country's 140 million people live. Women, experts say, bear the brunt of the poverty.

The End of Cheap Oil

Three decisive factors are pushing the price of crude up permanently: the geological depletion of conventional oil (inexpensive to extract), the entry into a world of terrorism and of permanent wars for the control of oil, the strong increase in demand due to Asian growth and the maintenance of Western consumption.

Iraq Suicide Bombers Strike Green Zone

Suicide bombers struck near the heavily fortified Green Zone on Thursday, a day after a devastating attack on Iraqi children that provoked outrage and even brought a denial of responsibility from al-Qaida in Iraq.

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