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the time is has come. the time is now. we must stand together and do what we can to stop deforestation. it is such a big problem. and you and i can make a difference. it only takes a few to stand up to get things changed. 

why is it important? the forests of Earth, give us life. they are the richest and most unique ecosystems there are. they provide water, air, food for most living creatures. it is the cornerstone to eco balance. if we lose our forests and rainforests, we die. they are not ours to rape and pillage. they belong to all living creatures. we are not the center of the universe. 

thanks to fuckya dubya and the big corporate Weyerhauser, Boise Cascade......our forests and rainforests, here and around the world are being raped and destroyed faster than ever for nothing more than corporate greed. if you take just a few moments and go to some of these web sites and do some will see just how dire it is and what you can do about it. 

be a smart and educated and compassionate consumer. ask where your wood and paper products come from. do not buy wood or paper that comes from old growth forests or rainforests or endangered trees!! its up to you to put pressure on the big corporate rapists. help get the word out. tell everyone. sign the petitions. get up and help at the peaceful protests. be a volunteer. give money when possible. post bulletins. spread the word! 

and if you can say yes to any of these questions, then you are prolly in the right place! hehe 
Are you a "Forest Defender?" Do you smile at the term tree hugger? Would you like to save the Forest? Do you realize how important Old GRowth is?Are you wondering about how to do things better or easier and "greener"?Would you like to know more about your "green" living space? Are you interested in living a "green" life? Would you like to know about "organic" gardening/lanscaping? How to go organic? Well, if you like gardening, horticulture, botany, arboriculture, organic gardening, and being "green" and tree huggin, Forest Defending, Saving the Old Growth then stop on by and chat with us! 



Rainforest Action Network 

The Environment Network 

World Resources Institute 

David Suzuki Foundation 

Earth Liberation Front 

World Watch Institute 

Natural Resources Defense Council 

Cascadia Rising 


Northwest Old Growth Campaign 

Portland Independent Media Center 

Victoria's Dirty Secret 

Siskiyou Project 


Stop Office Depot 

Forest Ethics 

Endangered Forests 

Save BioGEms 

Buy Good Wood 

Olympic Forest 

One Northwest 

Apex Press 

21 Paradigm 

people and Planet§ion=1 

Sierra Club 

Awesome Links from Earth First! 

Many cool links to Northwest groups 
Activists Toolbox 


Forest Conservation Portal 

The Alaska Rainforest Campaign 

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society 

The Nature Conservancy 

Rainforest Web 

Boreal Forest Network 


All Organic Links 

Heritage Forests Campaign 



American Lands 

Plant Amnesty 

Suppliers of Organic Seeds

Eco Business Links 

The Environmental Investigation Agency 

Resources for more information: 

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Strangely Like War 
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Derrick Jensen and George Draffan 
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