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Are you prepared
for World War Three?

When that defining moment finally comes,
will you have the time to remember
what you could have done to stop it?

By John Kaminski

Let's pretend, just for the moment, that this is a hypothetical 

Let's pretend, just for argument's sake, in the comfort of your own 
easy chair, in front of your own big screen TV, just a few easy steps 
away from your favorite, anxiety-reducing snacks in your refrig, that 
this is just an academic exercise in geopolitical and psychological 
speculation, a polite brainstorming session that imaginary participants 
might conduct if certain coincidental worst case scenarios were to come 
to pass ... all at the same time.

And let us acknowledge, in the calm certainty of our own typically 
secure routines, that any resemblance of this imaginary debate to 
actual persons and events living or dead may be purely coincidental.

OK? Got it? Pretend it's hypothetical. Just for fun. Then let's begin.

Are you ready for World War Three?

What kind of pathetic paranoid poppycock is that? What IS this? Another 
Y2K drill? Much ado about nothing, I think.

Remember. You're pretending it's hypothetical. You agreed.

Oh, all right. Let's see. Mmmmmm .... of course I'm not ready. Nobody 
is ready for World War Three. You CAN'T get ready for that.

What will you do when it happens?

Sit here and be vaporized, I guess. What could anybody do?

So ... does that mean you're not ready?

Of course I'm not ready for World War Three! Is anybody ready for World 
War Three?

Yes, I think there are some people who are ready?

Oh yeah? Who?

Well, three types of groups, at least. First, there are the people who 
are already victims of major wars, the people in Palestine, Iraq, 
Afghanistan, Serbia, Colombia, not to mention Burma, the Philippines, 
Sudan, Zimbabwe, Congo, and certain other countries, people who are 
already scavenging in often-radioactive garbage dumps just to make ends 
meet; many of their relatives or children have already been killed by 
invaders, and they're just living hand to mouth, not caring whether the 
food they eat or the things they find might be radioactive or not, 
because when your expected life span is only a few more weeks or 
months, you don't much care about those things. Survival becomes a 
day-by-day operation. If the superpowers who have these weapons destroy 
themselves by using them, that would be good news for the folks 
routinely diving in dumpsters.

Second, there are the people who plan and wish to execute nuclear wars. 
They have already built themselves secure bunkers miles beneath the 
earth's surface. There are many in the U.S. and Europe. The figure they 
can ride it out, and they have a new, secret technology that actually 
detoxifies radioactive contamination, but they're keeping it under 
wraps until after the Big One so then they can come out when the coast 
is clear and continue making scads of money doing two things: cleaning 
up radioactive rubble and repossessing real estate whose owners have 
been obliterated, are slowly and agonizingly died of radiation 
poisoning, or simply have scampered off to more hospitable climes.

Third, there are the people who saw it coming and had the foresight to 
move to remote locations in the Southern Hemisphere. As long as 
widespread nuclear explosions didn't trigger a pole shift, those in the 
lower Southern Hemisphere would be relatively safe from the nuclear 
winter that will follow World War Three and render the entire Northern 
Hemisphere completely uninhabitable. The winds in the world are pretty 
much hemisphere specific, so that the winds that blow around the world 
in the Northern Hemisphere don't cross over into the southern, and vice 
versa, although with the magnitude and volume of these explosions in 
all-out nuclear war, there is bound to be some crossover.

Humph. Sonofagun. You have this all worked out, don't you?

What will you do when it actually happens?

When what actually happens?

When World War Three actually happens.

How will I find out about it?

Well, there are several ways you could find out about it. If you lived 
in an urban area like New York or Beijing or Cairo or Teheran, you'd 
probably find out about it when you saw a flash of light brighter than 
anything you've ever imagined, but it would last for only a millisecond 
and then you'd see nothing ever again. If, like most people, you lived 
in towns moderately close to these cities, you'd probably feel these 
humongous thumps and wonder why your house was disintegrating all 
around you. If you lived way out in the sticks you'd start to see these 
radiant atmospheric flashes, feel relatively gentle ground tremors, and 
then in a few hours you'd see a smoky blackness creeping toward you 
from the direction of the cities that would grow blacker and blacker as 
the hours passed. Depending on each person's individual perceptual 
skills, it would be a matter of minutes or hours before you realized 
you would never see the sun again, because you will never survive the 
abject cold that would be produced by the sun being blotted out for 
probably from five to 15 years, except, as I said before, in extremely 
lucky places in the way Southern Hemisphere. Didnít you ever wonder why 
all those Israelis are buying up huge chunks of real estate in 

You mean I won't see something on television and be able to briefly 
feel a pang of remorse about someone else being killed far away, and 
then be able to put it out of my mind so I could watch Monday Night 
Football with my usual intense focus?

Not likely. Hereís a variation on the initial question. What would you 
do if you got information that you really believed and trusted that 
World War Three was about to start in a few months? What steps would 
you take to prepare yourself?

How would I know I could trust the information?

Well, youíd hear it from the sources you always trusted. Your 
newspapers, your TV, maybe even from some particularly reliable 
Internet site.

But would I believe it? Would I be willing to give up everything Iíve 
worked for all my life, and just bolt into the wild blue yonder because 
I read something some journalist, no matter how well connected, might 
have just dreamed up?

Well, letís say you had an inside source in the secret government, and 
he told you about the plan. Letís say you regarded it as having the 
authenticity of all those insider stock tips heíd given you over the 
years that had made you a bundle. Someone who could discourse 
effortlessly on Masonic kingpin Albert Pikeís 1871 prediction that 
there would be THREE World Wars and final one would begin in the Middle 
East and erase both Zionized Christendom and Islamic world in one 
mighty stroke. And someone who had scary connections with alphabet 
intelligence agencies.

Yes, I see. What would I do? Hmmm.

Would you run, or would you try to alert others?

Oh dogbiscuits! You know what itís like to tell people that you really 
know whatís going on, and that they donít. They think youíve got 
marbles rattling around in your brain, and they just ignore you, at 
best. At worst, they call Homeland Security and the men in the little 
white coats with the large guns show up at your door. At least, you 
become socially ostracized for not going along with what everybody else 

So which would you do?

Well, I guess Iíd try to find out if the tip was real or not, and if I 
determined it WAS real, Iíd try to alert the most important people I 
know to see if they could do something about it.

What would make you decide if the tip was real or not?

Well, our best sources are on TV, I think. At least thatís what 
everybody believes. Most people donít believe something is really real 
unless they see it on television.

So youíre saying that what you see on TV is actually real?

No, Iím not that naive. I know stuff that appears on the news is often 
shaded by those who own the TV networks to inflict the spin they want 
to put on most world events. Hell, thatís how we got in all those wars.

So what if someone on TV, highly reputable, came on and predicted 
all-out nuclear war? Would you act on that?

Probably not. I wouldnít believe him.

OK, say you were certain of the tip you received being real. Then what 
would you do?

Iíd call the police, then my congressperson.

And what would you do if they all said you were nuts? And then they 
said they knew who the bad guys really were, because they had this 
evidence that they couldnít really tell you about because of National 
Security, but they were going to nuke them all to smithereens.

I donít know. Cry? Or run into the street screaming.

OK, one more question. If you had the power to impact a large number of 
people and the money to arrange some effective plan of action to the 
catch the people who were planning to use nuclear weapons, and you were 
certain that they were going to carry out their plan on the basis of at 
least 50 years of continuing atrocities perpetrated against innocent 
people which they later blamed on completely innocent patsies, what 
would you do ..... ?

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida and 
whose works are seen on hundreds of websites around the world. These 
have been collected into two anthologies, ďAmericaís Autopsy ReportĒ 
and ďThe Perfect Enemy.Ē He has also written the best-selling booklet, 
ďThe Day America Died: Why You Shouldnít Believe the Official Story of 
What Happened on September 11, 2001,Ē which is aimed at those who still 
believe the governmentís story of what happened on that tragic day. For 
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