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Irrefutable Evidence Links Bush to terrorist Money Transfers
Wayne Madsen -

Irrefutable evidence links Bush to terrorist Money Transfers
Mon Jul 25, 2005 23:07;article=87783;title=APFN

July 15, Intelligence Whispers reported on a July 31, 1995, $10 million
transfer of funds (US Treasury Bills) from Banca Svizzera Italiana (BSI)
in Zurich, via Swiss Bank Corp., New York, to Nations Bank in Texas that
originated from Saudi Arabia. On Sept. 28, 1995, 

a $50,000 check drawn on those funds was cashed by Fayyaz Ahmed,
identified as one of the 911 hijackers aboard United Flight 175 that
crashed into the South Tower of the World Trade Center. WMR has now
obtained the SWIFT documents from that funds transfer, which identifies
Treatment Services of the Southwest Corporation of Houston, the account
name for the account (account number 2664055561) on which the $50,000
check to Ahmed was drawn. 

Topaz Liberty, Inc. of Zurich and a firm called Andromeda International
Ltd. of Edmonton, Alberta are mentioned in the SWIFT cashback wire
transfer notice. The payee of the funds was Bluelake World, SA, a
Swiss-registered firm. The wire transfer, itself, was a violation of
SWIFT rules, which specified that a company had to be in existence for
at least 6 months prior to a wire transfer via SWIFT. 

Bluelake World, which had working capital of $40 million, had only been
in existence for 5 months when the $10 million SWIFT transfer to Texas
was made. The FBI in Phoenix was investigating the transfer of some of
the $10 million to Egyptian nationals it had under surveillance in
Arizona and Dallas, some of whom were involved in flight training.

 The Dallas-based Egyptians were concentrating on training on Boeing
727s.The FBI investigated a Dallas-based distribution channel for the
money called RDC Holdings, Inc., according to a well-placed source. It
has also been revealed that the Russian Foreign Intelligence agency, the
SVR, had a well-placed mole inside Barclay's Bank who was monitoring the
transfer of Saudi money to Texas, including 1996 $10 billion Saudi
transfer to the Enron account. It was the financial intelligence about
large scale Saudi money movements to the United States that contributed
to Russian intelligence warnings to the CIA prior to the 911 attacks.

 The mysterious Geneva-based money mover described in the article below
is also reported to be a longtime supporter of both Islamist radical
movements and neo-Nazi organizations. He is linked to providing
financial support for Osama bin Laden, the late President of Azerbaijan
Gaidar Aliev, Manuel Noriega (who he later testified against at the
Panamanian dictator's Miami trial), the Muslim Brotherhood, and neo-Nazi
and other right-wing groups in Europe and America. The SWIFT documents:
SWIFT - Home
Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication supplies
secure messaging 
services and interface software to wholesale financial entities.

PHASE. Appearing on Face the Nation on July 24, Attorney General Alberto
Gonzales said he told White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card, Jr. about
the criminal investigation of the Valerie Plame/CIA leak 12 hours prior
before he notified the rest of the White House staff to preserve all
documents, including email, relating to the leak. Card was the chair of
the White House Iraq Group (WHIG), tasked with developing propaganda to
support the Iraq War and engage in political smear tactics against war
opponents, including Ambassador Joseph Wilson. Two targets of the
special prosecutor's leak investigation -- Karl Rove and Scooter Libby
-- were members of the WHIG. Gonzales was White House Counsel when he
tipped off Card on the night of September 29, 2003, about the
investigation. Gonzales was also called before the Grand Jury to testify
about the case. That gave White House staff, including Rove and Libby, a
full 12 hours during the evening of September 29 and the early morning
of September 30 to destroy any incriminating documents before the
official Justice Department order arrived. Now the investigation will
focus on Card, his testimony before the Grand Jury, and whether he
engaged in possible obstruction of justice by informing other White
House staff of the investigation. 
In another sign that Capitol Hill Republicans want to change the subject
and obfuscate on the national security leak, Kansas Republican Senator
Pat Roberts announced his Senate Select Committee on Intelligence will
investigate the CIA's use of non-official cover (NOC) agents like
Valerie Plame. Roberts showed his ignorance of the agency for which he
is supposed to provide oversight by telling CNN's Late Edition on July
24, "I must say from a common-sense standpoint, driving back and forth
to work to the CIA headquarters, I don't know if that really qualifies
as being, you know, covert." Roberts is not aware that CIA NOCs, as well
as official cover field agents and case officers, routinely enter CIA
headquarters. Plame's NOC company, Brewster Jennings & Associates, was
rolled up as a result of the White House leak. The leak infuriated
then-CIA Director George Tenet so much he requested a Justice Department
criminal probe of the disclosures. A highly-classified internal CIA
Damage Assessment Report on the leak, which Roberts has reportedly seen,
referred to the effect on the CIA's covert counter-WMD proliferation
operations as "devastating." 
July 25, 2005 -- Watergate Redux -- Nixon had CREEP, Liddy, and the
Plumbers; John Mitchell; and the 18-minute gap. Bush has WHIG and Libby;
Alberto Gonzales and John Ashcorft; and a 12-hour gap. Nixon's political
trickster, Donald Segretti, was young Karl Rove's mentor. It is
interesting to go back and look at the indictment of Segretti and
compare his criminal acts to his apprentice Rove's today (will we be
seeing a similar indictment titled, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA V. KARL C.
ROVE?). Right now, chances appear very, very good.
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What Did Bush and Cheney Know? 
Now that special prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald is said to have
expanded his investigation into the leak of a CIA agent's identity to
encompass a possible White House cover-up, what the President and the
Vice President knew would appear to be much more relevant.
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- Wayne Madsen, Editor
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